Chapter 321: Mystic Martial Experts’ Departure

The splendid sun shone down on a bare mountain peak, the air was distorting as blazing heat energy spread out.

At the source of the distortion, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s qi presence was flourishing and it had an aura that was going to incinerate everything. Regular Earth Realm martial artists would probably be unable to even get close. Once they got near, not only would their bodies not be able to withstand it, even their spirit willpower wouldn’t be able to either.


It was unknown how much time had elapsed, as an even more intense blazing heat surged out, distorting the air to the extremity. Even Li Fuchen’s figure looked as though it had been distorted and elongated, as though it wasn’t real.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

The surrounding surface of the ground was rupturing and the soil was charring up, turning into black crystals. There was a scorching radiance of sunlight in the entire area.

‘As expected.’

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As the True Inferno Technique had broken through, Li Fuchen felt a trace of burning pain in his meridians. This was because the meridians couldn’t withstand the violent surge of the true inferno qi.

Without any hesitation, Li Fuchen opened his mouth and consumed the Ice Fire Flower.

Once the Ice Fire Flower entered his body, a portion of pure blazing hot energy fused with the true inferno qi, which made it much milder, while a portion of icy cold energy protected his meridians from getting damaged by the surging of the true inferno qi.

As time passed by, there was much less of a surging true inferno qi in Li Fuchen’s body, while his qi presence was getting purer and a lot more scorching, as though a little sun was illuminating and emitting heat.

‘Such a horrific true inferno qi.’

Opening his eyes, Li Fuchen felt the true inferno qi in his body and let out a pleasant sigh in his heart.

It was just an advancement of one rank, but his qi quality had increased by at least one realm.

His current qi quality was probably not inferior to a martial artist at the 1st level of the Heaven Realm.

Regular martial artists at the 1st level of the Heaven Realm would probably be at the 15th or 16th rank of their cultivation technique, which was around two to three ranks lower than him.

Actually, Li Fuchen was not used to such a pure and scorching qi.

When he was circulating his qi, he felt as though there was burning hot magma flowing through his meridians.

‘The Inferno Sword Art is one of the top 50 martial arts in the East Unicorn Continent. It is said that the True Inferno Technique is one of the top 30 techniques in the East Unicorn Continent. With my bodily quality, it might be a little taxing!’ According to logic, Li Fuchen’s bodily quality wasn’t weak at all and was absolutely at the pinnacle in the Azure Water Sect.

After all, there wasn’t any higher grade of a body refinement technique than the Hidden Blood Body Technique.

Of course, when comparing an Earth Realm martial artist to a Heaven Realm martial artist, there was still a difference if both had comprehended a Hidden Body Technique intent. The difference was even bigger for a Reincarnation Realm martial artist. But Li Fuchen couldn’t wait until he reached the Heaven Realm, as he wanted to be able to perfectly control his own ability.

Hence, he had to make his bodily quality increase to the next level.

‘I wonder where that earth pattern that I obtained from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain’s Door of Earth disappeared to?’

That earth pattern might possibly contain an earth class body refinement technique.

An earth class body refinement technique contained the quintessence of heaven and earth. Once a practitioner was able to reach a certain level of proficiency, he would be able to use for a very long time.

Li Fuchen didn’t expect himself to be able to reach the high stage of an earth class body refinement technique. In his opinion, even if he was to just reach the entry stage, it was already sufficient to surpass the Hidden Blood Body Technique.

A pity that until now, he was still unable to sense the existence of the earth class body refinement technique. That body refinement technique seemed to have concealed itself in his blood veins.

Of course, apart from the earth class body refinement technique, Li Fuchen had obtained a heaven imprint from the Door of Heaven in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. It might be possible that it contained the quintessence of a heaven class martial art. But if Li Fuchen wasn’t even able to find the earth class body refinement technique, he should just give up on finding that heaven imprint.

Letting out a bitter laugh, Li Fuchen stood up and rushed down the mountain peak while flying through the sky.

With the True Inferno Technique at the 18th rank, Li Fuchen already had the ability for short distance flight. Furthermore, his speed wasn’t slow and was considered rather fast.

