Chapter 296: Battling Xiahou Shi

Sun Hailong, 9th level of the Earth Realm, comprehended a mystic class high-tier martial arts intent, and has even cultivated a 4-star secret technique. In the previous tournament, he defeated the ranked 30th Wu Hai and had an astounding ability.

In everyone’s opinion, Sun Hailong should be slightly superior to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist since Li Fuchen was only at the 8th level of the Earth Realm which was one level lower.

Furthermore, as of now, Li Fuchen had yet to activate any 4-star secret technique. It was possible that he had yet to cultivate any or it wasn’t at a competent rank yet, hence it wouldn’t be useful in a fight.

“Li Fuchen, you are not a match for me.” Sun Hailong wielded a metal rod which was swirling with green flames. His qi presence was rising and he gave everyone a feeling that he was an unparalleled fighter.

Li Fuchen sized up Sun Hailong and knew that his opponent’s cultivation technique was obviously the Blazing Heat Technique. It was also at a considerably high rank, which should be at the peak state of the 15th rank.

It was best not to belittle the cultivation technique which was at the peak state of the 15th rank. In fact, most of the participants were at the 14th or 15th rank. Sword Maniac, for example, was at the 15th rank.

There might be less than ten individuals who were able to cultivate a mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique to the 16th rank.

“I will know once I try.”

As he circulated the 16th rank True Inferno Technique, Li Fuchen’s qi presence similarly rose drastically. The black light sword in his hand was surging with a scarlet red sword dipper and imposing sword intent.

“16th rank?” Sun Hailong’s eyes contracted.

With a 16th rank mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique, Li Fuchen’s combat ability wasn’t inferior to his.

“Cultivation technique at the 16th rank?” Most of the people were either in gasping in admiration or envy.

To be able to attain the 16th rank in a mystic class peak-tier cultivation at the age of 20 meant that his perception was exceptional. Even when compared to the elite prodigies, it was superior and far more profound.

If he was able to reach the 16th rank at the age of 20, it might be possible for him to reach the 17th or 18th rank in a few more years.

Wind Snow Fairy, Xu Lin who was no.1 in cultivation technique rank, had reached the 16th rank during the previous tournament, which was three years ago. But at that time, she was already over 20 years of age.

“Could this child be favored by the heavens in terms of cultivation talent?”

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, many of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists were guessing.

“So what if your cultivation technique is at the 16th rank? Blazing True Spirit activate! Wind Fire Rod Art!”

Sun Hailong burst out with a yell as he activated the 4-star secret technique, Blazing True Spirit.

The Blazing True Spirit wasn’t a secret technique that transmuted qi or was a qi burst type. It was a type of qi form secret technique.

One could see that behind Sun Hailong was a ten feet tall blazing shadow, it had the same body as Sun Hailong and granted Sun Hailong with boundless blazing energy. Sun Hailong’s qi presence was increased again, while his metal rod’s green flames were combusting with rage, as though it had enlarged by ten folds into a blazing pillar.

Taking a deep breath, Sun Hailong swung the metal rod while his blazing qi expanded, blasting a giant flaming whirlpool at Li Fuchen.

“It is somewhat similar to the Rotating Flow Sword Art, but it is several folds more tyrannic.” A single glance was enough for Li Fuchen to see the quintessence of the Wind Fire Rod Art.

“Horn of the Blaze Devil, break!”

Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent wasn’t just at the initial stage, nor was it at the matured stage, it was at the consummate stage. This Horn of the Blaze Devil was the finishing move of the Blaze Devil Sword Art.


The black light sword abruptly thrust forward with a blinding red light that looked like a red horn. It forcefully thrust into the flaming whirlpool and stirred it.


The Wind Fire Rod Art had been neutralized. Sun Hailong was shocked and frantically tried to block with his rod.


A giant force came over, causing Sun Hailong’s hand to bleed while stars were visible in his eyes.

Li Fuchen’s blade was a concentrated force that was all gathered at one point. The power behind the blade was extremely dreadful. Sun Hailong felt as though all his strength had vanished, even his qi was scattered.

“It is your loss.” Li Fuchen’s black light sword was pointed at Sun Hailong’s throat.

