Chapter 320: Blue Spirit Soul

Since Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could enter the Sword Monument Canyon limitlessly, he naturally didn’t want to waste this opportunity. He was planning to redeem a mystic class peak-tier sword art and further increase his ability.

As he was cultivating the True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen first priority on picking a sword art, was the mystic class peak-tier Inferno Sword Art.

It was one of the top 50 martial arts in the East Unicorn Continent and was naturally very daunting, and it could also work mutually with the True Inferno Technique.

At first, Li Fuchen’s remaining contribution points were enough to redeem the Inferno Sword Art, but the Sect Patriarch gave him the privilege of redeeming anything at 10% of the price. As such, he had more than enough points to redeem the Inferno Sword Art.

“Such an intimidating sword art!”

The Inferno Sword Art had a total of four forms, each was extremely tyrannic. The first form was called Extreme Heat Flame, which could force out a bundle of intense flaming sword qi. It was enough to burn gold and melt metal, allowing for easy breaking through of martial artists’ defenses.

In terms of destructive power, it was much stronger than the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s sword dipper.

Of course, the Inferno Sword Art’s cultivation stage was still low now and even if Li Fuchen had the pale blue spirit soul, he would still need around two weeks to cultivate it to the sub-completion stage. If he wanted to reach the completion stage, he would probably need at least a few months.

And the sub-completion of the Inferno Sword Art was temporarily not comparable to the Blaze Devil Sword Art.

‘No wonder it is a mystic class peak-tier sword art. The difficulty in cultivation is more than a few folds.’ Li Fuchen sighed silently.

But if anyone was to know Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed, they would surely be flabbergasted.

To be able to reach the sub-completion stage for a mystic class peak-tier sword art in a few months was already considered amazingly fast. Only an elite 5-star bone frame or a 6-star bone frame could achieve that. Not even a 6-star bone frame could achieve the sub-completion stage in two weeks.

Even Teng Qingyun, Chiyu Ye, and Situ Lei took at least one to two years to reach the completion stage for their mystic class peak-tier martial arts. They had exhausted plenty of energy during the process.

On this day, Li Fuchen continued to cultivate the Inferno Sword Art.

He intended to cultivate the Inferno Sword Art to the completion stage before going to the Sword Monument Canyon to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent.

If he was to go earlier, it would reduce the process of him self-realizing the Inferno Sword Art.

Li Fuchen felt that something was different today, as he was having an abnormally smooth sword practicing process. It seemed as though there was an energy that was adding to his momentum.

‘Could it be?’ Li Fuchen had a thought in his mind.

In the next moment, Li Fuchen was suddenly frozen on the spot, while his expressionless eyes emitted a pure blue radiance.

In his mind, the pale blue spirit soul was revolving insanely and rapidly turning blue.

Once the blue spirit soul was formed, Li Fuchen’s attention was instantly attracted to his mind.

The blue spirit soul was like a flawless blue crystal ball, which looked magnificent. Not only was there no impurities and flaws, but it also contained plenty of profundities, like the stars in the sky, which had an invisible power of the laws.

The originally empty and chaotic mind now had many unknown strands of lines. The strands were all in a mess and it was unclear which strand was connected to which, but there were a few that formed complete circuits.

This situation happened when his spirit soul evolved to the pale blue spirit soul and it was happening again, but it was much more stunning than the previous time.

Pitter, Patter!

The blue electric current exploded while all the strands were coated with electricity.

The electric current was very uncivilized as it opened up the connection points of the strands and increased the number of circuits.

It was unknown as to how much time had elapsed, but when the electric currents dissipated, Li Fuchen’s mind had more than double the number of circuits. These circuits contained mystics that Li Fuchen couldn’t understand and were much more profound and mystical than a mystic class peak-tier sword art.

The circuits flickered a few times and quickly concealed themselves as though they never appeared.

At this moment, Li Fuchen felt as though his mind was clearer than ever before. His thinking speed was more than two folds faster and the places where he had obstructions were now all opened up and was glistening insanely with spirit lights.

“With the spirit soul evolved, I wonder how much time I would need to cultivate the Inferno Sword Art to the completion stage.”

According to his previous speed, Li Fuchen reckoned that he would need at least half a year.


Two months later…

“Inferno Extermination!”

On the spacious land, Li Fuchen brandished his sword, while a dazzling and flaming sword qi which looked like a comet descending, rushed out violently. It destroyed and incinerated everything along the way, while crystallized soil could be seen subtly.

It was obvious that the Inferno Sword qi had roasted and crystallized the soil.

‘Completion stage of the Inferno Sword Art in less than two months! The blue spirit soul is indeed incredible!’ Li Fuchen was extremely excited.

If this was the case, it was completely possible for him to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent in half a year.

Once Li Fuchen comprehended the Inferno Sword Intent, even if he didn’t use the Incomplete Sword Essence Chapter, he would be able to instantly kill Situ Lei who had yet to progress to the Heaven Realm.

Li Fuchen arrived at the Sword Monument Canyon to begin his comprehension of the Inferno Sword Intent.

Of course, he had to first achieve the sub-perfection and the perfection stages of the Inferno Sword Art first.

“Look quickly, it is Li Fuchen shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple)!”

“Li Fuchen shixiong is truly a legend. When he had just arrived in the Azure Water Sect, he was just a nobody, but his improvement speed got faster and faster until he became the no.1 direct disciple. Now he is even the no.1 King Star in the East Unicorn Continent.”

“It would be enough if I had just half of Li shixiong’s amazing ability.”

Right now, Li Fuchen was already a legendary figure and would attract attention wherever he went.

When Fang Liehai saw Li Fuchen at the Sword Monument Canyon, his face flashed with fear and he immediately left the place in advance.

