Chapter 322: Coercion from Heaven Fiend Sect

Before Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was even back at the Azure Water Sect. The news about the departure of the Mystic Martial Experts had already swiftly spread out. Many of the nearby sects had immediately received the information.

“The Mystic Martial Experts finally left. The Green Hill Sect is just a third-rate sect and just because they have a disciple who is a personal disciple of a Mystic Martial Expert, they actually dare to boss our Iron River Sect around? It is time for them to suffer.”

“The Golden Hoop Sect’s disciple killed my grandson, it is revenge I have to take. They must at least hand over the culprit.”

For a moment, conflicts were rising in between all the sects in the neighboring areas of the Hundred Battle Region, as the dark clouds of battle was forming everywhere.

When Li Fuchen had returned to the Azure Water Sect, the news had also traveled back to the Heaven Fiend Sect.

Heaven Fiend Sect Grand Hall…

Li Xietian looked up and let out a vicious laugh. “The Mystic Martial Experts have left. Good, very good. Azure Water Sect, this time I’ll see how you are going to protect Li Fuchen that little bastard.”

Unless necessary, he didn’t intend to start a war with the Azure Water Sect.

After all, it was a fierce fight between two evenly matched forces and it was impossible to withdraw without any damage. The Heaven Fiend Sect weren’t prepared for such battles yet.

Walking out of the Heaven Fiend Grand Hall, Li Xietian’s figure flashed as he broke through the sky and flew towards a majestic mountain peak in the depths of the Heaven Fiend Sect.

On that majestic mountain resided the strongest Supreme Elder of the Heaven Fiend Sect, Li Feipeng, who was also Li Xietian’s cousin uncle.

“Xietian, why are you here?”

Li Feipeng wasn’t in seclusion and was currently drinking some tea.

“Cousin Uncle, the Mystic Martial Experts have left. I want to take revenge for Wuxue.” Li Xietian went straight to the topic.

Hearing this, Li Feipeng’s eyes flashed with a sharp light, “The Mystic Martial Experts have left? It is about time to take revenge for Wuxue.”

He was a 4th level Reincarnation Realm martial artist and the Azure Water Sect didn’t have any.

At the Reincarnation Realm, every level was a whole different world and it was almost impossible to exceed levels in combat. Unless one was a heaven-defying 5-star bone frame or a 6-star bone frame.

Today, Li Xietian, Li Feipeng, and another Supreme Elder were flying towards the direction of the Azure Water Sect.

Their visit this time was to force the Azure Water Sect to hand over Li Fuchen and to get the opposition to offer some resources in tribute.

Azure Water Sect…

Li Fuchen didn’t dare hide anything and told Ouyang Wentian about the news of the Mystic Martial Experts leaving.

Ouyang Wentian didn’t look very good. He might have already known that the Mystic Martial Experts were going to leave, as such things already happened in the past. But he didn’t expect for the Mystic Martial Experts to be leaving at this timing.

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“The situation isn’t good. The Heaven Fiend Sect isn’t going to let things rest so easily.”

Ouyang Wentian knew deeply about Li Xietian’s personality. That person was someone that would never drop a vengeance and would never let Li Fuchen off.

Li Fuchen was speechless. If he had to go against the Heaven Fiend Sect, it was just like a mantis going against a car. It would just be overestimating himself and he had no choice but to rely on the Azure Water Sect now.

Taking a deep breath, Ouyang Wentian spoke slowly, “But you don’t have to worry. With the Azure Water Sect around, the Heaven Fiend Sect will never be able to touch you.”

This was a moment where the Azure Water Sect must not cower. Once they did, their sect’s prestige would be inexistent. Furthermore, the Heaven Fiend Sect wasn’t so formidable that the Azure Water Sect had to cower away. Ouyang Wentian didn’t believe that the Heaven Fiend Sect would want to start a war with the Azure Water Sect over a mere Li Wuxue.

“Thank you, Sect Patriarch.”

Li Fuchen bowed with a cupped fist while sighing in his heart. He was no different from an insect when matters were involved at the sect level.

But with the golden talisman, he just required 20 years, no, 10 years for him to gain enough strength to protect himself.

Subsequently, Li Fuchen continued to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent at the Sword Monument Canyon.

This was an accumulative process and with enough foundation accumulated, Li Fuchen believed that he would be able to comprehend the Inferno Sword Intent one day.

