Chapter 293: Heaven Dipper Great Array

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist was experiencing a chaotic situation over where he was as well. It was suspected if someone actually incited it, as more than a dozen prodigies acted together and assaulted Li Fuchen. If Li Fuchen wasn’t able to withstand the attacks from them, he would definitely end up with serious injuries.

“That is the use of a numbers advantage.”

Activating the Primary Clear Hand, Li Fuchen executed his first mystic class mid-tier kill move, Sword Flow.

This time, a few dozen sword lights drew across.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

When a martial artist was at Li Fuchen’s level, the oppression against weaker prodigies was just too drastic. In a single blade, over a dozen prodigies were injured and there was blood flowing from their bodies.

This was when Li Fuchen had yet to execute his true strength, otherwise, a single sword was more than enough to kill all of them.

“Is there anyone else!?”

Li Fuchen swept across the crowd below.

“I, Yun Yue will try your skills.”

A figure just ascended to the peak of the mountain, it was actually a youth that had an extremely muscular figure.

“It is the previously 48th ranker, Yun Yue. He just made it to the peak of the mountain?”

“Yun Yue isn’t proficient in light body technique, but his body refinement technique is incredible. Among the Stars Ranking, he is at least top ten in terms of defenses.”

Someone recognized the individual that just arrived.

Yun Yue only being able to reach the peak now wasn’t merely because he lacked a light body technique, it was mainly because of his poor luck, as he had picked a rather challenging path. He was still one of the Stars Ranker after all and no matter how poor his light body technique was, he still wouldn’t be ranked lower than 300th place.

He didn’t have any grievance with Li Fuchen, but he just didn’t like the arrogance that Li Fuchen displayed after defeating several participants. He simply wanted to test out Li Fuchen’s skills.

Like a ferocious beast, Yun Yue stomped on the ground and launching himself towards Li Fuchen.

“Capsizing Mountain Cleave.”

As Yun Yue was still in midair, he clutched onto his giant ax with both hands and vigorously cleaved down. For an instant, there was a violent gale, while a snow-white shadow appeared with imposing presence.

“He is indeed worthy of his 48th rank in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.”

A majority of the people were shocked.

“Sword Burst!”

Li Fuchen remained emotionless, while a radiant sword light thrust out. Layers of sword shadow compressed in a frenzy before launching forward and exploding.


A circle of transparent air rippled outwards, while Yun Yue was sent flying. Li Fuchen remained still on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar without moving an inch.

“Good, again!” Yun Yue’s eyes flashed with brilliance.

Li Fuchen’s blade wasn’t merely profound and dominant, but it was targeting the flaws of Yun Yue’s kill move, otherwise, Li Fuchen wouldn’t even be able to repel Yun Yue.

Stomping on the ground, Yun Yue rushed towards Li Fuchen again. This time his body was radiating with a bronze glow, as though he became a bronze statue, giving off an oppressive feeling.

“Mystic class high-tier body refinement technique and he has comprehended a body refinement intent.” Li Fuchen’s eyes contracted.

This was Li Fuchen’s first time witnessing such a superior body refinement technique.

Body refinement techniques were vastly different from other martial arts and it was very hard to grasp the technique intent. It was much more difficult when compared to cultivation technique intents.

But once a practitioner comprehended a body refinement intent, their defenses would receive a huge boost. For opponents at the same cultivation level, it was almost impossible for the opponents to break through their defenses.

Apart from that, after comprehending the body refinement intent, the practitioner would also receive a huge increase in physical strength.

From what Li Fuchen knew, only the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng had comprehended a mystic class high-tier body refinement intent. Of course, he too had branded the tool pattern on his body, hence his defenses were far superior to Yun Yue; or else, he wouldn’t be titled as the Immovable King Star.

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“Yun Yue’s body refinement proficiency is almost among the top five of everyone here.” The Immovable King Star, Qi Heng was slightly interested.

Facing against the valiant Yun Yue, apart from the initial surprise, Li Fuchen didn’t have any other expression.

Executing his Blaze Devil Sword Art, a layer of scarlet red light converged on his black sword.


As the sword and ax clashed, Yun Yue’s hand burst with blood as his giant ax flew right out of his grip.

