Chapter 299: Battling Murong Di

After returning to his Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar, Xiahou Chuan closed his eyes as he was seemingly uninterested in the future development of the tournament.

But the world would always change no matter what. Everyone would occasionally glance over at Xiahou Chuan.

This match made everyone understand more about Xiahou Chuan.

They had to admit that they had underestimated this era’s tournament.

This era was definitely the strongest since all the absolute experts had vanished from the continent.

These elite prodigies were growing too quickly and didn’t give any chance for others to keep up. In the previous tournament, Xiahou Chuan and Chen Feng’s ability were around the same level, but in this tournament, Chen Feng couldn’t even receive a single palm strike from Xiahou Chuan.

Chen Feng wasn’t just any average prodigy. He might not be an elite prodigy, but he was still a top class prodigy, otherwise, he wouldn’t have been able to make it into the top twenty in the previous tournament.

In the 1480th match, Young Master Gale, Han Yiming was up against the previously 18th ranked, Yao Hui.

Chen Feng and Yao Hui were ranked 17th and 18th respectively and had around the same level of ability.

But Yao Hui was up against Young Master Gale, Han Yiming.

Han Yiming’s speed was too fast and at the start of the match, Yao Hui was surrounded by nothing but multiple Han Yimings.

In the next moment, Yao Hui was sent flying with a kick and his neck nearly broke.

“There is truly no way to compete. Xiahou Chuan defeated Chen Feng with only a single palm strike, while Han Yiming defeated Yao Hui with a single kick. The difference in ability is just too much.”

“I originally thought that Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had some hope in challenging the Six Young Masters. But from what I see now, there is no hope at all. I am wondering about the abilities of the previously ranked 28th Chiyu Ye and ranked 35th Murong Di.

“Murong Di has already demonstrated his ability and it wasn’t too shocking. But his opponent was Su Muyu. I reckon that he only used around 60% or 70% of his ability!”

“About there.”

“As for Chiyu Ye. According to the information from my sect, his ability is ridiculously strong, perhaps even stronger than Murong Di and Xiahou Chuan. I heard that he had already cultivated the Sky Dragon Sword Sect’s strongest mystic class high-tier sword art, Hidden Dragon Sword Art.”

“Hidden Dragon Sword Art, huh? That would truly be truly terrifying. That sword art has an outrageous prowess and contains the Monarch Sword Dao.”

“I too have this information. I reckon that Chiyu Ye might be able to go even with Young Master Eternal Spring, Teng Qingyun.”

They were all elite prodigies but were still separated by ability levels. Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye was unquestionably among the strongest. If he was the same age as the Three King Stars, they might not even be a match for him. Perhaps only Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei might be a match for him.

In the 1550th match, it was another match between elite prodigies.

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This time, it was Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan against Young Master Flying Sword Luo Feiyun.

(TL note: I change Young Master Flying Blade to Flying Sword)

The fight between the two of them was extremely awe-inspiring.

Xiahou Chuan’s palm art was like the peak of a mountain, heavy, tyrannic, and insufferably arrogant.

Luo Feiyun’s sword art was like clouds, penetrative, indistinct, and unfathomable.

A hundred moves, two hundred moves.

After exchanging three hundred moves, there was still no victor yet.

But in everyone’s opinion, Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan was gaining a slight advantage.

Xiahou Chuan’s palm art was like a huge millstone which would constantly shatter Luo Feiyun’s sword qi.

While Luo Feiyun would exhibit his own advantage by using his superior light body technique and would constantly roam around Xiahou Chuan.

Xiahou Chuan sneered. His light body technique might not be as good as Luo Feiyun’s, but it was impossible to defeat him with a light body technique. His fighting style was similar to the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng. He used stillness to deal with the variation, no matter how fast his enemy was, once they attacked him, they would never be faster than his attack speed. His every palm strike could attack through the air and there wasn’t even a need to get near the opponent.

“Xiahou Chuan, it seems like you made a huge improvement during these three years.” Luo Feiyun laughed faintly.

Xiahou Chuan said, “It is time to execute your flying swords. I would like to see if your flying swords can defeat me this time.” 

In the previous tournament, he was defeated by Luo Feiyun’s flying sword.