A few days later…

“Ouyang Wentian, quickly hand over Li Fuchen that little bastard and don’t bring trouble for your Azure Water Sect.” Outside the Azure Water Sect, Li Xietian and the two Supreme Elders were standing in the sky. Li Xietian took a deep breath and burst out with his voice. For a moment, the loud and resonant voice was like thunder rumbling through the sky, as it spread throughout the Azure Water Sect.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

Figures flew to the sky above the Azure Water Sect, they were Ouyang Wentian and the Supreme Elders.

Ouyang Wentian glared at Li Xietian before his eyes quickly fell on Li Feipeng at the side while he revealed a grave expression.

Li Feipeng, 4th level of Reincarnation Realm, no.1 expert of the Heaven Fiend Sect and also the no.1 expert of the Four Sects. Even though the Azure Water Sect had the Sect Origin Swords which was one of the top ten secret techniques of the East Unicorn Continent, they still didn’t have anyone that was a match for Li Feipeng.

(TL note: If you guys forgot, the Four Sects = Azure Water Sect, Heaven Fiend Sect, Spirit Hidden Sect, and Violent Saber Sect)

“Li Xietian, why do you want me to hand over Li Fuchen?” Ouyang Wentian asked in a neutral voice.

Li Xietian sneered, “Li Fuchen that little bastard was the cause of the death of my son, Li Wuxue. Ouyang Wentian, I advise you to hand him over.”

Ouyang Wentian asked in return, “Then do you have any proof? If you don’t, I will not hand him over.” Of course, even if they had proof, Ouyang Wentian still wasn’t going to hand Li Fuchen over.

“Proof? Ouyang Wentian, do you think you can fool me like a three-year-old child? Today, no matter what happens, I am going to take him. I don’t care if he is the culprit, I will know once I test him.” Li Xietian spoke with a grim voice.

Ouyang Wentian shook his head, “If you don’t have any proof, why should I hand him over. Li Xietian, I advise you to leave now and not humiliate your reputation as a Patriarch of a sect.”

“It seems like you will not do it until I force my hands.” Li Wuxue’s body was bursting with killing qi.

On the side, Li Feipeng grinned and said, “Old man Ouyang. You weren’t my match ten years ago, I wonder how much have you improved now? Why not exchange a few pointers?”

The old man Ouyang that Li Feipeng mentioned was the grey-haired elder beside Ouyang Wentian.

Ouyang Wentian had some resemblance to this grey-haired elder, as he was Ouyang Wentian’s eldest uncle, Ouyang Tie. He was also the no.1 expert of the Azure Water Sect and was at the 3rd level of the Reincarnation Realm.

The grey-haired elder knitted his brows and shouted out, “Li Feipeng, if you want a fight then so be it!”

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The two of them instantly flew up to a higher altitude and looked at each other from afar.

“Old man Ouyang, try and receive my Heaven Fiend Fist!”

Li Feipeng surged out with his qi, which was boundless like a storm, dying the sky black. The dark clouds were tumbling while Li Feipeng’s fist was smashed at Ouyang Tie.

Hum, Hum, Hum…

This fist was extremely horrifying. Before the fist force was out, the Heaven Fiend Fist Intent already burst out. A regular Heaven Realm martial artist would probably die as their minds would crumble when they were enveloped by this dreadful fist intent.

“This is a mystic class peak-tier fist intent!”

Below them, Li Fuchen saw everything.

The Heaven Fiend Sect’s Heaven Fiend Fist wasn’t inferior to the Inferno Sword Art in terms of martial prowess. When a practitioner cultivated the Heaven Fiend Fist Intent, they could simply use the fist intent to kill.

“Azure Water Sword Art!”

Ouyang Tie drew out his artifact sword which was a mystic class peak-tier artifact sword. With the artifact sword in his hand, Ouyang Tie made a profound brandish of the sword, which suddenly emitted layers of sword light like a tidal wave. Each wave was taller than the next and they all clashed with the Heaven Fiend Fist force.

Pitter, Patter!

In the skies above, the dark clouds were rumbling very intensively. The battle between Reincarnation Realm martial artists was enough to cause a small scale change in the weather. The influence was more than just ten folds or several dozen folds more impactful than a battle between Heaven Realm martial artists.


In the storm like forces, a figure flew out.

It was Ouyang Tie.

He was just at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm. How could he be a match for Li Feipeng who was at the 4th level of Reincarnation Realm?

