Chapter 292: Contest for the Stone Pillars

One by one, more participants arrived at the peak of the mountain. Soon enough, 90% of the 108 stones pillars were occupied.

Swish, Swish, Swish…

More participants arrived and when they saw the limited number of empty slots, they went crazy as they jumped high and wanted to snatch one of those empty Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars.

“Get lost!”

During the contest for the stone pillars, a fight is inevitable. Everyone knew clearly that the earlier they got on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, the earlier they could feel at ease. Because once all the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars were full, they would be set in the Stars Ranking. Otherwise, if it were to drag on, more people would come forth to contest for those spots.

Amongst the struggle, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist saw Li Xiangru, Chen Yuanhu, and Xue Feng.

After some effort, Li Xiangru managed to obtain a spot on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars. But Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng couldn’t even approach the pillars, as they would be repelled or obstructed by someone.


One of the palm force penetrated Xue Feng’s qi protection and slammed his chest.

Xue Feng flew backward and vomited blood.

“This Heave Dipper Stone Pillar is mine.” One of the participants flew towards a Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar.

“Don’t even think about it!” Another four participants pounced at him.

“Get lost!”

That individual looked as though he had three heads and six arms, as he sent out heavy palm strikes.

(TL note: Three heads and six arms can also mean remarkable ability)

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff…

These four participants came quickly and left quickly as well. As expected, they all spurted blood from their mouth while being sent flying.

“That guy is Wang Xin who was ranked 44th in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.”

“He is indeed worthy to be at the 44th rank. His ability far exceeds us, we shouldn’t fight against him anymore.”

They didn’t fear anyone who was below the 70th rank.

In fact, many of those lower ranked Stars Ranker have been defeated. Furthermore, they were all defeated by those rising prodigies that had never entered the Stars Ranking.

But those who were ranked in the top 50 in the previous tournament were all too formidable. It was truly a challenge to defeat them.

Rather than tiring oneself, why not try to contest for the other Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars.

Pfff! Pfff!

Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai who had both been defeated by Li Fuchen were in extreme anguish.

They were both previous Stars Rankers and originally assumed that it would be relatively easier for them to grab a spot on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars. But there was a rising prodigy that suddenly appeared and forcefully repelled both of them. They couldn’t even get near the pillar.

“Damn it.”

Ruan Qianqiu’s face was dispirited, so was Xiao Bai’s face.

Different from Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai, Qin Keshi had obtained one of the spots, while her ‘nemesis’ Divine Whip Devil Lady, Tang Shiqi obtained one as well.

These two had rather good innate potential, unlike Ruan Qianqiu and Xiaobai who might have the ability of a Stars Ranker in the previous tournament, but not this time.

Of course, even if one could obtain a spot on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, they might not be able to protect it.

As long as the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars weren’t full, anyone could contest for any of the stone pillars.

“Ruan Qianqiu and Xiao Bai are probably weaker than Sword Tiger, Chen Yuanhu. It is basically impossible for them to enter the Stars Ranking.” Li Fuchen stood on a Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar and shook his head.

There was always be a big change in every Stars Ranking Tournament, it was already praiseworthy if more than half the previous Stars Rankers could stay in the Stars Ranking. Of course, it was also mainly due to some of them progressing to the Heaven Realm.

After all, even if they didn’t progress, they still wouldn’t be able to defeat the Three King Stars. Thus, they might as well progress and forget about it.

Unknowingly, around 400 participants were gathered at the peak of the mountain.

Xiahou Shi was among the last batch to reach the peak of the mountain.

He had terrible luck as the path he picked were packed with aggressive plants, otherwise, he would have come up earlier.

Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang, Bang…

Xiahou Shi’s ability was formidable and among the rising prodigies, he was definitely one of the best. After all, he had the heaven-defying 5-star bone frame.

As he soared into the sky, Xiahou Shi looked like a ferocious beast as he barged his way through. No one could withstand a single fist from him and all that did were severely injured, as they were thrown aside like rice straws.

