Chapter 297: Battle of Elites

‘I should reveal some other things.’

In fact, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist still had absolute confidence in defeating Xiahou Shi without activating the 4-star secret technique.

But he would have to execute the Blaze Devil Sword Art to its limits and push his combat awareness to an even higher level. It would be excessively shocking for everyone to accept it.

He wouldn’t be easily seen through by reserving himself in various strengths.

Activating the 4-star Pure Yang Dipper Qi, Li Fuchen’s violent true inferno qi was transmuted into pure yang dipper qi. In a split moment, Li Fuchen’s body was bursting with a bright yellow glow that was pure and tyrannic. Even the black light sword in his hand had been coated with a layer of bright yellow light, as though it had become a large yellow crystal sword.


Once he brandished his sword, the air vibrated and half the stage was flooded with the bright yellow light, like a wave of explosion from the sun.

“4-star secret technique?”

Xiahou Shi was flabbergasted as he got blasted away while his blood scattered in the sky.

A sub-completion 4-star secret technique was equivalent to a completion rank 3-star secret technique. So, there was quite a huge difference between 4-star and 3-star secret techniques.

After activating the 4-star secret technique, Li Fuchen’s combat cultivation soared rapidly and Xiahou Shi was no longer a match for him.

“Elite prodigy. From this fight onwards, Li Fuchen will become an elite prodigy.”

After Li Fuchen used a single blade to defeat Xiahou Shi, a majority of the people were convinced.

They had to be convinced.

Xiahou Shi was a heaven-defying 5-star bone frame and he couldn’t even withstand a single blade from Li Fuchen? Who else could achieve this apart from an elite prodigy?

After all, Li Fuchen was also a rising talent and was only 20 years of age, which was a little younger than Xiahou Shi.

“What a disgrace.” Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan had on this stoned expression.

Clans and Sects were different. As the strongest clan on the East Unicorn Continent, the Doulin Clan’s descendants were very mindful of the honor on their bloodlines. In the eyes of Xiahou Chuan, not only did Xiahou Shi throw the face of the Doulin Clan, but he also threw the honor of the Doulin bloodlines.

‘Was that the secret technique he obtained?’ Su Muyu knitted her brows.

Her intuition told her that the secret technique Li Fuchen obtained in the tomb wasn’t the one that he had just displayed. It should be much stronger and much more terrifying.

When comparing perceptive senses, Su Muyu believed that she was inferior to Li Fuchen.

Since she was able to cultivation the 6-star secret technique, Qi Assembly Dipper to the scarlet dipper state, Li Fuchen should have a greater progression.

‘I wonder which of the upper ranks is he targeting?’ If Su Muyu knew Li Fuchen’s objective, then she would roughly know how many hidden trumps Li Fuchen was hiding.

16 consecutive wins, 17…

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already won 20 consecutive matches.

Hiss, Hiss, Hiss…

The Heaven Dipper Battle Qi which revolved around the stone pillar had finally turned into a giant yellow snake. The snake was spiraling around the stone pillar and was letting out hissing sounds.

In the 1100th match, Su Muyu was set to go against Young Master Celestial Star, Murong Di.

This was the first heavyweight battle since the start of the Stars Ranking Tournament.

This was a fight between a Fairy and a Young Master.

Everyone didn’t even blink their eyes and stared at the two fighters on the circular stage.

“Su Muyu is only 20 years old, but Murong Di is already 23! She has some disadvantage!”

“The Stars Ranking Tournament only regards ability not one’s age. It is normal for her to be at a disadvantage. Let’s see how many moves Su Muyu can withstand from Murong Di.”

Everyone assumed that Su Muyu wasn’t a match for Murong Di.

They were both 6-star bone frames and were also elite prodigies. Three years of additional cultivation was going to be a drastic difference.

And if anyone was in a disadvantage, no one was worse than Yan Qingwu.

She had already broken the record of the Stars Ranking Tournament by being the youngest at 18 years old to participate.

