Chapter 295: Four Reserves for Elite Prodigies

The Minor Battle Spirit Art was a 4-star secret technique that could transmute a practitioner’s qi into a more powerful Minor Battle Spirit Qi. After many years of cultivation, Xiahou Hai had comprehended the Minor Battle Spirit Art to near completion rank, and it was also his trump that he would rely on.

Currently, after activating the Minor Battle Spirit Art, his cultivation that was originally at the peak stage of the Earth Realm was now boosted to the half step Heaven Realm. If it wasn’t for the fact that he had yet to comprehend mystic class high-tier martial arts intent, he would probably be ranked in the top 20.

“Splitting Mountain Claw!”

When executing his mystic class mid-tier kill move again, the claw lights were now the size of a house and had this layer of yellow light. The power of this claw for Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was far superior to Lu Xiangdong and Wang Xin. Most of the people spectating was in cold sweat on behalf of Li Fuchen.

When facing Xiahou Hai’s full strength attack, Li Fuchen didn’t have any intention to activate his 4-star secret technique, Pure Yang Dipper Qi. He still used the 3-star secret technique, Primary Clear Hand and the Blaze Devil Sword Art to face his opponent.

The scarlet sword dipper withdrew and extended constantly. In the eyes of Li Fuchen, Xiahou Hai’s kill move, Splitting Mountain Claw, was filled with flaws.

The sword dipper was a sword qi transforming with dipper intent.
(TL note: I am not sure what this dipper intent is either)

It was the same logic of qi turning into a dipper.

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Generally, only mystic class high-tier sword arts could burst out with sword dipper.

Of course, this didn’t mean that sword dippers were stronger than sword qi, they were merely different in forms. There were some sword arts which had a stronger sword dipper, while some had stronger sword qi. Furthermore, sword dippers had a smaller range of attack than sword qi, but under close combat situations, the sword dipper’s power was definitely much stronger than sword qi.

“Blaze Devil’s Heart.”

In the void, a scarlet red light crisscrossed and neutralized the claw lights which were the size of a house.

In Li Fuchen’s eyes, Xiahou Hai’s claw was pure power and had no delicate touch to it.

Perhaps when fighting with others, this claw wouldn’t have any problems. But against Li Fuchen, this claw had plenty of flaws.

If the kill move wasn’t delicate enough, it would have larger flaws, hence Li Fuchen was able to use minimal strength to neutralize this move.

But only Li Fuchen was able to do this. With his astounding awareness, he could easily detect the flaws in another’s moves and in terms of vision, he wasn’t any different from a Reincarnation Realm martial artist. It was just his bodily reflexes which weren’t on the same level as a Reincarnation Realm martial artist’s.

After neutralizing Xiahou Hai’s kill move, Li Fuchen’s black light sword thrust forward, as the scarlet red sword dipper extended like a venomous snake shooting out its tongue.

This was one of the Blaze Devil Sword Art’s move, Blazing Snake’s Forked Tongue.


After getting his qi protection penetrated, Xiahou Hai looked down with disbelief. He didn’t know when his chest was pierced as it was fuming with green smoke.

“I lost?” Xiahou Hai had yet to come back to his senses.

After activating the Minor Battle Spirit Art, his cultivation was already at the half step Heaven Realm. Even if the intent of his martial art wasn’t as high, his cultivation level was enough to make up for his disadvantage. But why was he defeated in such a miserable manner?

His every move and stance seemed to be seen through by his opponent.

“Even Xiahou Hai has lost. This Li Fuchen mustn’t be underestimated!”

“Indeed. I reckon that apart from the elite prodigies, only those who have the strength at the top 30 would be able to fight on even grounds with him.”

Li Fuchen defeating Xiahou Hai was a shock for everyone, but not an excessive one. Since a person’s fame carried some weight and Li Fuchen’s reputation was rather prominent as he had already defeated Yun Yue who was previously ranked 48th in a single blade.

“To be able to defeat Xiahou Hai… he does have a competent ability!” Xiahou Shi saw everything and had on a gloomy expression.