For this period of time, Li Fuchen continued to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent in the Sword Monument Canyon.

But it was obvious that the Inferno Sword Intent wasn’t that easy to comprehend.

But when one thought about it, it was expected. The Inferno Sword Art was a mystic class peak-tier sword art, which was of the same tier as the True Inferno Technique.

Although a martial art was easier to cultivate and the comprehending difficulty was easier than a cultivation technique, the disparity is not that much of an exaggeration.

Up until this point, Li Fuchen had barely broken through the 18th rank of the True Inferno Technique. Thus, within this short period of time, it was impossibly difficult to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent, even if he had the blue spirit soul.

Unless his cultivation realm was at the Heaven Realm…

‘I should return and visit the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.’

Since Li Fuchen was unable to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent and he wasn’t in a hurry either, he had decided to visit the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain again.

The First Mystic Martial Expert said that they were about to leave the East Unicorn Continent soon. Li Fuchen felt that there was a need for him to see the First Mystic Martial Expert one more time before he left.

Ouyang Wentian was very at ease about Li Fuchen venturing out of the sect. With the First Mystic Martial Expert around, no one would be brazen enough to try and deal with Li Fuchen. As for martial artists of the same realm, there was no one that could be a match for Li Fuchen.

In order to let Li Fuchen travel a little faster, Ouyang Wentian even bestowed a class 4 low-tier flying spirit beast to Li Fuchen.

With the speed of the spirit beast, Li Fuchen probably didn’t need a long time before he returned.

On this day, there was a black shadow that was piercing through the sky in the layer of clouds.

It was a giant avian that had scales on its head and a beak that looked like a sickle.

Class 4 low-tier spirit beast… Giant Sickle Terror Bird5Giant Sickle Terror BirdFlying spirit beast that Ouyang Wentian gave to Li Fuchen.

Before the Giant Sickle Terror Bird had been tamed into a spirit beast, it was extremely ferocious and ruthless. After being tamed, its ferocity had remained and there were times it wanted to throw Li Fuchen off its back, but a pity that Li Fuchen had the spirit beast jade token.

In the mind of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird, there was also a spirit beast jade token, which would mutually respond to one another. As long as Li Fuchen had the intention, he would be able to inflict splitting headaches to the Giant Sickle Terror Bird. A few times later, the Giant Sickle Terror Bird was much more obedient and didn’t dare to act recklessly.

Of course, this was mainly due to the fact that this Giant Sickle Terror Bird had consumed plenty of Spirit Turning Pills, which transmuted its demonic qi into spirit qi. If it wasn’t the case, when its ferocity was triggered, it would be hard to control it even with the spirit beast jade token.

‘I wonder how my speed is compared to the Giant Sickle Terror Bird?’

With that flash of thought in his mind, Li Fuchen gently tipped off the back of the Giant Sickle Terror Bird and flew through the air.

The Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s eyes blinked as it couldn’t understand what was Li Fuchen doing.

But once it saw Li Fuchen flying ahead of it, it was very unconvinced. It vigorously flapped its wings to boost its speed and instantly overtook Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen laughed heartily and burst out with his Pure Yang Dipper Qi, which also gave him a boost in speed to overtake the Giant Sickle Terror Bird again.

Just like this, a man and an avian were chasing each other in the air with a speed that was nearly two folds faster than before.

Finally, Li Fuchen had to admit that a human was unable to compete with a flying spirit beast.

Even if he had the ability to kill the Giant Sickle Terro Bird, but in terms of flying speed, he was utterly defeated by the Giant Sickle Terror Bird.

After a period of time, Li Fuchen had arrived at Mt. Green Cloud, which was 300 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters outside of the Hundred Battle Region’s Green Cloud City

Three days later, the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain opened up and Li Fuchen entered.

“You are here.”

The First Mystic Martial Expert instantly noticed Li Fuchen and shifted him to the First Mountain.

“Master.” Li Fuchen greeted with cupped hands respectfully.

The preeminent man sized up Li Fuchen and nodded with a smile, “Looks like you have made quite some progress.”

