Chapter 319: Class 5 Demonic Beast Pelt Armor

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, congratulations!” Su Muyu transmitted a message to Li Fuchen.

Among everyone, she was the least surprised.

Back at the tomb in the Land of Fog, she had obtained the 6-star secret technique, Qi Assembly Dipper. Which she had cultivated it to the second rank, that being the scarlet dipper rank.

Although she wasn’t able to make it into the top ten, she was content with her 15th rank.

But it was obvious that Li Fuchen had obtained a secret technique which was at least of a 6-star, tier back at the tomb. Furthermore, he had cultivated it to a high rank, or else, he wouldn’t have been able to obtain the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking.

But, she wouldn’t expose Li Fuchen’s secret, because she had her own secret too.

If a 6-star secret technique were to be exposed, it would cause all the Reincarnation Realm martial artists to go insane.

Even if she was a disciple of Eternal Spring Valley, it wasn’t enough for her to safeguard the 6-star secret technique. It was a known fact that the Eternal Spring Valley wasn’t the only elite influential force on the East Unicorn Continent, and they would surely covet her 6-star secret technique.

Hence she had decided that before she reached the Reincarnation Realm, she wasn’t going to reveal her 6-star secret technique, even if she managed to reach a higher rank. She would only reveal the scarlet dipper rank of the Qi Assembly Dipper. When she reached the Heaven Realm, she believed that she would be able to learn the Eternal Spring Valley’s 5-star secret technique which would be sufficient for her to use until then.

Li Fuchen took a glance at Su Muyu and saw the deep intent in her eyes, while he similarly smiled and replied with deep intent, “Same to you.”

From the looks of it, Su Muyu must have also obtained a 6-star secret technique, since she was a 6-star bone frame.

When the Heaven Dipper Great Array had been dispelled, the observers all flew inwards.

“Fuchen, well done!” Zhao Wujin laughed heartily.

Li Fuchen bowed with cupped hands and said, “Sect Patriarch, Supreme Elders, Grand Elder, I am just fortunate enough not to bring shame to the Azure Water Sect.”

One of the Supreme Elders of the Azure Water Sect laughed and said, “It is not good to be overly modest. The 1st rank of the Stars Ranking Tournament is something that our Azure Water Sect has never obtained. Sect Patriarch, I think the sect needs to give a reward.”

Ouyang Wentian nodded and said, “Yes, there will definitely be a reward. We will go back and talk about it.”

Although it was unknown as to whether the rumors of star fate was real, such things ought to be believed in and if the star fate truly existed, Li Fuchen’s star fate would surely bring some star fate for the Azure Water Sect as well. Ouyang Wentian didn’t wish for the Azure Water Sect to become an elite influential force in the future, but he wanted to at least surpass the Heaven Fiend Sect.

“Sect Patriarch Ouyang. Your Azure Water Sect has a good sapling this time!”

The Wind Snow Sect Matriarch was a middle-aged beauty. Her lips moved slightly while her voice traveled over.

“Matriarch Duan is too polite. The Azure Water Sect is just slightly luckier this year.” Ouyang Wentian smiled and replied.

The Wind Snow Sect which was one of the elite influential forces that had plenty of good ties with various sects and the Azure Water Sect was one of them.

During those calamities in the past, the Wind Snow Sect had provided some assistance to the Azure Water Sect.

“This child is talented and brilliant. He needs to be nurtured properly and might become huge assistance in the future.” The middle-aged beauty said.

Ouyang Wentian said, “Matriarch Duan is correct. This child should be properly nurtured.”

The East Unicorn Continent wasn’t peaceful and the Evil Dao’s influence was returning back to power. They were currently gathering a much more powerful force than before. In addition, there were plenty of conflicts between the sects and some were completely incompatible. There might be a day when there would be a war and it was naturally a good thing to have powerful assistance before the war actually started. It was a pity that Li Fuchen might not have enough time to grow and most importantly, Ouyand Wentian didn’t know how much further the 1-star bone frame Li Fuchen could ultimately grow until.

If Li Fuchen could only reach the Heaven Realm, then he wouldn’t be able to provide much help. He must at least be at the Reincarnation Realm to be of any assistance.