Luo Feiyun was ranked 11th and he was ranked 15th.

“As you wish.” Luo Feiyun’s hand was suddenly equipped with a palm-sized small sword.

“Watch out for my blade!”

Luo Feiyun didn’t advance and retreated instead, but he flew back in the air.

As he was retreating in the air, one of the small swords flew out after a shake of his hand.

The small sword was too fast, like a beam of light and a ripple.

At that moment, Xiahou Chuan’s vision was blurred.

“Such speed.”

Xiahou Chuan was shocked. He thought that he had already made sufficient preparations, but when Luo Feiyun sent out his flying sword, he knew that he had still underestimated Luo Feiyun.


With his eyes widened, Xiahou Chuan finally saw the small sword, but it was already ten feet away from him.


There was a vibration in midair when Xiahou Chuan executed his palm strike, which collided with the small sword just in time.

“Astral Hundred Hands!”

Luo Feiyun didn’t think anything of it, as another blurry image appeared behind him. This image had dozens of arms and every arm had a small sword. All these swords looked illusionary and with the shake of Luo Feiyun’s hands, the dozens of small swords were all shot at Xiahou Chuan.

For a moment, there seemed to be a peacock displaying its tail feathers which covered Xiahou Chuan.

“Mountain Shaking Strike!”

Xiahou Chuan burst out with his kill move, a mystic class high-tier kill move.

Once his palm strike was sent out, a forceful palm qi condensed a mountain peak in the shape of a five-fingered hand.

Cling, Cling, Clang, Clang!

The small swords were bounced off and dissipated.

But those were all illusionary small swords.

The real small sword found a gap and penetrated Xiahou Chuan’s right arm.

Pfff! Pfff!

Immediately after, several small swords came out from the void and pierced onto Xiahou Chuan’s body.

Xiahou Chuan had been defeated.

‘No wonder no one else apart from Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei was able to dodge Young Master Flying Sword, Luo Feiyun’s flying sword in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament. The speed of the blades is just too fast.’ Li Fuchen sighed to himself.

Xiahou Chuan wasn’t weak and if it was a head-on clash, Luo Feiyun wouldn’t be a match for Xiahou Chuan. In terms of absolute speed, there were things that didn’t matter anymore.

In the world of martial arts, there wasn’t anything that couldn’t be stopped, except for speed. There was a reason for this saying.

The battle between the two elite prodigies was an eye-opener for everyone.

Xiahou Chuan might have been defeated but he had suffered an honorable defeat.

Without the flying swords, Luo Feiyun would never be a match for him.

Matches started and ended one after another.

Mt. Star Fate was truly mystical. It was obviously nightfall, but the peak of the mountain was still bright as day, yet the stars in the sky could still be seen as they flickered and provided radiance over Mt. Star Fate.

Li Fuchen who had won 30 consecutive matches had an imposing aura. In the eyes of everyone, apart from Xiahou Chuan and those elite prodigies beyond his level, there was no one else that could be a match for Li Fuchen.

The only people that could stop him would be the Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, and the Four Fairies’ Wind Snow Fairy and Tri-Absolute Fairy.

Everyone wasn’t disappointed as Li Fuchen was going up against one of the Six Young Masters…

Young Master Celestial Star, Murong Di.

As of now, no one knew what level Murong Di’s ability was at, because no one could force him to used his true ability. His cheerful expression and metal fan gave people a confident and unhurried feeling, as though everything was within his control.

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“Li Fuchen, it is already praiseworthy for you to reach this stage, but if possible, you better concede! I do not wish to expose my true ability yet.” Murong Di didn’t like to be involved in a meaningless fight, as it wasn’t beneficial to him. Furthermore, he had plenty of rivals and it wouldn’t be good to expose his true ability. It was best to leave it as a method of surprise.

“Make your move!” Li Fuchen said indifferently.

“Keke.” Murong Di had a flash of mockery across his face as he shook his head, “Forget it. I reckon that you will be unconvinced if I asked you to concede like this. Since that is the case, I will let you witness the ability of a Young Master!”


Murong Di’s qi presence erupted and it was nearly two folds when compared to his fight against Su Muyu.

He had obviously activated his 4-star secret technique.

This was the first time he activated his 4-star secret technique in this tournament.

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