Chapter 290: Display of Abilities

“Get lost!”

A few 9th level Earth Realm participants worked together to blast at Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist.

Li Fuchen could tell that these people were doing it on purpose. They probably just wanted to test out his strength.

A pity that all their cultivation technique ranks were merely at the 14th rank. They might have a superior cultivation level, but their combat rank were far from Li Fuchen’s level. With the true inferno qi bursting, Li Fuchen sent all these people flying and falling into the mist. In the next moment, all the attackers had vanished.

“Such a high technique rank!”

Someone noticed it and couldn’t help but become a surprise.

One’s combat rank was comprised of three things. Cultivation level, technique rank, and qi burst secret technique.

Li Fuchen’s cultivation level might be low, but his technique rank was high, hence his combat rank wasn’t weak and was extremely formidable.

“Kid, this year’s Stars Ranking Tournament isn’t your turn yet. You better join the next one!” A strong and well-built figure rushed at Li Fuchen and sent a fist at him.

“He is last tournament’s rank 84, Cheng Wu.”

“Cheng Wu is at the peak level of the Earth Realm. His cultivation technique is already at the 15th rank. I wonder how is Li Fuchen going to withstand his attacks?”

Those prodigies that were following behind Li Fuchen sneered.

Cheng Wu’s ability was indeed competent. He might not be comparable to Sword Maniac, Li Xiangru, but he was much stronger than Sword Tiger, Chen Yuanhu.

A pity that he encountered Li Fuchen.

Executing his maneuver skills, Li Fuchen’s figure instantly vanished and when he reappeared, he was already beside Cheng Wu.

“Not good.” Cheng Wu’s eyes widened as his left hand cross over his right arm, trying to block against Li Fuchen’s assault.


Li Fuchen used his lightning quick feet to kick Cheng Wu into the mist.

A fight between martial artists could be decided by various factors. Li Fuchen didn’t even need to reveal his trump and simply had to use his speed to send his opponent flying.

“Such a fast speed!”

Those prodigies who originally looked at Li Fuchen in contempt didn’t dare to do it anymore.

A light body technique was a very important factor. If one’s speed wasn’t as fast as one’s opponent, they would only be the one getting hit. Unless one’s defenses were tough enough to negate all damage, otherwise, a slower speed would result in defeat.

At the end of the stone stairs was Mt. Star Fate.

In this place, there was no longer any more mist, but the footing here wasn’t as easy to travel on.

Lifting his head up and looked at Mt. Star Fate which was penetrating the clouds. The surface of the mountain was almost at a vertical angle. There were places where protruding strange rocks allowed for borrowing strength, but there were places where it was a straight cliff which looked extremely smooth.

“How are we going to climb up!” Many of the prodigies gasped.

It didn’t look like much from far away, but after getting closer, everyone understood just how hard it was to ascend this mountain.

Most of the people were at the 9th level of the Earth Realm and even they might not have the ability to fly like the Heaven Realm martial artists, but they were still able to leap quite a distance vertically. But Mt. Star Fate had steep cliffs and it was a few thousand meters in height. No one could forcefully travel vertically in one jump, not even those half step Heaven Realm martial artists could do it and would have to borrow strength in midway.

Of course, the cliffs might be steep, but with a formidable light body technique, one could still be able to borrow strength as it was dependant on their skills.

Right now, in front of everyone was a cliff which was around three to four thousand meters. It was very spacious and extended more than ten miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters wide. If they were going to pick another cliff, it would waste quite a bit of time.

“I will go first.”

A 9th level Earth Realm participant as he regarded his own light body technique highly and soared up. After scuttling several hundred meters, his foot stomped on the cliff and rose up again. Very quickly, he had climbed more than a thousand meters, repeating the process.

“He is going to stop soon.”

Li Fuchen had a formidable vision and he could see that this prodigy was losing strength every time he stomped on the cliff. He reckoned that the prodigy would only be able to climb around 2000 meters before stopping.