“Sect Origin Swords.”

As Ouyang Tie was flying back, he yelled out which caused his qi presence to flourish. Countless sword qi appeared and each sword qi looked as though it could pierce through the heavens, as it gave off a severe aura. Any of the sword qi was enough to decimate a formidable Heaven Realm martial artist and this was also why the Heaven Fiend Sect didn’t want to start a war with the Azure Water Sect. Once the battle unfolded, even if the Heaven Fiend Sect won, they would suffer miserable losses.

Fortunately, the Sect Origin Swords wasn’t a secret technique with unlimited usage and it had to be accumulated in the body. Every usage of the sword qi would surmount to a loss of one less, and it would take a long time in order to replenish it. If there were an endless number of sword qi, how would the Heaven Fiend Sect dare to provoke the Azure Water Sect, and they would have to be fearful instead.

“Sect Origin Swords, huh? Heaven Fiend Asura!”

When Ouyang Tie executed the Sect Origin Swords, Li Feipeng didn’t dare to be complacent, as he immediately burst out with his Heaven Fiend Sect’s 5-star secret technique, Heaven Fiend Asura.

In an instant, the dark clouds in the sky extended even further, as a boundless storm was brewing and growing. In this boundless storm, there was a massive shadow which suddenly appeared behind Li Feipeng.

What was this massive shadow?

It was the size of a small mountain. Although it had a fuzzy figure, its blood-red eyes were emitting an extremely evil and murderous intent.

In terms of frontal attack power, the Heaven Fiend Asura might be inferior to the Sect Origin Swords, but the Heaven Fiend Asure had an impact and shock towards the spirit and could affect the enemies’ state of mind.


With a flick of Ouyang Tie’s hand, the sword forest was all shot at Li Feipeng.

“Asura Protection!”

Li Feipeng yelled out, while the Heaven Fiend Asura shadow shrouded his body with its hands extended out and forcefully blocking against the tens of thousands of sword qi.

Ouyang Tie might have accumulated an extreme number of Sect Origin Swords qi and he was also considered an elite expert at the 3rd level of Reincarnation Realm, still, Li Feipeng was one level superior to him. After activating the Heaven Fiend Asura, his defenses soared to a stunning level and Ouyang Tie was unable to break the defenses immediately.

Of course, if Ouyang Tie disregarded everything, he could release all the sword qi he had, which would allow him to injure Li Feipeng, but he would lose all the sword qi from the Sect Origin Swords. His ability would then suffer a huge decline and he wouldn’t be able to hold off against Li Feipeng in the future.

“Heaven Fiend Fist!”

When Li Feipeng was 1000 feet away from Ouyang Tie, he blasted his fist.

This fist was executed by the Heaven Fiend Asura shadow with Li Feipeng as the source. The small mountain-sized fist completely disregarded the 1000 feet distance and smashed onto Ouyang Tie.


Spitting out a mouthful of fresh blood, Ouyang Tie flew backward.

“Shixiong, let me assist you.”

Another Supreme Elder rose up to the sky and executed his Sect Origin Swords and assaulted Li Feipeng with countless sword qi.

Ouyang Tie only suffered a minor injury as he quickly recovered to counterattack against Li Feipeng.

When attacked by two Reincarnation Realm martial artists, Li Feipeng’s offense instantly turned sluggish.

“Using the numbers advantage, shameless.”

Li Xietian and another Heaven Fiend Sect’s Supreme Elder joined the battle.

A pity that the Azure Water Sect had too many Reincarnation Realm martial artists. The other Azure Water Sect’s Supreme Elders and Ouyang Wentian all joined in the fray.

With more people in the battle, the situation became chaotic, but it had restrained Li Feipeng and Ouyang Tie.

“Old man Ouyang, I will let you off this time. Withdraw!”

Li Feipeng came over this time to purely coerce the Azure Water Sect and to test out the ability of the Azure Water Sect’s Reincarnation Realm martial artists. Only by knowing the enemy, would one be able to achieve victories in all battle. This art of war held absolute truth.

He didn’t think that the three of them could force the Azure Water Sect to comply with their conditions.

The future was long and today was just the beginning.

As the three members of the Heaven Fiend Sect left, Ouyang Wentian let out a breath of relief. This Li Feipeng’s ability was truly dreadful and they required at least two 3rd level Reincarnation Realm martial artists to deal with him, and even then, they would only be evenly matched.

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