“It’s Xiahou Shi, back away quickly.”

Xiahou Shi had a rather notorious name on the outside. Everyone knew that he was a fierce and tough individual. Among the Doulin Ten Greats, he was just second to Xiahou Chuan.

After taking one of the spots on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, Xiahou Shi stood with his hands behind his back, putting on a callous expression.

Most of the prodigies retreated once they saw him.

Huff, Huff, Huff, Huff, Huff…

Black figures appeared in the sky.

No matter how high Mt. Star Fate was, it still couldn’t stop the Reincarnation Realm martial artists, as they descended from above.

Of course, this was mainly because Mt. Star Fate had been opened up. If Mt. Star Fate was still in a closed state, not even the Reincarnation Realm martial artists could ascend the mountain. They would be repelled by the qi presence from Mt. Star Fate. Some might receive light injuries, others might even fall from this place. It was quite a serious matter.

The various sects’ Reincarnation Realm experts brought along their sects’ prodigies and landed from above while observing from a distance. That included Ouyang Wentian and the others from the Azure Water Sect.

“Fuchen and Xiangru have obtained a spot on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar!”

Zhao Wujin eyes were quick as lightning as he immediately saw Li Fuchen and Li Xiangru standing on the pillars. He couldn’t help but reveal a smile.

Ouyang Wentian nodded and said, “Chen Yuanhu and Xue Feng are slightly inferior. It will depend on their luck if they can ultimately stand on one of the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars.”

The contest for the stone pillars required luck as well. If you managed to stand on the last pillar which would then fill up all the spots on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, the 108 pillars would form a Heaven Dipper Great Array. It would then prevent anyone else from trying to contest for the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, repelling everyone else on the outside.

But those with true strength didn’t have to rely on luck.

Like the Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, or the Four Fairies; Tri-Absolute Fairy and Wind Snow Fairy.

It would be the same as courting death if they wanted to fight for their spots. No one would be so foolish to actually rush at them.

But apparently, Su Muyu and Yan Qingwu weren’t included among them.

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They might be elite prodigies, but they were still young and there would be people that wanted to test them.

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“Get lost!”

Su Muyu’s scythe swung as though it was harvesting the rice straws, as she swept away four participants. With a simple display of her ability, it seemed like she was superior to Xiahou Shi.

Yan Qingwu’s ability was also extraordinary. Her curved saber flashed, which sent out saber lights which flew around nimbly like swallows. She effortlessly sent one of the participants flying while her figure shivered as multiple figures appeared to repel the other two participants.

After a display of her ability, she was at least among the middle ranks of the Stars Ranking.

“Take that brat down.”

Among the 400 participants on the peak of the mountain, 100 of them were on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars, while the rest were constantly changing their targets.

It was needless to say that Li Fuchen was one of the targets.

“Not good, Li Fuchen had been targetted.” Zhao Mingyue held her breath.

There were just too many prodigies at the peak of the mountain. Even though she had confidence in Li Fuchen, she couldn’t help but feel concern.

Zhao Wujin, Ouyang Wentian, and the others were frowning as they observed quietly.

“Brat, hurry up and get down.”

Five figures skimmed towards Li Fuchen and two of them were actually previous Stars Rankers.

Li Fuchen drew his sword and executed his first mystic class mid-tier kill move, Sword Flow, which burst out with ten sword lights.

Pfff, Pfff, Pfff!

As the sword lights swept across, all five of them were bursting with blood as they fell down from the sky.

“Haha, it seems we were worried for nothing.”

Seeing how Li Fuchen effortlessly resolved the danger, Zhao Wujin let out a hearty laugh.

“Come on, everyone fight together!”

Seeing that all the spots on the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars were filling up, the rest of the people were getting nervous. Earlier, it was a chaotic struggle for the stone pillars, now it had changed into a situation where dozens of participants were attacking a single Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar as they swore to bring down one of the individuals on the pillars.

In a short period of time, many of the people, Li Xiangru and Qin Keshi included, were forced off the pillars. Fortunately, they managed to take their spots back.

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