“Su Muyu, I advise you to concede! It is impossible for you to be a match for me.” Murong Di spoke in an indifferent voice.

He didn’t like a meaningless battle.

Su Muyu said, “How would I know before I try it?”

She indeed had no confidence in going against Murong Di. But immediately conceding wasn’t her style. She had to at least give it a try.

“Since that is the case, I will comply with your decision.”

The metal fan in Murong Di’s hand opened up while a boundless qi presence diffused from the fan.


With a flash, Murong Di burst towards the sky as he brandished his metal fan in midair. A giant metal fan shadow was swept towards Su Muyu like a dense mass of whirlwinds.

“Such an aggressive attack.”

On one of the opposite stone pillars, one of the prodigies was surprised, as he could feel his body losing balance. He was nearly blown away by the wind pressure that came from the metal fan shadow.

This was just the residual pressure. If this prodigy was facing Murong Di in battle, he would probably be seriously injured by the fan in an instant.

‘He is indeed worthy of being a 6-star bone frame.’ Li Fuchen’s brows lifted.

It was extremely difficult for a 5-star bone frame to compete against a 6-star bone frame. Even heaven-defying 5-star bone frames only had certain qualities that were comparable. Whether could they really go against a 6-star bone frame, it was an unknown.

Of course, he was an exception.

His blue spirit soul allowed his perception to look down on all 6-star bone frames. The only difference would be cultivation talent, which could be complemented with his cultivation technique rank.

‘60% of my ability or 70%?’

Su Muyu took a deep breath and burst out with her cultivation and her secret technique, Qi Assembly Dipper. In an instant, her scythe was permeating with a layer of scarlet glow.

She brandished her scythe and went head-on against Murong Di.


As a violent flow of qi exploded towards the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, everyone’s clothes were fluttering. Those who were nearer lost a bit of balance and had to circulate their qi in order to stabilize themselves.

One step, two steps…

Su Muyu took three whole steps back.

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“Not bad. You are still able to withstand one move from me.”

The metal fan in Murong Di’s hand flipped, while an immense metal fan shadow blanketed Su Muyu.

He too had a 4-star secret technique, but it wasn’t necessary for him to activate it just to deal with Su Muyu.

Be it cultivation level or martial arts foundation, he was superior to Su Muyu.

“Red Light Scythe Dance!”

Su Muyu let out a soft groan and burst out with her finishing move.

Within a 100 feet radius, scarlet red scythe shadows were interweaving, as though there were multiple Su Muyu brandishing her scythe.

“Imageless Dipper Fan!”

Murong Di laughed out while swinging his metal fan again. This time, his qi was much more condensed as his metal fan shadow turned into a screen of light.


Su Muyu was sent flying by the fan, while blood oozed out from the corner of her mouth.

Murong Di was just too formidable and his fan arts was obviously able to burst out with dipper qi. In a certain extent, the power from dipper qi was much superior to normal qi power.

After being defeated by Murong Di, Su Muyu didn’t lose any hope. Her ultimate objective this time was to reach the top ten ranks, but her minimum target was to be in the top twenty. She definitely still had the chance to achieve those objectives.

The battle of elites was extremely exciting and in everyone’s views, Su Muyu might have been defeated but she was still glorious as she was three years younger than her opponent.

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In the 1400th match, Li Fuchen who had 25 consecutive wins encountered a formidable foe.

At least in everyone’s opinion, his opponent was a formidable one.

His opponent was apparently the previously ranked 17th, Chen Feng.

He might not be an elite prodigy, but he was still ranked 17th in the previous tournament, which wasn’t an easy task. Three years had passed and even a pig would have some improvement, let alone Chen Feng who was just one level lower than an elite prodigy.

Huff, Huff, Huff…

On the circular stage, a qi flow diffused from the center.

Chen Feng was standing in the center of the stage, looking like a battle god. The qi presence which burst out from his body was astounding. It was even more powerful than Murong Di’s and Su Muyu’s.

Of course, Murong Di had yet to go all-out, at least he had yet to activate his 4-star secret technique.

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