Chapter 316: Heaven Thunder Death

‘He is still hiding his ability?’

Qi Heng had on an astonished expression. When Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist fought against Chiyu Ye, he didn’t display such a powerful attack and he was at least 10% weaker than he was now.

With his bones fractured, Qi Heng couldn’t burst out with power at his prime, even his movements appeared to be slightly weaker.

‘I can’t wait anymore.’

Qi Heng initially wanted to gather more strength so that he could throw his halberd out with more power, but it was too late.


The bones inside Qi Heng’s body were completely broken when he threw out the halberd.

There weren’t any signs of him throwing, even the raising of the hands seemed to be skipped, leaving only the launch of the halberd.

The large halberd turned into a stream of light, an extremely fast stream of light.

“Using this move to deal with me?” Li Fuchen smiled.


The halberd penetrated Li Fuchen’s body.

But soon enough… Qi Heng’s expression changed abruptly.

The halberd penetrated Li Fuchen’s clone as the real Li Fuchen was already in front of him.


Slashing at Qi Heng’s wound, Li Fuchen used a single sword to sever Qi Heng’s right arm. Immediately after, Li Fuchen aimed at another wound and severed Qi Heng’s leg.

In the blink of an eye, Li Fuchen slashed consecutively and nearly dismembered Qi Heng.

If Chiyu Ye couldn’t react in time, it didn’t mean that Li Fuchen couldn’t either. In fact, this wasn’t exactly related to reaction speed as well. When Qi Heng was gathering his strength for this move, Li Fuchen was already aware of it and before Qi Heng could make his move, Li Fuchen already evaded in advance. Causing the attack to strike at nothing.

In order to do this, one had to possess an extraordinary awareness.

“Qi Heng is ultimately defeated by Li Fuchen.” Someone sighed.

“It is inevitable. Li Fuchen’s combat awareness and skills are too dreadful. Qi Heng’s flying halberd didn’t even do anything.”

As a prodigy, everyone still had a considerable vision.

As it was already the final few matches, it was no surprise that Qi Heng was matched up against Situ Lei.

After losing consecutively to Chiyu Ye and Li Fuchen, Qi Heng’s current fighting spirit had greatly diminished. But one’s ability wouldn’t change so drastically, even though Qi Heng might not be able to fight at his prime, he was still able to fight properly.

Boom, Boom, Boom…

On the stage, Situ Lei and Qi Heng were locked in an intense battle.

“Thunderous Fist!”

Innumerable violent thunderbolts gathered into a fist and was blasted at Qi Heng.

In an instant, Qi Heng’s body was diffusing with the thunderbolts and released a crackling sound.

A pity that Qi Heng’s defenses were too tough and this Thunderous Fist was only able to char a thin layer of his skin, which didn’t really affect him.

“Situ Lei, you aren’t able to break open my defenses.” Qi Heng was a little confident now.

A swordsman’s defense breaking strength was originally powerful, but with the same amount of power, a fist couldn’t be compared to a sword.

“Is that so?” Situ Lei let out a faint smile.

“I wonder how are you going to withstand this fist.” Situ Lei soared into the sky and smashed his fist down ferociously.

As Situ Lei smashed down with his fist, there was a figure that was formed by thunderbolts that appeared behind Situ Lei. The thunderbolt figure then blasted its massive fist at Qi Heng.

“This is?” All the prodigies were staring with wide opened eyes.


As though heavenly thunder had descended, numerous purple thunderbolts condensed into a purple thunderbolt fist. It flew at Qi Heng with a speed that instantaneously reached in front of Qi Heng.

Tss, Tss, Pfff!

The purple thunderbolt fist produced millions of vibration which instantly broke Qi Heng’s defenses and charred a large portion of Qi Heng’s body.

“It’s the Heaven Thunder Death!”

Someone recognized Situ Lei’s fist art.

The Heaven Thunder Death was the no.1 martial arts in the Thunder God Sect. It was ranked no.2 in the East Unicorn Continent’s top ten martial arts. In terms of ranking, it was much superior to the Sky Dragon Sword Art. Thus, its lethal power was naturally superior as well.

It was obvious that Situ Lei had already cultivated the Heaven Thunder Death to the sub-perfection stage. In terms of pure martial arts proficiency, Situ Lei was superior to Chiyu Ye.

