Chapter 318: True Dragon Imprint

“The First Mystic Martial Expert is indeed worthy of his title. He actually imparted such a powerful secret technique!”

Many of the sects’ Reincarnation Realm martial artists revealed an expression of envy.

Secret techniques that could be stacked with other secret techniques were extremely rare. Perhaps it might be everywhere during the era when absolute experts were all around. But now, it was impossible to find any.

The secret technique that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist activated should be a 4-star secret technique and when complemented by the Azure Water Sect’s 4-star secret technique, it had turned into the power of a 5-star secret technique.

Of course, they didn’t know that the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter wasn’t a 4-star secret technique, but a 6-star secret technique. Furthermore, it was at the pinnacle of the 6-star secret techniques. The complete chapter of the Sword Essence was at least 7-stars or even 9-stars.

If people had known about this, they might covet for it even more. Some might even take the risk and disregard the wrath of the First Mystic Martial Expert, forcing Li Fuchen to give up the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter. After all, when the First Mystic Martial Expert exited the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, he would not be able to utilize his full ability and would be at the peak level of the Reincarnation Realm. If they were to cultivate the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter, they might be able to defeat the First Mystic Martial Expert and rule the East Unicorn Continent.

A pity that no one knew. Everyone assumed that Li Fuchen’s secret technique was just a 4-star secret technique.

If it was just a 4-star secret technique, it still wasn’t enough for Reincarnation Realm martial artists to risk everything.

Secret techniques had a certain limitation. Generally, Reincarnation Realm martial artists were matched up with 5-star secret techniques, as the effects of a 4-star secret techniques weren’t as good when they used it. If they were to use 3-star secret techniques, there was probably only a minute increase in ability.

Which meant that, as one’s cultivation realm increased, they would need a higher grade of secret technique.

A 4-star secret technique that could be stacked would at best make those Heaven Realm martial artists go insane, but not for Reincarnation Realm martial artists.

Of course, it would be best if they were to obtain it. Since an increase in ability was almost desirable at all times.

“Grandfather, Li Fuchen won the first rank!” Zhao Mingyue was pleasantly surprised.

“Yes.” Zhao Wujin nodded with a pleasantly surprised and pleased expression.

In the Azure Water Sect, he was considered the first individual in the upper echelons to actually give high regards to Li Fuchen. Now, everything had been proven and he had indeed judged Li Fuchen correctly. In fact, he had even underestimated Li Fuchen a little.

“He actually got the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking?”

Liu Wuhuang and Yuwen Tian were in disbelief.

Not long ago, they were even delusional enough to think they could defeat Li Fuchen in the future, as they assumed that Li Fuchen had only walked a little further ahead of them for now.

But from the looks of it, it wasn’t just a little further ahead, he had obviously thrown them hundreds of thousands of miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away.

When they were to participate in the Stars Ranking Tournament three years later, Li Fuchen might already be so far ahead.

“This is probably the Stars Ranking Tournament with the most unexpected result.” Su Muyu said silently.

For a rising talent to obtain the 1st Stars Ranking was something unprecedented in centuries. In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, Situ Lei obtained the 1st rank at the age of 24. Moreover, there weren’t any senior elite prodigies in the previous tournament, if not, Situ Lei wouldn’t have such an easy time to obtain the 1st rank.

But for this tournament, there were plenty of elite prodigies and logically, it would already be heaven-defying for any rising talent to obtain the top ten ranks. It was virtually impossible to obtain the 1st rank, but Li Fuchen actually did it.

“I truly belittled him.” Yan Qingwu knitted her brows.

Her statement before the tournament seemed like a joke right now.

But it wasn’t her fault, as Li Fuchen’s performance couldn’t be viewed as common sense.

Stunning, sensational, envy, jealousy.

No one could even imagine that this year’s Stars Ranking Tournament was actually won by a rising talent. The members of the Thunder God Sect didn’t have on a pleasant expression and to them, something that was meant for them had actually flown away.

Before Li Fuchen had defeated Situ Lei, the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi which had the form of a flood dragon violently siphoned Situ Lei’s Heaven Dipper Battle Qi, which was also the form of a flood dragon.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen’s flood dragon-shaped Heaven Dipper Battle Qi started to metamorph.

A single horn grew into two horns. Its talon grew into five claws, and the scales on the body looked vivid and lifelike, as it glistened magnificently.

This was apparently the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi’s true dragon form.

The true dragon-shaped Heaven Dipper Battle Qi roared towards the sky, while the other Heaven Dipper Battle Qi all lowered their forms and didn’t dare to contest.

With the birth of the true dragon-shaped Heaven Dipper Battle Qi, the Heaven Dipper Great Array seemed to be activated. It started to revolve and in the skies, a cluster of stars glittered and descended before fusing into the Heaven Dipper Great Array.

In just a moment’s notice, 36 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars emitted a dazzling starlight. When illuminated by the starlight, various forms of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi shrunk and finally condensed into an imprint.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

The imprints suddenly flew and branded themselves onto the top 36 rankers’ glabella.

Li Fuchen felt a pain on his glabella while a true dragon imprint was marked on him.

“This is the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint?”

The Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint would only be activated when one progressed to the Heaven Realm. Not only would one be able to advance several levels, but it was also very mystical, which helped to increase the Heaven Realm martial artist’s cultivation speed by several folds. It could be said that everyone had to participate in the triannual Stars Ranking Tournament. Even if an individual wanted to stay secluded, they wouldn’t want to miss it. After all, this was related to one’s own future. Once they missed it, they might have to spend more than ten years in cultivation and still might not be able to catch up.

Apart from this, if an Earth Realm martial artist possessed the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint, they would be able to sense the Heaven Realm in advance, allowing them to quickly progress to the Heaven Realm.

“His true dragon imprint is different from mine in the previous tournament.”

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Situ Lei stared at Li Fuchen with an extremely cold expression. When he saw the true dragon imprint on Li Fuchen glabella, he was a little shocked. His previous true dragon imprint only had the true dragon’s horns, but not the claws, and there were other slight differences.

They were similarly the 1st ranker of the Stars Ranking Tournament, but why was there a difference in the true dragon imprints?

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Situ Lei couldn’t understand this.

It was a pity that, apart from the possessors of the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprints, everyone else couldn’t see those Heaven Dipper Battle Imprints, not even the Reincarnation Realm martial artists. After all, once they progressed to the Reincarnation Realm, the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprints would vanish.

Everyone didn’t know something though… There was actually an elderly shadow in the interior of Mt. Star Fate that witnessed everything here.

“Not bad, there is actually a person who formed the complete form of the true dragon imprint. In general situations, one has to obtain the 1st rank of two consecutive tournaments in order to have a chance in forming the complete form of the true dragon imprint. It seems like there were too many elite prodigies in this tournament, which virtually increased the amount of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi and star fate.”

The elderly shadow smiled and vanished without a trace, as though he wasn’t even here before.


The Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars sank down, while the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprints on the 36 individuals gradually vanished until the other Heaven Dipper Battle Imprints possessors couldn’t even see each others’ imprint.

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