Chapter 291: Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar

“What class of light body technique is that? Isn’t his cultivation just at the 8th level of the Earth Realm?”

The various prodigies were shocked.

Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu’s light body technique might be incredible, but her cultivation level was also high. Among the participants, except for the Three King Stars, she was the only one that reached the half step Heaven Realm.

Half step Heaven Realm might only be one level higher than the peak stage of the Earth Realm, but there was a world of difference.

As the name suggested, the half step Heaven Realm meant that the martial artist had taken half a step into the Heaven Realm.

In fact, the Three King Stars and Tri-Absolute Fairy were all able to breakthrough to the Heaven Realm, but the four of them forcefully restrained their cultivation.

The martial artists at this level didn’t only have a large amount of qi, their mental state was at the next level too. They were able to control their qi skillfully and as they desired.

But one’s cultivation level and light body technique were related, it was mainly due to the light body technique proficiency.

For example, demonic beasts. Some class 3 high-tier demonic beast might not be as fast as class 3 mid-tier demonic beasts, but the former would surely have a superior amount of demonic qi than the latter.

After attaining the completion rank for Black Wind Three Clones, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist only had to use a portion of his strength to produce a great effect, similar to the class 3 mid-tier demonic beast.

After he leaped up to the height of 1500 meters, Li Fuchen’s body arched before he lightly stepped on the cliff. At the moment he was borrowing strength, Li Fuchen took the opportunity to burst out with another portion of qi and soar into the sky again.

Li Fuchen only required two steps to ascend the cliff and he made it look extremely easy.

“This person’s maneuvers are like a phantom. He doesn’t seem simple.”

Everyone below had flickering eyes.

If Li Fuchen had a 5-star bone frame, they wouldn’t have looked down on him.

But it was too irregular for Li Fuchen to only have a 1-star bone frame, hence they subconsciously disregarded Li Fuchen.

They didn’t even see any significance towards Li Fuchen’s performance in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

The path of the martial dao was filled with infinite possibilities and the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was just one of the slightly more important ones.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

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Mt. Star Fate didn’t have any demonic beast, but it had plants that had an aggressive nature.

Most of these plants had long vines which would whip at any careless participants, causing serious injuries to them. Some of the other participants would be bound by the vines and be immobilized.

In addition to that, everyone noticed that the higher they climbed up Mt. Star Fate, the stronger the gravitational pull, limiting how high they could jump.


Pfff, Pfff, Pfff!

The vines were cut off one after another. Li Fuchen had entered a place where there was no one else as he was swiftly climbing the mountain.


Suddenly, the ground below split open and a giant flower bud blossomed and tried to envelop Li Fuchen.


Li Fuchen didn’t wish to be seized, hence he jumped and soared into the sky while the flower bud chased from behind.

But, the stolon of the flower bud was limited in length and it was unable to catch up to Li Fuchen.

‘Mt. Star Fate might not be dangerous, but there are plenty of obstructions.’

Li Fuchen noticed one of the participants being enveloped by a flower bud. He didn’t die and merely fainted, as though he was inflicted with some hallucinatory toxin.

If it was as Li Fuchen guessed. By the time he woke up, the first stage of the Stars Ranking Tournament would already be over.

“Such a strong gravitational pull.”

Mt. Star Fate was at least a few ten thousand meters in height. Now that he was at the waist of the mountain, the gravity was at least ten folds higher. Li Fuchen was only able to jump about slightly more than 100 meters in height. Furthermore, his speed had greatly decreased, he would need at least a few breaths before he could climb 100 meters in height again.

As such, it was even more challenging to evade the attacks from the plants.

Sky-Covering Vines rushed in violently. Li Fuchen drew the mystic class high-tier artifact sword which was bestowed to him by the Sect Patriarch, the black sword shined as he slashed at the vines.

“Blaze Devil Killer Shadow!”

A scarlet red shadow like a giant red cover, enveloped all the vines, slashing them into pieces.

As the finishing move of the Blaze Devil Sword Art, its lethal power was still very powerful, even though Li Fuchen didn’t activate any secret technique.

‘His ability?!’

A few hundred meters away behind a strange looking boulder, Qin Keshi had on an astonished expression.