Of course, Ouyang Wentian was very confident in Li Fuchen right now. Since ancient times, there weren’t any 1-star bone frames that actually had the honor of obtaining the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking. Li Fuchen was the only one.

“Damn brat.” The Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch, Li Xietian didn’t look too good.

Li Fuchen who had obtained the true dragon imprint determined that he was definitely going to reach the Heaven Realm. Furthermore, once he progressed to the Heaven Realm, he would be able to immediately advance to the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm or beyond, with his 1st rank results in the Stars Ranking. Even if the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was to vanish in the future, it still wouldn’t be easy to kill him. If Li Fuchen was given more time to grow, they might have to send a Reincarnation Realm martial artist to guarantee his death.


Just as everyone was gossiping, a valiant energy wave burst out, which was accompanied by the thunderous echoes.

Everyone immediately looked over at the source of the commotion.

“It’s Situ Lei?”

“He is going to progress.”

“It is normal. He had been restraining his cultivation realm for a very long time. It should already be time for him to progress.”

In everyone’s vision, Situ Lei’s qi presence was drastically increasing and he had instantly progressed from half step Heaven Realm to the 1st level of the Heaven Realm.

As he cultivated the Thunder God Divine Technique and had the thunderous bone frame, when he was progressing, the peak of Mt. Star Fate had a giant black cloud which was revolving into a shape of a funnel. In the middle of the black funnel, a thunderous lightning bolt burst out with the shape of a flood dragon. It felt as though it was going to split apart the heaven and earth, which was abnormally horrifying.

“Such a terrifying progression phenomenon. This qi presence is much purer and dominant than many of the 3rd level Heaven Realm martial artists!”

“Situ Lei has already cultivated the Thunder God Divine Technique to the 17th rank and he has the 6-star thunderous bone frame. Of course, he is naturally extraordinary. How could he be compared to a regular Heaven Realm martial artist?”

As everyone was discussing, Situ Lei’s qi presence was growing stronger and the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint on his glabella had appeared.

The Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint which was a true dragon with horns was emitting this mystical qi presence.

Peak of the 1st level of the Heaven Realm.

2nd level of the Heaven Realm.

Peak of the 2nd level of the Heaven Realm.

3rd level of the Heaven Realm.

Peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm.

In just a short period of time, Situ Lei’s aura presence had climbed all the way to the peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm before stopping. At this moment, the black funnel clouds was also approaching the peak of the mountain. Those horrific thunderbolts were all at least tens of thousands of feet long and when they struck down, it felt as though they could destroy the world. Many of the higher leveled Heaven Realm martial artists felt a numbing sensation on their bodies when facing the horrific thunderbolts.

“This child’s qi presence during his progression is too horrific.”

Zhao Wujin who was a peak level Heaven Realm martial artist couldn’t help but frown.

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Ouyang Wentian said, “He is at the peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm. With his current ability, he would probably be able to fight it out with a 6th or 7th level Heaven Realm martial artist. And this was before he even accumulated enough experience. When one’s cultivation reaches the Heaven Realm, their cultivation speed of the technique and martial arts would be drastically faster.”

Just as everyone was stunned by Situ Lei’s progression phenomenon, Qi Heng and Jin Xudong also progressed on the other side.

Qi Heng and Jin Xudong’s progression phenomenon weren’t as horrific as Situ Lei’s, but they weren’t a small matter either. Finally, Qi Heng and Jin Xudong both progressed and advanced to the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm.

Subsequently, everyone looked at Jiang Ruoliu and Xu Lin to see if they would decide to progress at this moment.

But to their disappointment, the two of them didn’t intend to progress right now.

‘To be able to progress to the 3rd level of Heaven Realm in an instant. It seems like this Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint is truly good stuff.’ Li Fuchen’s eyes flickered with radiance.

As people said, seeing was believing, as rumors were simply rumors. Li Fuchen might already know the function of the Heaven Dipper Battle Imprint, but he ultimately didn’t see it personally.

After seeing Situ Lei progressing and advancing to the peak state of the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm, while Qi Heng and Jin Xudong progressed and advanced to the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm, Li Fuchen’s heart was truly stirred up.

In normal circumstances, to break through from the 1st level of the Heaven Realm to the 3rd level of the Heaven Realm, it would take at least a few years for those faster cultivators, but it might take ten years or even dozens of years for others.