With his vision, he was naturally able to see that Li Fuchen’s spirit had a great change and his ability was several folds stronger than before.

“Master praises me too much.” Li Fuchen wasn’t complacent at all.

The preeminent man waved his hand while his expression looked helpless. “There is still one month before Master and the others will leave the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. We will depart from the East Unicorn Continent.”

“One month?” Li Fuchen’s eyes flickered.

The preeminent man said, “Because of the rules of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, it is regretful that I am unable to bestow you any material items. With my current cultivation realm, I am also unable to directly impart you any martial arts or secret technique. But the earth class martial pattern that I imprinted on your wrist previously already contained a trace of inheritance. Every time you activate that martial pattern, you will be able to sense the intent within. If your perception is good enough, it is still possible for you to comprehend the earth class martial art’s move or form. But since you came back to the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, I cannot let you leave empty-handed. Master will bestow you with another gift.”

As the preeminent man spoke, he instantly appeared behind Li Fuchen and placed his palm on Li Fuchen’s back.

There was a painful sensation as though his body was being branded, but Li Fuchen forcefully endured it without whining.

Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi, Chi…

Green smoke was emitted from Li Fuchen’s back as the source. A purple pattern extended out and all the way throughout his entire back before stopping.

After withdrawing his palm, the preeminent man’s face was extremely pale. When he branded the earth class martial pattern on Li Fuchen’s wrist, it already exhausted him. This time, it took up more spirit energy than before, which was impossible to recover without a few years time.

“Master, this is?” Li Fuchen was astonished.

The preeminent man spoke with a frail voice, “This is a technique pattern. During the crucial moment, you can inject your qi into the pattern, it will replace your meridians with this technique, bursting out with a power that is several folds stronger. I believe with this technique pattern, it will help you to greatly increase your survivability. If you are still unable to protect your life, it will be your fate and you cannot blame anyone.”

“Thank you, Master.” Li Fuchen was rather touched.

There was still a month before the Mystic Martial Experts were going to depart, and so Li Fuchen stayed in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain for a month.

On this day, all the Mystic Martial Experts vanished and all life within the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was expelled from it.

Outside the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, the gates to the hidden domain was completely shut. It was unknown as to when would be the next time it would open again.

On the mountain top, Li Fuchen saw many of the Mystic Martial Experts’ personal disciples, like Chiyu Ye, Xiahou Chuan, Su Muyu, Yan Qingwu, and the others.

Everyone looked a little lost, as they were different from Li Fuchen and didn’t receive any information at all.

“Looks like the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is going to be closed for a very long time.” Su Muyu thought in her heart.

Immediately after, Su Muyu looked at Li Fuchen and transmitted a message, “Li Fuchen, you have to be careful. When a tree is too outstanding, it will be the first to be blown over. You have obtained the 1st rank in the Stars Ranking and will inevitably become a target. Now that the Mystic Martial Experts have left, the East Unicorn Continent is going to be more chaotic now.”

In the past, the various sects were fearful of the Mystic Martial Experts’ ability and didn’t dare to attack recklessly. After all these years, the Mystic Martial Experts had accepted quite a lot of personal disciples and they were all from various sects. Who knew if the personal disciples would seek help from the Mystic Martial Experts during the time of death. But it was different now… The news of the Mystic Martial Experts departure would be spread throughout the continent very shortly and all those previous conflicts would definitely burst out.

Li Fuchen nodded, “I know.”

Li Fuchen was already mentally prepared. Right now, he could only hope that apart from the Heaven Fiend Sect, he wouldn’t become a target for the other sects. Since his current sect wasn’t a threat for any of the sects, it was logical to think that Li Fuchen wouldn’t be a threat to any sects within 20 years.

After all, for someone to be a threat to a sect, they had to first reach the Reincarnation Realm.

“A storm is coming. I wonder how much time I have left to prepare.” The urgency in Li Fuchen’s heart was intensified.

“Let’s go!”

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Landing on the back the Giant Sickle Terror Bird’s back, Li Fuchen ordered it to quickly return back to the Azure Water Sect.

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