Chapter 294: Heaven Dipper Battle Qi

All the prodigies that were listed on the Stars Ranking were all competently strong. Most of those from the previous Stars Ranking Tournament should be able to make it into the top 70 or 80 ranks.

Boom, Boom, Boom!

On the circular stage, there were qi forces being blasted and weapons clashing.

When the battle had been decided, the loser’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar would crack and send out a stream of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi into the winner’s Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar.

‘Every Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar has a limited amount of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi. Every match lost would result in a loss of one portion. No wonder only the top 36 can obtain support from the Heaven Dipper Battle Qi.’ Seeing this scene, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist realized that fact in his heart.

For the second match, it was Golden Whip Star, Jin Xudong.

His opponent wasn’t weak and was actually very formidable, as he was Lu Xiangdong who was ranked 42nd in the previous Stars Ranking.


Jin Xudong’s weapon was a 10 feet long golden whip that had a total of 108 sections, just like a golden spine. A casual whip caused a burst of golden light to flash on the stage, while a horrific whip intent burst forth. It immediately shot towards Lu Xiangdong, causing his chest to collapse and suffer severe injuries.

“Such power!” Everyone was astonished.

“What reckless behavior to not concede even after encountering Jin Xudong.”

“I reckon that he was trying to test Jin Xudong’s ability!

Everyone was engaged in a heated discussion.

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Turning around in a cool manner, Jin Xudong went back to his stone pillar.

As for Lu Xiangdong who suffered severe injuries, a ray of light enveloped him, helping him to quickly recover.

Lu Xiangdong had on a terrified expression. Three years had passed since the previous tournament and he had thought he improved quite a bit. Even though he knew that he wasn’t a match for Jin Xudong, he still wanted to give it a try. He never would have expected that he would be defeated in such a miserable manner and in also such a direct and blunt manner.

Taking a deep breath, Lu Xiangdong jumped off from the stage and returned to his stone pillar. In the next moment, the stone pillar below him had a crack which split off a portion of Heaven Dipper Battle Qi, fusing into the pillar underneath Jin Xudong.

‘Is that the half step Heaven Realm?’ Li Fuchen frowned.

Jin Xudong didn’t activate any secret technique and the whip art he used was a mystic class mid-tier whip art. But that Lu Xiangdong who was rank 42nd couldn’t even withstand a single whip. Had it not been for the recovery ability of the Heaven Dipper Great Array, he would have probably ended up dead.

Li Xiangru was up for the fourth match and his opponent was a rising talent. This rising newcomer was extremely strong and Li Xiangru managed to defeat him after over a hundred moves.

The fifth match was Yan Qingwu’s turn and her opponent was apparently Yun Yue.

Swallow Flight Dance.”

After activating the 3-star secret technique, Swallow Flight Dance, Yan Qingwu’s figure split into multiple figures which dazzled Yun Yue, as he couldn’t capture her true body.

Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang…

Rays of saber lights cleaved at Yun Yue’s body which burst out with countless sparks.

“You will not be able to damage me.”

Yun Yue roared and swept his giant ax in a full circle, destroying all the clones that Yan Qingwu produced.

“That might not be the case.”

Yan Qingwu frowned and activated her 4-star secret technique, Flying Swallow Cleave. The curved saber in her hand had a drastic increase in strength that had a shadow of a swallow on it.


Fresh blood burst forth as Yun Yue got wounded by the saber.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

Immediately after, Yun Yue was caught in a predicament as he was covered in saber scars.

“I admit defeat.” Letting out a bitter smile, Yun Yue admitted his defeat.

His opponent’s saber speed was extremely fast, so fast that it gave the saber arts a high lethality. He couldn’t understand how such a young person could achieve such a level of prowess. It was as the saying went, ‘One would only be angered to death when they compared themselves against others.’

In the seventh match, it was Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye against Wang Xin.

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In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, Chiyu Ye was rank 28th, while Wang Xin was rank 44th. According to logic, their difference shouldn’t be too drastic.

That was what Wang Xin thought as well.

“Are you not going to concede?” Chiyu Ye looked at Wang Xin.

Wang Xin replied confidently, “Why do I have to concede?”