In the Sword Monument Canyon, Li Fuchen comprehension speed of the Inferno Sword Art was several folds faster. In less than half a month, he had reached the perfection stage and such speed was unprecedented.

But Li Fuchen didn’t expect for it to be so difficult to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent. For the next two weeks, Li Fuchen was still unable to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent.

“There is no need to hurry, the sub-perfection stage of the Inferno Sword Art is already far superior to the Blaze Devil Sword Art. My current perfection stage of the Inferno Sword Art is even more formidable. There is no need to be so anxious.” Li Fuchen was very patient and composed.


Floating Cloud Peak.

The Azure Water Sect had bestowed the Li Clan a small mountain peak.

It was only a small mountain peak when compared to the entire Azure Water Sect.

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The size of this mountain peak was enough to contain ten Li Clans. For the next century, there wasn’t a need to even be concerned about having insufficient space.

A few months earlier, the Li Clan had already migrated their clan to Floating Cloud Peak. They might not receive any treatment that was better than those major clans in the Azure Water Sect, but they were still allocated plenty of resources from the Azure Water Sect. Just this year’s worth of resources had already shocked the Li Clan’s Head, Li Tianhan.

The Li Clan was just a small clan and it was impossible to finish using all these resources which was enough for them to use a few years.

And everything was accredited to Li Fuchen.

On the mountain path of the Floating Cloud Peak, people would occasionally be able to see the Li clansmen who had on expressions that were filled with glory.

“Young Master Fuchen.”

“Fuchen ge.”

Seeing Li Fuchen walking up the mountain, all the Li clansmen greeted him with respect, including some of the juniors of the direct lineage.


At the peak of the mountain, Li Yunhe just happened to walk out of the courtyard and saw Li Fuchen. His face froze and when he wanted to call out the name “Fuchen”, he felt that it was inappropriate and added another “ge” at the back.

Li Fuchen was only a few months older than him, and normally he wouldn’t have to greet him as an elder brother. But times were different now, as he had to respect Li Fuchen’s status and since Li Fuchen could even forget about the incidents that happened between them, he was already very magnanimous.

Li Fuchen simply nodded and left.

Li Yunhe let out a sigh of relief as he was silently grateful to Li Fuchen for not seeking any trouble.

In fact, Li Yunhe had thought too much. If Li Fuchen was just an ordinary person, he might not have been so magnanimous. But Li Fuchen wasn’t anyone normal, and his future had just started.

It was impossible for Li Fuchen to go find fault with some ordinary individual.

Of course, it was mainly because Li Yunhe was tactful enough.

In the Li Clan Head’s courtyard, Li Tianhan, Shen Yuyan, and Li Xiaodie were all here.

Li Xiaodie was already considered half a daughter to Shen Yuyan and Shen Yuyan treated her very well.

“Fuchen ge.” When seeing Li Fuchen, Li Xiaodie was very happy.

Everything she had was given by Li Fuchen. She didn’t have any considerable innate talent, but after consuming the Seven Color Glazed Grape, her bone frame promoted from normal bone frame to 1-star bone frame and she was making good progress in her cultivation. She totally had the chance to progress to the Earth Realm.

“Father, Mother, even Xiaodie is here!” Li Fuchen laughed.

“Fuchen, you came. Just in time. Lunch is almost ready, let’s eat together.” Shen Yuyan was beaming with a great smile.

“Sure.” Li Fuchen nodded.

His purpose of coming over to the Floating Cloud Peak was to have a reunion with his family.

Cultivation was important, but so was family.

Li Tianhan was extremely delighted and smiled, “Luckily, you brat didn’t forget about us.”

“Father, Mother, it is Fuchen’s fault. I will have more time to accompany you in the future.” Li Fuchen quickly replied.

Shen Yuyan rebuked Li Tianhan, “Look at what you are saying. If Fuchen didn’t work diligently, how could he have such achievements today? You shouldn’t say such things as a father.”

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Lunch was ready and the entire family was in a harmonious atmosphere. Even Li Xiaodie’s mother had come out.

Seeing everyone so happy, Li Fuchen felt extremely warm in his heart. At the same time, a sense of pressure enveloped his heart too.

Everything now didn’t come easy. He would not allow anyone to ruin these circumstances, so he was going to quickly grow.

For the next few days, Li Fuchen didn’t leave the Floating Cloud Peak.

“En? My cultivation technique is about to break through?”

On this day, when Li Fuchen was cultivating the True Inferno Technique, he felt a surge of qi which had the intent to incinerate the heavens.

He had reached the 17th rank back at the Stars Ranking Tournament. During the recent few months, he had stabilized the technique to the peak state of the 17th rank. He didn’t expect it to be breaking through to the 18th rank in such a short period of time.

At this moment, he gradually understood the horrific perception that was provided by the blue spirit soul. At the same time, apart from perception, the blue spirit soul contained this profundity that Li Fuchen didn’t understand.

Li Fuchen didn’t want to break through on Floating Cloud Peak. He came to the depths of the mountains behind Azure Water Sect and arrived at a bare mountain peak.

With a flip of his palm, a mystical herb appeared in his hand.

This herb was half icy cold and half blazing hot. It was the Ice Fire Flower which Li Fuchen had obtained in the Hundred Herbs Hidden Domain.

The Ice Fire Flower could help the cultivators which cultivated the blazing heat or icy cold techniques. It would help to smoothen the breakthrough of the technique rank and not damage the meridians.

Li Fuchen had a feeling that it was impossible for the Hidden Blood Body Technique and the technique intent to withstand against the damage from the breakthrough of the True Inferno Technique.

After all, the 18th rank of the True Inferno Technique wasn’t a small matter. During the breakthrough, there would be a portion of the True Inferno qi that wouldn’t be under control.

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