Back when she hosted the Autumn Rain Tea Party, Li Fuchen was only slightly superior to Xiao Bai and Ruan Qianqiu. In just a short period of time, Li Fuchen’s ability had already reached a horrifying level and she could see that Li Fuchen had yet to put in all his strength. It was simply a casual swing of his sword.

‘Everyone has belittled him. In terms of ability, he will at least be in the top 20. Maybe even higher.’ Qin Keshi thought to herself.

One hour later, Li Fuchen had already entered the layer of clouds and wasn’t far away from the peak of the mountain.

At this point in time, there was a much higher chance of an encounter with other participants.

“It’s you!”

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No far away, Han Feng spotted Li Fuchen.

Han Feng was quite fortunate, as he had picked a rather smooth path that didn’t have as many plants.

“So what if it’s me?” Li Fuchen glared at Han Feng.

Han Feng was only at the 9th level of the Earth Realm, which was only one level higher than Li Fuchen.

“Such arrogance. Even if you were accepted as a personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert, it doesn’t mean you can be in the ranks of the elite prodigies. Get your ass off this mountain.” Han Feng had never fought against Li Fuchen, hence he didn’t know about Li Fuchen’s ability. Back at the Star Road Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen intentionally avoided him and chose to run ahead.

Han Feng suddenly sent a fist at Li Fuchen which was equipped with silver steel knuckles. There was a silver light like the sky that was flickering with stars.

Mystic class mid-tier kill move… Vast Stars Single Strike.

“You are courting your own demise.”

Even back when they first met in the Star Road Hidden Domain, Li Fuchen’s ability was already superior to Han Feng’s, but he simply didn’t want a meaningless battle.

Two years had passed and Li Fuchen had a drastic growth. He had already disregarded prodigies at Han Feng’s level.

Only those elite prodigies were qualified to be in Li Fuchen’s sight.

Seeing Han Feng making a move, Li Fuchen’s qi burst out from within his body as he circulated both the True Inferno Technique and the Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. Immediately after, he executed his second mystic class mid-tier kill move.


The air trembled and the boulders on the mountain had crumbled.

The silver stars were all destroyed while Han Feng spat out fresh blood and was sent flying.

Han Feng was defeated in a single move.

Han Feng’s innate potential didn’t really lose out to Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru’s, but he didn’t cultivate as long as Li Xiangru and had yet to even comprehend any mystic class high-tier martial arts intent. How was he going to withstand a single blade from Li Fuchen?

The defeated Han Feng had eyes that lost its spirit as he looked at Li Fuchen with disbelief.

“Frog at the bottom of the well. You might be one of the Celestial Seven, but you aren’t qualified to look down on me.” 

(TL note: Frog at the bottom of the well: Meaning someone ignorant who had yet to experience the world)

Li Fuchen left swiftly.

It wasn’t necessary and he didn’t intend to kill Han Feng.

Li Fuchen didn’t know when the Mystic Martial Experts were going to leave and it was only beneficial to have lesser enemies.

With a flash, Li Fuchen arrived at the peak of the mountain.

The peak of the mountain was spacious and had a radius of at least a few thousand meters.

In the center of the peak, was simple and unadorned circular platform that was covered in decorative designs. The circular platform was surrounded by 108 stone pillars and each of the pillars were revolving around with a yellow flow of qi.

Right now, there were more than twenty individuals standing on the stone pillars. Every one of them were looking down from above with an extraordinary presence.

Soaring into the sky, Li Fuchen landed on one of the stone pillars.

These stone pillars were known as the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillars and the yellow qi revolving around it was heaven dipper battle qi. It was beneficial for Heaven Realm martial artists during their cultivation. But standing on these pillars didn’t mean that one could obtain heaven dipper battle qi. The participants had to make it into the top 36 ranks before they could obtain the support from the heaven dipper battle qi.


Following closely behind and appearing beside the Heaven Dipper Stone Pillar which Li Fuchen was standing on, was Yan Qingwu.

“Even if you can stand here, it doesn’t mean you can keep your spot.” Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye’s eyes were wide opened. He glared at Li Fuchen and immediately closed his eyes. At this current juncture, he didn’t even treat Li Fuchen as a formidable opponent.

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