Chapter 298: A Single Palm

“Chen Feng’s ability should be much stronger than what Murong Di had put on display earlier. But it is unknown how much stronger he is.”

“Chen Feng was ranked 17th in the previous tournament, but Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist is the King of the Dark Horses. There is much to look forward to in this match!”

Many people were in discussions.

After defeating Sun Hailong and Xiahou Shi, Li Fuchen’s status as the King of Dark Horses had been decided. If Li Fuchen could even defeat Chen Feng, it meant that his ability was sufficient to be in the ranks of the elite prodigies. But if Li Fuchen was defeated, it meant that his ability was only around the top 20 to top 30 and he would be not able to go any higher…

Chen Feng’s weapon was a large saber with a sawtooth. The body of the saber had a streak of blood which looked as though it turned into a blood snake after Chen Feng poured in his qi. It squirmed slightly which pervaded with saber qi.

“Li Fuchen, take my first saber.”

Chen Feng didn’t want to waste time on superfluous words and executed his saber art. Countless streaks of blood flew out to wrap Li Fuchen.

After taking a closer look, those weren’t blood streaks, they were actually streaks of flexible and condensed saber qi.

Chen Feng’s saber art was the mystic class high-tier Blood Strand Saber Art. When this Blood Strand Saber Art was cultivated to the extreme, the saber qi would be like strands of lines. Chen Feng might’ve been able to comprehend the Blood Strand Saber intent, but he was ultimately unable to reach the consummate stage and the saber qi didn’t reach the form of blood strands.

Activating the 4-star secret technique, Pure Yang Dipper Qi, Li Fuchen abruptly slashed with his black light sword.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

A scarlet cover encased Chen Feng. Everything within the cover was like a sword dipper zone.

Pitter, Patter!

The Blood Strand Saber qis were all dissipated, while the red cover had been broken as well.


Chen Feng knitted his brows. He had already used his full ability and thought he should be able to suppress Li Fuchen.

“Take another one of my blades.”

Chen Feng stomped on the ground and flew in front of Li Fuchen.

In the next moment, Chen Feng gripped his saber with both hands while brandishing it in a frenzy.

“Blood Strands Waterfall!”

Splash, Splash, Splash…

The blood strands were so dense like a waterfall which poured down towards Li Fuchen. It was very condensed and tyrannic. Every blood strand was filled with an incomparable slicing and penetrative power, which was unblockable by normal martial artists.


Four Li Fuchens appeared at the same time, as he instantly evaded this saber move.

“Mystic class mid-tier light body technique intent?”

Chen Feng had on this awful expression.

Cultivation technique intent, light body technique intent, body refinement technique intent… These three intents were all extremely hard to comprehend. Not only was Li Fuchen’s sword art cultivation brilliant, but he was also able to reach such a high level for his light body technique.

After evading Chen Feng’s fatal blade, Li Fuchen appeared to the left of Chen Feng.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil.”

Thrusting with his black light sword, a scarlet horn appeared. It was as though a blazing devil using its horn to ram at Chen Feng with an astounding might.


Chen Feng’s light body technique wasn’t as good as Li Fuchen. He only had enough time to twist his body and raise his saber to block.

At this moment, he experienced Sun Hailong’s helplessness.

The Horn of the Blaze Devil had a very condensed power and all of its power was gathered at the tip.

The instant the saber and sword made contact, Chen Feng felt an invisible qi penetrating his body, which was the Horn of the Blaze Devil’s sword qi.

Blood oozed out from the corner of Chen Feng’s mouth as he was repelled. His arms couldn’t stop shaking as he felt numb for a split moment.

‘Incredible.’ Li Fuchen’s brows lifted.

His sword was like a hammer hitting a nail which could easily penetrate wooden blocks, but Chen Feng was actually able to block it.

“Again.” Li Fuchen’s speed was much faster than Chen Feng flying backward. Li Fuchen executed his Horn of the Blaze Devil again.

Clang! Pfff!

This time, Chen Feng spat out a mouthful of blood, while the qi in his body was nearly all scattered.

“No!” Chen Feng roared with rage and circulated his qi to the extreme. He wanted to use a ferocious qi burst to repel Li Fuchen.

A pity that in the face of the Horn of the Blaze Devil, everything would be penetrated. Chen Feng’s qi burst was instantly split apart, while Li Fuchen’s sword thrust towards Chen Feng for the third time.

This time, Chen Feng wasn’t able to block with his saber.