Sun Hailong’s lips twitched while he had on an alarmed and awful expression.

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A single sword.

He couldn’t even block a single sword. It was too humiliating.

But compared to his humiliation, he was even more fearful of Li Fuchen’s ability.

Li Fuchen’s sword move was perfect and unfathomable. It was also a mystic class high-tier martial arts, but Sun Hailong’s Wind Fire Rod Art was more than just one level inferior, it was on a completely different class. 

Sun Hailong’s defeat was rather unexpected.

After all, Li Fuchen had only executed a single sword move.

“He is actually so strong.” Liu Wuhuang and Yuwen Tian had given up all hope.

They noticed that Li Fuchen’s improvement speed was several folds faster than theirs. As long as Li Fuchen didn’t perish, they would never be able to catch up to him.

Li Fuchen’s ability made Ouyang Wentian and Zhao Wujin pleasantly surprised. They knew that as of this moment, Li Fuchen had yet to activate the 4-star secret technique, the Pure Yang Dipper Qi. If he had activated the Pure Yang Dipper Qi, it was obvious that his ability would be at a whole other level.

After defeating Sun Hailong, Li Fuchen achieved ten consecutive wins. The Heaven Dipper Battle Qi that was spiraling around Li Fuchen’s stone pillar was looking more like a giant snake.

In the 580th match, Li Fuchen went against Yan Qingwu.

Yan Qingwu wasn’t intending on conceding and had burst out with aggressive attacks once she came on the stage.

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“Flying Swallow Cleave!”

A fleeting figure with saber arts at an extreme speed. The curved saber which was in Yan Qingwu’s hand looked as though it was spiritual. Every blade was like a swallow flying towards Li Fuchen. The trajectory of the saber was exceptional and spiritual.

Li Fuchen had a calm expression as his black light sword slashed out quickly.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

This sword felt as though it was made by heavens, it felt as though it was waiting for Yan Qingwu.

There was a burst of scarlet light on the circular stage, while a layer of light enveloped Yan Qingwu.

In just an instant, Yan Qingwu suffered dozens of sword dipper slashes.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff!

After barely blocking half of the sword dipper slashes, Yan Qingwu couldn’t block the rest anymore. Sword scars started to appear on her body while fresh blood sprayed all over.

Outside of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, the Heaven Fiend Sect Patriarch, Li Xietian had on a gloomy expression while the Clan Head of the Yan Clan, Yan Beitian didn’t look happy either.

(TL note: For clans, I will be using Clan Head instead of Patriarch so as not clash with Sect Patriarch)

Yan Qingwu possessed a 6-star bone frame and should be enjoying supreme glory, but she was ultimately too young. If she was given another two more years, Li Fuchen might not be a match for her.

‘A momentary loss isn’t considered anything. The next tournament shall be Qingwu’s era.’ Yan Qingwu thought to herself.

After defeating Yan Qingwu, Li Fuchen won another three matches and making it 14 consecutive victories.

As of this moment, there were only about twenty individuals who maintained the 14 consecutive victories. Apart from Yan Qingwu, all the elite prodigies were among this group.

In the 799th match, Li Fuchen was up against Xiahou Shi.

Xiahou Shi had already treated Li Fuchen as a prey, but right now, he didn’t have any certainty.

Li Fuchen’s performance was much stronger than he expected. If Li Fuchen had already gone all out, Xiahou Shi might have some certainty to win. But if Li Fuchen was still reserving himself, then Xiahou Shi didn’t know if he could win.

‘Hmph. Prey will still be prey. What is there to fear.’

Xiahou Shi licked his lips. His body flashed and landed opposite of Li Fuchen.


His cultivation burst along with his 4-star secret technique. Xiahou Shi sent an outrageous fist towards Li Fuchen.

A forceful and sinister qi force in the shape of a dragon was wreaking havoc as it swam across.

Mystic class high-tier fist art… Yellow Dragon Fist.

Xiahou Shi’s cultivation was the same as Sun Hailong’s, which was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm. But his martial arts intent was much more proficient than Sun Hailong’s. His 4-star secret technique was also much stronger than Sun Hailong’s. Furthermore, Xiahou Shi’s battle awareness was also one notch higher than Sun Hailong’s.

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