“Not good!” Yun Yue was appalled.


Immediately after, Li Fuchen’s sword drew across Yun Yue’s chest.

In order to break the defenses of the mystic class high-tier body refinement intent, one had to comprehend a mystic class high-tier martial arts intent. In comparison, it was needless to say that sword art intents had the strongest lethality. When facing against Li Fuchen’s Blaze Devil Sword intent, Yun Yue had no way to defend against it.

“Mystic class high-tier sword intent. Interesting!” Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye looked over.

When he noticed that Li Fuchen had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent, his eyes were flickering. From what he knew, the number of people that comprehend mystic class high-tier sword intent was extremely rare. Even when all of them were added up, it would probably be less than the fingers on one’s hand.

“I am not a match for you.” Yun Yue quickly retreated, while the wounds on his chest slowly closed up, but a sword scar was left behind.

He had just recently comprehended the body refinement intent and it was still at the initial stage. Compared to Li Fuchen’s mystic class high-tier sword intent, which was obviously at a much more matured stage, it was not worth mentioning.

But there was something he couldn’t understand. He was at the peak level of the Earth Realm, and Li Fuchen was only at the 8th level of the Earth Realm. Logically, even if Li Fuchen had a mystic class high-tier sword intent, it was still hard to injure Yun Yue, since there was the disparity of the cultivation levels.

How would he have known that Li Fuchen’s combat awareness was incomparably outstanding, as Li Fuchen was aiming at the flaws of his qi protection.

There were flaws in everything, even with one’s qi protection.

Of course, without an outstanding combat awareness like Li Fuchen’s, it was impossible to break Yun Yue’s defenses. His Blaze Devil Sword intent was already at the consummate stage, hence it was sufficient to break Yun Yue’s defenses.

Learning their lesson through Yun Yue, no one dared to challenge Li Fuchen anymore.

Although no one was willing to admit it, Li Fuchen already had the strength to be one of the top rankers.

“Fuchen’s sword intent is getting more incisive.” Zhan Wujin was overwhelmed with emotions.

He had been paying attention to Li Fuchen since he was at the Origin Realm, hence he knew well enough how much Li Fuchen has improved.

With Yun Yue’s ability, it should be effortless for him to grab one of the spots on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar. With his defenses, it would be easy for him to hold his spot against a dozen prodigies.

The occupiers of the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars changed quickly and there was a moment where there were 107 occupiers, but it still fell short of having all 108 occupiers on it.

Unknowingly, more than one hour had passed.

“Get lost!”

A figure killed his way out of the crowd and landed on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar.


When all 108 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars were occupied, there was a unified tremor. The surface of the stone pillars were revolving with the help of a surge of yellow qi, which connected together, repelling everyone else except the occupiers of the pillars.

“Damn it.”

Those prodigies who couldn’t stand on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars had an instant change of expression, as they were unwilling to accept this result.

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The Heaven Dipper Great Array had been activated. Right now, the 108 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars formed a boundary with a circle stage in the middle. Not even a Reincarnation Realm martial artist could interfere with this array.

Any form of forceful interference would suffer an attack from the Heaven Dipper Great Array, resulting in instant death.


Ouyang Wentian and the others let out a breath of relief.

This was the first time in the history of the Azure Water Sect that two individuals entered the Stars Ranking.

About a third of the sects didn’t have any disciples entering the Stars Ranking. Apart from the Azure Water Sect and the top ten elite sects, there were less than five sects that had two or more disciples in the Stars Ranking.

Like the Violent Saber Sect and the Spirit Hidden Sect which didn’t have any disciples in the rankings.

“I wonder how the Stars Ranking Tournament is going to proceed?”

Li Fuchen looked at the 108 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars and the circular stage in the middle while revealing a curious expression.

There weren’t any referees in the Stars Ranking Tournament. Li Fuchen didn’t intentionally find out more information, hence he wasn’t clear about the details.


Just as Li Fuchen was thinking about it…

Two of the 108 Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars sank. Subsequently, those two prodigies on the stone pillars that just sank, leaped onto the circular stage.

“Now I see.” Li Fuchen understood in a flash.

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