Generally, 4-star bone frames have a rather high chance of progressing to the Heaven Realm, but after progressing, without any fated opportunities, they would be stuck at the 1st level for a very long time.

Zhao Wujin might be a 4-star bone frame, but he was an elite 4-star bone frame and he had encountered many fated opportunities. Therefore, he was able to reach the peak level of the Heaven Realm in this lifetime and obtained the position of the Azure Water Sect’s Grand Elder. If it were any other 4-star bone frame, they would never be able to reach the peak level of the Heaven Realm.

Therefore, only 5-star bone frames were able to advance quickly in the Heaven Realm and had a greater chance of breaking through to the Reincarnation Realm. For example, like Ouyang Wentian and the various Supreme Elders of the Azure Water Sect.

But Ouyang Wentian and the Supreme Elders were probably going to be stuck in the lower to middle levels of the Reincarnation Realm for this lifetime, as it was as difficult as ascending to heaven for them to advance a single level.

In the East Unicorn Continent, only 6-star bone frames were able to reach the higher levels of the Reincarnation Realm and they even had a chance to break through the Reincarnation Realm and reach the legendary Battle Spirit Realm. A pity that the resources on the East Unicorn Continent were sparse and the heaven and earth energy were thin, making it very difficult to progress to the Battle Spirit Realm. Otherwise, the East Unicorn Continent would already have a Battle Spirit Realm martial artist.

Li Fuchen had his own ambition and with the golden talisman, he wasn’t going to let himself be stuck in the Reincarnation Realm.

Of course, it was still too early to say of such things as he wasn’t even at the Heaven Realm yet. He was still very far away from the Reincarnation Realm and the legendary Battle Spirit Realm.

“Let’s return!” Ouyang Wentian summoned the spirit beasts and said to everyone. Since the Stars Ranking Tournament had ended, there was no need to stay any longer. 

After riding on the spirit beasts, they rapidly left.

At the same time, the other sects had left one after another.

In just a few moments, the peak of Mt. Star Fate which was originally bustling with liveliness had now become empty and desolate, emitting this everlasting cold qi presence.

The aerial spirit beasts flew extremely quickly and in just a few days, they had arrived back at the Azure Water Sect.

In an instant, the entire Azure Water Sect was bursting with excitement.

When the upper echelons and the disciples of the Azure Water Sect got to know that Li Fuchen obtained the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking, they were all extremely shocked and proud.

With the emergence of the 1st ranked Star Ranker in Azure Water Sect, it meant that the sect was going to flourish and they were undoubtedly going to benefit from it as well.

In the Azure Water Grand Hall, Ouyang Wentian was seated on the high patriarch seat, while Li Fuchen, Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng were below him.

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Ouyang Wentian individually rewarded Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng first. He then looked at Li Fuchen and said, “Li Fuchen, you have the most contribution this time. I will grant you unlimited access to the Sword Monument Canyon and also bestow you with a class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.”

“Class 5 demonic beast pelt armor?” Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng were all moved.

A class 5 demonic beast was extremely valuable to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist, especially the beast pelt armor. It might not be able to block against the full brunt of a Reincarnation Realm martial artist’s attack, but with sufficient cultivation, blocking against an all-out attack from a Heaven Realm martial artist was possible.

It was not an exaggeration to say that the class 5 demonic beast pelt armor was enough to make any Heaven Realm martial artist go insane. As a Heaven Realm cultivator was unable to kill class 5 demonic beasts, so it was impossible for them to obtain a class 5 demonic beast pelt armor. Even in the outside market, it was basically not possible to find a class 5 demonic beast pelt armor.

“I thank the Sect Patriarch.”

Li Fuchen was similarly moved. The highest cultivator in the Azure Water Sect was only at the 3rd level of the Reincarnation Realm and it was very difficult for a single individual to kill a class 5 low-tier demonic beast. It was reckoned that multiple martial artists had to work together to kill one of those beasts. Thus, this class 5 demonic beast pelt armor was definitely the reward of the highest value.

“Your cultivation is too low now. When you progress to the Heaven Realm, there will be more rewards.” Ouyang Wentian smiled and said.

Since Li Fuchen had ample innate potential, Ouyang Wentian was willing to nurture him even more.

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