Chapter 317: Bronze Sword Dipper

“This is the decisive match.”

“The fight for the pinnacle. Situ Lei and Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist. From the looks of it, they might be the strongest Earth Realm martial artists of the millennium.”

“That’s right, that seems like it. But in the future, Chiyu Ye will definitely surpass the two of them. His sword meridians are too powerful and could even injure Situ Lei, although he had to exhaust himself.”

“Don’t forget about another matter. Li Fuchen is just at the 8th level of the Earth Realm and also has a large room for improvement.”

“That is true. Perhaps, Chiyu Ye would only become a true supreme Earth Ream martial artist when he awakes his sword dao ability.”

In everyone’s opinion, Chiyu Ye, Situ Lei, and Li Fuchen were all at the same level and weren’t drastically different.

No matter the case, the Stars Ranking were very clear now.

Apart from the first and second rank, the rest of the rankings were already decided.

3rd rank: Chiyu Ye, 4th rank: Qi Heng, 5th rank: Jiang Ruoliu, 6th rank: Jin Xudong, 7th rank: Teng Qingyun, 8th rank: Xu Lin, 9th rank: Luo Feiyun, 10th rank: Han Yiming, 11th rank: Xiahou Chuan, 12th rank: Murong Di. As for Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu, they were all ranked further behind but were within the top 36 ranks. Especially Su Muyu who was ranked 15th, which wasn’t that far behind.

Finally, the tournament was in the final round. For this round, the other matches could be ignored, as everyone was looking forward to Li Fuchen and Situ Lei’s match.

Everyone wanted to know who was the stronger individual. Was it Li Fuchen the King of Dark Horses, or Situ Lei the no.1 King Star?

Both of them were kings and it was a match between two kings, making their match naturally the focus of the tournament.

It was as if the Heaven Dipper Great Array was spiritual, as it had arranged for Li Fuchen and Situ Lei’s match to be the final match of the tournament.

When the moment had arrived, everyone was holding their breath.

Obtaining the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking wasn’t merely for glory, it was also for qi fate.

According to the previous instances, when the top three Stars Rankers progressed to the Heaven Realm, they would be able to instantly advance to the peak state of the 2nd level. The no.1 Stars Ranker would be able to reach the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm. If one could obtain the top three ranks for two consecutive Stars Ranking Tournament, the 2nd and 3rd rankers would be able to reach the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm, while the 1st ranker would be able to reach the peak state of 3rd level, even the 4th level of the Heaven Realm might be possible.

This was also the reason why Situ Lei and the other King Stars chose to restrain their cultivation level and participate in a second Stars Ranking Tournament.

Of course, the few of them had yet to reach the half step Heaven Realm three years back. They had gradually advanced to this level after three years. If they were already at the half step Heaven Realm during the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, they would have to consider if it was truly worth it. There were benefits for progressing to the Heaven Realm in advance.

On the circular stage, Situ Lei and Li Fuchen were standing 20 meters apart from each other.

Situ Lei had on a grave expression as his intuition told him that Li Fuchen wasn’t as easy to deal with as Chiyu Ye. Even if he could win this match, it would probably be a miserable victory as he would have to suffer serious injuries in order to win.

“Heaven Thunder Death!”

As the purple thunderbolts radiated, a thunderbolt figure appeared behind Situ Lei. Countless purple thunderbolts have filled the sky above the circular stage. They revolved and swiftly condensed into a purple thunderbolt fist which was blasted at Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen flashed and avoided the Heaven Thunder Death.

The Heaven Thunder Death was extremely fast and if Li Fuchen was to rely on his reaction speed alone, he would never be able to dodge in time. But since he had an exceptional awareness, he was able to dodge in advance.

“Do you think a strong awareness is enough?”

Situ Lei sneered as the purple thunderbolts violently surged. Fists were condensed quickly and blasted at Li Fuchen.

Right now, Li Fuchen was truly unable to dodge anymore.

It was useless even if he dodged in advance. If he dodged later, his speed wouldn’t fast enough to shift out from the attack radius.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

A reddish black cover emerged and enveloped the fist shadows which covered the sky.