Xiahou Hai’s innate potential might not be as good as his, but Xiahou Hai’s strength wasn’t weak and even Xiahou Shi wouldn’t be able to casually defeat Xiahou Hai.

He actually intended to hunt down Li Fuchen and plunder Li Fuchen’s luck. But if Li Fuchen was too formidable, his chance of killing Li Fuchen would be undoubtedly smaller and this wasn’t something that he wanted.


The Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei took another glance at Li Fuchen.

How could he not see the high level of awareness that Li Fuchen possessed? If it was anyone else that had the same level of ability as Li Fuchen, it would be impossible for them to easily defeat Xiahou Hai.

After defeating Xiahou Hai, the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar under Li Fuchen’s feet increased by one portion and looked even more forceful.

“I wonder what would happen if I accumulated all the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi from all 107 individuals. What level would it reach?” Li Fuchen thought in his heart.

In the 28th match, it was the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng’s turn and his opponent conceded.

In the 33rd match, it was time for the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei to fight and his opponent didn’t concede, as his opponent was the previously ranked 20th, Zhao Feng.

“Situ Lei, I know that I am not a match for you. But I really want to know how formidable your current ability is.” Zhao Feng spoke slowly on the stage.

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Situ Lei scoffed, “You are insufficient for me to use my full ability.”

“No matter the case. I would still like to try.”

When Zhao Feng made his move, his spear was like a venomous dragon emerging from the sea. He bore his way towards Situ Lei with a violent spinning power. Zhao Feng was just like a horizontal tornado which had a shocking qi presence.

Situ Lei gripped his right fist and lightly punched.


The tornado collapsed and the spear in Zhao Feng’s hand had bent into an arcing shape. There was a ‘pfff’ sound as Zhao Feng spurted a mouthful of blood and was repelled.

A single fist was enough to defeat Zhao Feng.

When witnessing this scene, everyone looked fearfully at Situ Lei.

Overwhelming ability.

The 20th ranked Zhao Feng wasn’t even able to receive a single fist from Situ Lei, even his mystic class high-tier weapon had been bent. What kind of power did that fist have?

“Overwhelming power. This tournament’s no.1 will probably still belong to him.” Zhao Wujin sighed.

Ouyang Wentian nodded, “This child’s innate potential is of the elite level and he has the experience from his age as well. It will not be an easy task to go against him.”

The Thunder God Sect’s Reincarnation Realm experts were smiling. Situ Lei was ranked no.1 on the previous Stars Ranking Tournament and if he was to take the first rank again, his accumulated Heaven Dipper Battle Qi would be tremendous. If he was to progress into the Heaven Realm, he might just consecutively breakthrough three levels and reach the 4th level of the Heaven Realm.

Apart from that, if the rumors about the star fate did exist, it would also affect the Thunder God Sect’s fortune. Which meant that the Thunder God Sect’s position would be unshakable.

In the 38th match, it was Young Master Gale, Han Yiming going against Qin Keshi. It ended with Han Yiming as the victor.

In the 42nd match, Young Master Eternal Spring, Teng Qingyun won.

In the 45th match, Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu won.

In the 48th match, Cleansing Rain Fairy, Su Muyu won.

The tournament was progressing very quickly and in just a short moment, it was Li Fuchen’s turn again.

This time his opponent was very weak and he immediately conceded.

Li Fuchen’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar increased with another portion of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi again, while mystical energy was being nurtured.

Three portions, four portions, five portions…

Time flew quickly.

Unknowingly, Li Fuchen had already won nine consecutive rounds and the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi below him was revealing its extraordinary aura, like a giant snake that had a bit of spiritual nature.

At this moment, it was neither weak nor strong, but there were initial indications.

Apart from the 13 elite prodigies, the most prominent ones were Xiahou Shi, Li Fuchen, and two other dazzling youths.

As of now, the four of them maintained their consecutive victories.

They were also known as the four dark horses in this tournament or perhaps the four reserves for elite prodigies.

In the 500th match, it was Li Fuchen’s turn again and his opponent was one of the four reserves, whose name was Sun Hailong.

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