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The scarlet horn penetrated Chen Feng’s chest, while his entire body was lifted and bent over in the shape of a prawn.

Once the scarlet horn dissipated, Li Fuchen backed away and didn’t attack anymore.

“He won in such a direct and efficient manner?”

Everyone had on an astonished expression.

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Everyone thought it was going to be a bitter struggle, but it ended so quickly.

It gave off the feeling as though a thunderous rainstorm had turned into a drizzle.

(TL note: The author is trying to say that a supposedly great battle had turned into a simple match)

“Li Fuchen’s light body technique is too great and his sword move is very dreadful. Once he obtained the upper hand, Chen Feng had no way to turn the tide.”

“That’s right. When having an even ability on both sides, the one with the better light body technique would be the winner.”

“Chen Feng’s only weakness is his light body technique. Of course, this is just a comparison between elite prodigies. If he were to be compared with us, his light body technique isn’t inferior at all.”

The match against Xiahou Shi had established that Li Fuchen was an elite prodigy and the King of Dark Horses. But this match against Chen Feng had established that Li Fuchen was among the elite rankers.

One would be considered a youth ranker when getting ranked in the Stars Ranking. But only the top twenty could be considered an elite ranker.

It was obvious that Li Fuchen had the ability of the top twenty and even if he was inferior, the difference wouldn’t be prominent.

“Interesting.” Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye’s eyes flashed with an odd light.

Li Fuchen’s ability seemed to be slightly outside his expectations.

He originally thought that Li Fuchen was just an insect. But from the looks of it, Li Fuchen seemed stronger than an insect and might be able to exchange some moves with him.

“If one wants to become an elite, they must not have any weakness. Chen Feng’s light body technique is rather weak.” Murong Di let out a faint smile while opening up his metal fan and lightly fanned himself.

“Intriguing.” Wind Snow Fairy looked over at Li Fuchen as well.

She was blessed by heavens in terms of cultivating chilling cold cultivation techniques. Not even the Three King Stars were comparable to her in terms of cultivation technique rank.

Li Fuchen was the only individual that didn’t lose out to her in cultivation technique rank.

After defeating Chen Feng, Li Fuchen’s record was now at 26 consecutive wins.

The Heaven Dipper Battle Qi which looked like a giant snake was going through another transformation. Its body was now bulkier and looked as though it had evolved into a giant python and the hissing sound was much louder as well.

In the 1430th match, Xiahou Chuan was up against Chen Feng.

Xiahou Chuan, also known as Young Master Doulin had a heaven-defying 5-star bone frame. In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, he had the same rank as Wind Snow Fairy, Xu Lin. They shared the 15th rank and his ability was considered astounding. In this Stars Ranking Tournament, he had the qualification to strive for the top five ranks.

A single palm. It took him just a single palm to send Chen Feng flying.

Chen Feng’s ability wasn’t considered weak and he was probably much stronger than Su Muyu. But in the face of Xiahou Chuan, he couldn’t even withstand a single palm strike. When he was battling against Li Fuchen, he was still able to withstand a few moves.

Chen Feng had a dull expression as his confidence seemed to be broken.

This Stars Ranking Tournament was a huge mental blow to him.

He was very confident before the tournament and had the desire to make it into the top ten. But now, he had first lost miserably to Li Fuchen and had been defeated by Xiahou Chuan in a single palm. He doubted if he had actually made any improvements during these three years.

“Such strength. No wonder he is Young Master Doulin of the Six Young Masters. Li Fuchen used three sword moves to defeat Chen Feng, but Xiahou Chuan only used one palm strike.”

“Li Fuchen might have the potential of an elite prodigy, but he is still not mature yet. Apart from Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu, he still isn’t competent enough to defeat the rest of the elite prodigies.”

“En. That sounds reasonable.”

There were plenty of people conversing on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars.

After sending Chen Feng flying with a single palm, Xiahou Chuan made an indifferent glance at Li Fuchen with eyes of slight disdain.

When seeing this scene, Murong Di smiled and spoke to himself, “It is already praiseworthy to defeat Chen Feng. A pity that this tournament isn’t your turn to shine yet. This tournament is our era.”

His statement was meant for Li Fuchen. In his opinion, it wasn’t considered anything for Li Fuchen to defeat Chen Feng, as Chen Feng’s ability was just 30% stronger than Su Muyu, while Murong Di only required half his ability to defeat Su Muyu.

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