As expected, at around the height of 2000 meters, that prodigy exhausted all his qi and plummeted. Fortunately, this height wasn’t enough to alarm him, but he simply looked pathetic.

Once he landed on the ground, this prodigy immediately looked for another path without fooling around.

Some of the less confident prodigies didn’t dare to give it a try after seeing someone fail at it. They similar went to look for another route and all those who stayed behind were those that were rather confident of their skills.

“Haha, let me do it.” Another prodigy soared into the sky.

This person was at the peak level of the Earth Realm and had an ample amount of qi.

Swish, Swish, Swish!

After stepping off the cliffs for more than ten times, this prodigy barely managed to climb up the cliff.

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“Let me do it too.”

The cliff was very wide and it had enough space for a few hundred individuals to climb it without any congestion.

Li Fuchen could see that the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei had started to climb the cliff.

Situ Lei was worthy of being the no.1 King Star. Not only was his cultivation level excessively high, but his light body technique was also astounding. He took just a single leap to reach the heights of a thousand meters. He only stepped off the cliff around three times and vanished to the top. The entire process felt as though it was like lightning flashing pass.

The Immovable King Star, Qi Heng, and the Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong might be slower, but their first leap took them to around the height of a thousand meters as well.

Young Master Flying Blade, Luo Feiyun’s light body technique was around the same level as Situ Lei’s. It wasn’t as fast and as forceful as Situ Lei, but it looked more graceful.

As everyone thought Situ Lei and Luo Feiyun’s light body techniques were already formidable enough, everyone started to click their tongues once they saw Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu’s light body technique.

Jiang Ruoliu looked like a swan goose as she flew upwards. No one saw how she borrowed any strength as she continued to drift up above the cliff and descending like a fairy.

Immediately after, Yan Qingwu’s light body technique was also praiseworthy.

Yan Qingwu had the same cultivation level as Li Fuchen, which was only at the 8th level of the Earth Realm and was considered a part of the bottom feeders. But apart from her formidable light body technique, it seemed like she had formidable light body secret technique as well.

If Jiang Ruoliu was like a swan goose, Yan Qingwu would be a swallow. After stepping off the cliff for around four times, she effortlessly climbed up the cliff.

“All these elite prodigies are indeed worthy of their titles. Even the weakest Light Dance Fairy, Yan Qingwu is incredible.”

There were plenty of people who were feeling rather inferior as they felt that their innate potential were far too poor when compared to these elite prodigies.

“This Li Fuchen has yet to climb the cliff. Is he lacking confidence and feeling afraid right!?”

“From what I see, a 1-star bone frame is ultimately just a poor 1-star bone frame. I reckon that he has some limitations. I just wonder why he was able to pass the sixth mystic martial door and got accepted as a personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert.”

“The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain cannot represent anything. Perhaps he is just more suitable for the tests.”

Everyone began to doubt Li Fuchen, especially after knowing that he was just a 1-star bone frame. They were all unconvinced and were all waiting for Li Fuchen to put on a shameful performance.

The reason why Li Fuchen stayed behind was mainly that he wanted to see the performance from the others.

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In terms of light body technique, Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu was undoubtedly the first. Situ Lei and Luo Feiyu were ranked second, while the others had their own merits. Yan Qingwu was still lacking some maturity. Her light body technique might be competent, but her cultivation was still rather low.

“It’s my turn.”

Taking a deep breath, Li Fuchen circulated the Black Wind Three Clones. He stomped on the surface of the ground and burst towards the sky.

500 meters, 800 meters, 1000 meters, 1200 meters.

From below, be it the ones observing or the ones still climbing the cliff, every one of them were gaping and speechless.

1500 meters.

A single leap was enough for Li Fuchen to ascend 1500 meters and that wasn’t even his limit.

He might not have cultivated a mystic class high-tier light body technique, but he had cultivated the mystic class mid-tier Black Wind Three Clones to its extremity. His Black Wind Three Clones technique intent was already at the completion rank. Which allowed him to move like the wind as he couldn’t even feel any resistance.

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