“Situ Lei actually successfully cultivated the Thunder God Sect’s no.1 martial art. He is indeed worthy to be the no.1 King Star.”

“Situ Lei possesses the 6-star thunderous bone frame, cultivates the Thunder Lightning Divine Technique, and executed the Heaven Thunder Death. With the three of them complementing each other, he was able to burst out with an irregular amount of power. Furthermore, thunder attribute martial arts are already one of the most lethal martial arts.”

Everyone was shocked because it was nearly impossible to cultivate a mystic class peak-tier martial arts to the completion stage when at the Earth Realm. But Chiyu Ye and Situ Lei had both achieved it.

Chiyu Ye had used his sword meridians’ power to instantly burst out and defeat Qi Heng, Li Fuchen relied on his astounding awareness and skills to defeat Qi Heng, while Situ Lei used his absolute ability to oppress Qi Heng.

The Thunder God Sect Patriarch had on an exuberant smile, as no one else knew better of Situ Lei’s ability than himself.

In the Thunder God Sect, Situ Lei had privately defeated an inner sect elder who was at the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm. If he still couldn’t obtain the no.1 rank in the Stars Ranking Tournament with his ability, then it was a huge problem.

‘He is indeed very formidable. In terms of power, he isn’t any inferior to Chiyu Ye’s final sword move.’ Li Fuchen thought to himself.

The sword move that Chiyu Ye used to defeat Qi Heng was truly powerful as his overall power was increased by nearly twofold. Situ Lei was able to produce the same power without any sword meridians, making him even more terrifying.

As it was the final two matches, it was expected that Chiyu Ye was to go against Situ Lei.

Using up the remainder of his sword meridians’ core power, Chiyu Ye was locked in a fierce battle with Situ Lei.

But Situ Lei was too formidable and was great in all attributes, be it his cultivation level, technique rank, or martial arts prowess, they were all beyond Chiyu Ye. Had it not been for his sword meridians, Chiyu Ye wouldn’t even have been able to receive a single fist from Situ Lei.

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“Union of Man and Sword.”

Chiyu Ye used up his final reserve of sword meridians’ core power and instantly burst out with strength. With the Union of Man and Sword, he turned into a stream of light and shot at Situ Lei.

Situ Lei had on a solemn expression. He wasn’t absolutely certain he could block against this sword.

Of course, he didn’t believe that Chiyu Ye could consecutively use this move, otherwise, Chiyu Ye wouldn’t have hesitated during the match with Li Fuchen.

With the Heaven Thunder Death, countless purple thunderbolts converged into a penetrative fist and blasted at the sword light.

The sword light was extremely fast, and just as the fist was formed, the sword light was already approaching.

As a result, the fist didn’t have enough time to reach the peak of its power.

Pitter, Patter!

Innumerable purple thunderbolts were dissipated as a dimmer sword light swept across Situ Lei.

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Situ Lei vomited a mouthful of fresh blood and there was a bone-deep sword scar on his left shoulder.

“Could Situ Lei have lost?”

Everyone’s mouths were agape and speechless.


Chiyu Ye’s back suddenly burst out in a bloody mist.

After taking a closer look, one could notice that Chiyu Ye’s chest had been penetrated.

When the sword light slashed at Situ Lei’s shoulder, he blasted another fist at Chiyu Ye’s chest. This fist might not be the Heaven Thunder Death and may have merely been a regular fist with thunderbolt qi, but it was already enough to pierce through Chiyu Ye’s defenses.

The Heaven Dipper Great Array could restore any kind of injury. In an instant, there was an illumination of light that recuperated Chiyu Ye’s injuries.

“I still lost!”

In fact, this sword wasn’t comparable to the one that he defeated Qi Heng with. As he was unable to control the sword meridians’ core power earlier, he took up 50% of the leftover 70% during the match with Qi Heng. This time, he had already used up all the remaining 20% for this attack.

Chiyu Ye reckoned that in order to defeat Situ Lei, he would at least require 50% of the sword meridians’ core power. Of course, it would be useless if it was anything more, as he was still unable to burst out with so much of the sword meridians’ core power. In fact, if a regular person were to burst out with so much power without the sword meridians, their ordinary meridians would probably be crippled.

After defeating Chiyu Ye, Situ Lei looked towards Li Fuchen. Next, it was a match between the two.

This match would determine who was the no.1 King Star.

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