Pitter, Patter!

The cover was ripped apart, while plenty of dimmed fists continue to fly at Li Fuchen.

“No wonder it is the no.1 martial art in the Thunder God Sect!”

Li Fuchen took a deep breath and quickly maneuvered effectively to dodge.


As there was just too many purple thunderbolt fists, there was one fist that Li Fuchen couldn’t evade no matter what. He was only in time to raise his sword to block it.

As the purple lightning pervaded, Li Fuchen’s feet slid across the ground, while his skin had a large number of char marks.

“Good, take another one of my fists!”

Situ Lei shouted out while his body flashed like lightning. He was all over the sky as he assaulted Li Fuchen with numerous thunderbolt fists again.

‘Seems like I have no choice but to reveal my Bronze Sword Essence. Exposing a little of it shouldn’t matter.’

Li Fuchen didn’t intend to expose all of the ability from the Bronze Sword Essence as it would be too shocking. He might be safe right now, but once the First Mystic Martial Expert leaves, he would become everyone’s target. Even now, his Black Iron Sword Essence must already have attracted a lot of unwanted attention.

It was a secret technique which could be stacked with other secret techniques. Such a rarity was something that even the top ten influential factions didn’t have.

On the surface of his skeleton, the black iron sword patterns were still lit up, but around 5% of the bones were also lit up with the bronze sword pattern.

In the next moment, the black sword dipper spurted out along with a bronze and scarlet red color. It then clashed at the incoming thunderbolt fists.

“Can you block it?” Situ Lei sneered.

Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop, Pop…

Like bubbles being popped, the ferocious thunderbolt fists were all extinguished. In the next moment, the concentrated sword dipper sprayed at Situ Lei as though it was raining.

“What?” Situ Lei was shocked and frantically retreated.

During his retreat, Situ Lei consecutively launched three fists towards the dispersed sword dipper.

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“His ability?” Situ Lei was bewildered.

He was certain that Li Fuchen must have activated some other hidden ability which caused his ability to drastically increase again. Otherwise, it was impossible for Li Fuchen to break his Heaven Thunder Death.

“Is he even human? How many more hidden trumps does he have?” Everyone was so dumbstruck that there was nothing else they could say.

The was a first, second, third, and now the fourth time.

Li Fuchen had hidden his ability, again and again. Bursting out with more ability, again, and again. Everyone had been shocked from the beginning, numbed from it later on, but were now involuntarily shocked again!

“Heaven Thunder Death… Heaven Thunder Destruction!”

With an angry shout, Situ Lei burst out with Heaven Thunder Death’s finishing move.

Once he executed the finishing move, everything within the radius of the fist presence were all turned into void by the thunderbolts, including the dust. At this same moment, there was an electric field that was produced, which caused Li Fuchen to feel that his body was being run through by electricity. There was a numbing sensation which didn’t allow him to produce any strength.

And this was merely the fist presence. If the thunderbolt fist was to land on the body, it would definitely blast him into smithereens.

Subconsciously, the surface of Li Fuchen’s body had a layer of black qi that had a little green in it.

This was a blend of black iron sword qi and bronze sword qi, forming a sword qi protection.

In terms of toughness, it was far superior to regular qi protection.

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As the sword qi protection was extended out, Li Fuchen felt the numbing sensation being lifted. Li Fuchen then burst out and blasted out with his mystic class high-tier kill move, Blaze Dragon.

The sword dipper condensed into a blazing dragon. Most of it was black, which was surrounded by a layer of bronze and scarlet red edges. It might look like a dragon, but it was more like a lightning bolt, which didn’t have any lightning attributes. It was just an unstable form.


The thunderbolt fist was sliced apart, while the Blaze Dragon sword dipper had an unstoppable force which continued to crash into Situ Lei’s qi protection.

Despite the fact that Situ Lei’s qi protection was tough and especially firm, how could it be compared to the blended bronze sword dipper and the blaze dragon sword dipper? It was instantly extinguished.


Engulfed by the sword dipper, half of Situ Lei’s body was destroyed by the sword dipper.

The final victor was Li Fuchen.

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