Even if he wasn’t a match for Chiyu Ye, he didn’t have to concede. This Chiyu Ye wasn’t one of the Three King Stars whom he might probably concede to.

“I hope you don’t regret it.” Chiyu Ye spoke indifferently.

“Take a palm strike from me first.”

Wang Xing soared into the air and his two large palms sent out dozens of palm strikes at Chiyu Ye. Every palm was closely knitted together, which finally formed a giant palm that slammed down at Chiyu Ye.

“Annoying housefly. Break!”

Chiyu Ye brandished his sword, which was a golden sharp sword. He thrust it midair, which sent out a blinding golden sword light that was like a dragon’s claw. It ripped through the giant palm and penetrated Wang Xin’s body.


A blood mist burst in midair, while Wang Xin let out a miserable scream as he fell onto the circular stage.

He was inflicted with devastating injuries, as there were five penetrated blood holes all the size of a bowl.

Chiyu Ye didn’t even glance at Wang Xin, as he tipped onto the surface of the ground and returned to his stone pillar.

The recovered Wang Xin had on an expression as though he just saw a ghost, as his eyes were wide opened.

He felt that Chiyu Ye’s ability wasn’t any inferior to the Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong’s.

One reason was that Wang Xin didn’t think he was weaker than Lu Xiangdong and felt that he was slightly stronger.

“Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye is indeed an exceptional sword dao prodigy from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect. He has grown to such a level in just three years. Could he intend to strive for the top ranks against the Three King Stars?”

“Most likely. Six Young Masters and Four Fairies… which of them aren’t targeting the Three King Stars? I wonder if the other Young Masters and Fairies have such a level of ability though?”

Witnessing Chiyu Ye’s ability, everyone had higher expectations from the other elite prodigies.

A period of three years contained too many variables. The previous Stars Ranking was currently invalid and couldn’t even be used as a reference.

Of course, with exception from the Three King Stars.

In the tenth match, it was Wind Snow Fairy, Xu Lin’s turn.

As she stood on the circular stage.


There wasn’t even a need for Wind Snow Fairy to make a move. With a burst of her qi, the boundlessly chilling qi presence enveloped the opponent.

“I concede.”

Her opponent was shivering from the cold and it wasn’t merely the cold on the surface of the body, it was even colder at the spirit will level.

In the 15th match, Young Master Celestial Star, Murong Di’s opponent felt that he was incompetent and immediately conceded.

In the 17th match, Young Master Doulin, Xiahou Chuan’s opponent had conceded as well.

So did Young Master Flying Blade, Luo Feiyun’s opponent, in the 20th match.

In the 24th match… 

Li Fuchen’s stone pillar sank to around half its height.

‘Is it my turn?’

Li Fuchen flashed and landed on the stage.

Li Fuchen opened his eyes and looked opposite of him.

His opponent had a stalwart figure and was surging with qi presence.

“He is one of the Doulin Ten Greats, Xiahou Hai.”

“Xiahou Hai’s innate potential might not be as good as Xiahou Chuan’s and Xiahou Shi’s, but he has the advantage of age. He was rank 39th on the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.”

“There is going to be a good show now.”

Everyone looked at the stage with curiosity. They wanted to see what level of ability Li Fuchen possessed.

“Kid, are you not going to concede?” Xiahou Hai grinned and scoffed.

He was ranked 39th in the previous tournament and he was confident that he could get into the top 30 ranks this time. He didn’t even put a mere Li Fuchen in his sights, even if Li Fuchen’s name was extremely resounding during this past year.

“With the likes of you?” Li Fuchen replied.

“With the likes of me! Splitting Mountain Claw!”

Xiahou Hai was equipped with steel claws which crisscrossed as he clawed. The sky-covering claw shadows was like a giant net which entrapped Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen’s black light sword radiated with a scarlet light, as it extended into a giant scarlet red sword.

The sword swept across and neutralized the giant net, while the residual force crushed towards Xiahou Hai.

“Minor Battle Spirit Art, activate!”

Xiahou Hai burst out with a yell as his body radiated with a resplendent yellow light, while he smashed his fist onto the giant sword.

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