Chapter 289: Ascending the Mountain

Situ Lei stood with his hands behind his back. He swept his eyes across all the elite prodigies, including Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist and let out a faint smile.

With his ability at this stage, there was no need to consider the possibility of losing. In his eyes, no one was a match for him, not even the Immovable King Star and Golden Whip King Star. In his opinion, they were simply a stronger opponent.

Hence his attitude was different from everyone here. He emitted a qi presence that made those around him feel like he was almighty.

‘There might not be any good matches, but it would still be interesting to experience some unfamiliar opponents.’ Situ Lei thought to himself.

With the three of them arriving, all the elites prodigies were here.

Three King Stars, Six Young Masters, Four Fairies.

Every one of them either looked imposing, cool, gentle, stern, or refined. It looked like an illusion, but everyone could somehow feel that these 13 qi presences weren’t inferior to a Reincarnation Realm martial artist. They all felt like true dragons, though young, their constitution were the same as those dragons.

Apart from the 13 of them, there were actually quite a few other elite prodigies. People like Xiahou Shi and Li Fuchen.

Of course, apart from Li Fuchen, the rest of them were 5-star bone frames.

For all these 5-star bone frames, as long as they were able to demonstrate their extraordinary innate potential, they would be qualified to become the King Stars, Young Masters, or Faires; which would make their names renowned in the world.

“Hmph, what Six Young Masters. Had it not been for my young age three years back, I would have taken one of the places as the Six Young Masters.”

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Some of the prodigies from the other sects sneered.

There were naturally more than one individual who was unconvinced. As long as they were 5-star bone frames, their hearts would be unconvinced. They believed that they weren’t inferior to anyone else, including those King Stars, Young Masters, and Fairies

‘Stars Ranking… Stars Ranking. This sure is a gathering of stars, a dance of dragons.’

With so many prodigies gathered, even Li Fuchen couldn’t help but feel a grand atmosphere.

He was ultimately still a human and not a saint. He had the emotions and desires that every human had. He too had his ambitions and aspirations.

In the face of so many prodigies, his battle intent seemed to have awakened.

In the past, when facing all these regular prodigies, he would have had to make an all-out effort, but he didn’t feel any tension in his heart as he knew he was going to win.

But this time was different. The Stars Ranking Tournament consisted of many elite prodigies and he couldn’t be certain of the final result. After all, everyone had their own trump and hidden moves. In appearance, he who had the worst disadvantage as an 8th level Earth Realm martial artist, was actually holding the trump of all trumps.

Li Fuchen wasn’t the only one who was fired up, everybody else also felt their blood racing.

It was nothing to be awe-inspiring in a certain region. One would only be truly awe-inspiring when they were known throughout the entire continent.

The Stars Ranking Tournament was the gathering of stars and the assembly of prodigies. It was extremely hard to obtain a ranking, but once accomplished, it would be sufficient to prove that they were the prodigies of this generation and that they were an existence that must not be disregarded in this generation.

Apart from the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei, the rest of the elite prodigies all had a brilliance in their eyes. Their opponents weren’t the others, but each other.

If the others were striving to become prodigies, then they were striving to be this generation’s main lead.

Generational prodigies were merely participants, but generational main leads could shift the clouds and the rain. They could change the lands and dictate this continent.

Situ Lei was rather calm because he knew that no one in this Stars Ranking Tournament could threaten him.

This Stars Ranking Tournament was just a game to him and soon enough, this game was going to end.

“I miss those days back when I was young.” One of the Reincarnation Realm martial artists was overwhelmed with feelings.

Back then, he was also a prodigy and had experienced the Stars Ranking Tournament. During that moment, he was full of mettle and had bursting battle intent. He was still immature, but his fighting spirit was much stronger than what he had right now.

He might be a Reincarnation Realm martial artist now, but as the years of cultivation extended, his fighting spirit gradually decreased. His subconscious mind had been admonishing him that he was already a Reincarnation Realm martial artist and there was no need for risks or any chance encounters. It was just too difficult to progress from the Reincarnation Realm to the Battle Spirit Realm and there was no need to risk it. Since there were no Battle Spirit Realm experts on the East Unicorn Continent, he just had to cultivate as per normal as he might perish if he took any risks.

“What is there to miss? They are just a bunch of chicks. Who knows how many of them will be able to truly mature…”

There were some Reincarnation Realm martial artist who were disdained and full of contempt.

“That is right. Only after reaching the Reincarnation Realm would they be able to take control of their own fate. Right now, they still cannot do so.”

It was obvious that among all these Reincarnation Realm martial artists, most of them thought that these prodigies of the Stars Ranking Tournament might be glorious, but their best ending would be to progress as a new group of Reincarnation Realm martial artist. They assumed that it would be impossible for these prodigies to surpass themselves.

Since this was going to be the result, why did they have to bother?

They were already at the peak but these prodigies were just at the waist of the mountain.

The foot of Mt. Star Fate was covered in mist and there was only one entrance to ascend the mountain. There was a giant stone gate constructed there and a long flight of stone stairs. The stone gate was the starting point which extended towards the foot of the mountain. Once everyone reached there, there were no more stone stairs. There wasn’t even a single mountain path and everyone had to rely on themselves to find a path to ascend.

Previously the stone gate had a rule intent, which didn’t allow anyone to enter. But after a long period of time, there was a ‘pop’ sound as the rule intent vanished. A gust of wind rushed out from within the stone gates and blew onto everyone.

“Mt. Star Fate has been opened. Quickly go and ascend the mountain.”

All the experts from the various sects urged their disciples.

Swish, Swish, Swish, Swish…

Hundreds of prodigies from various sects all executed their maneuver skills and darted towards the stone gate.

There were some prodigies that burst out with their maximum speed.

They knew clearly in their hearts that Mt. Star Fate was incomparably tall. If they were a little faster now, it wouldn’t give them any distinctive advantage, but if they were too slow then the result might not be what they hoped for.

The first batch of people didn’t have to bother about anything else and simply ascended the mountain.

As for those people behind, they had to deal with the obstructions or interference from others.

In the past, there were prodigies that were severely injured and unable to continue.

Thus, they all wanted to be the first batch of people.

Of course, by trying to get a head start, it meant that they weren’t confident. Those who had true confidence didn’t need to bother about burst speed and just followed behind leisurely with neither fast nor slow speed.

“Li Fuchen, do your best!” Zhao Mingyue transmitted a message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen waved his hand and skimmed towards the stone gate.

“You are impressive. But this year still isn’t our year.” Yan Qingwu brushed pass Li Fuchen and left a statement.

Li Fuchen didn’t give any response.

The others might think he was just here to join in the fun and would only be able to venture into the top 36.

But only he knew that his time was precious and he didn’t have the time to participate in another Stars Ranking Tournament.

Thus, this year’s Stars Ranking Tournament was his only chance.

He was going to put in an all-out effort and strive for the no.1 rank.

After entering the stone gate, there was a stone stair which was covered in mist. Once at this place, fights were already bursting out.

Everyone was an enemy in the Stars Ranking Tournament. It would be fine if no one tried to restrain them, but once someone did, they wouldn’t hold back their intense battle intent.

The stone stairs were narrow and overcrowded, while no one dared to venture into the mist on both sides.


Once the battle erupted, Li Fuchen was also engulfed in it.

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The disturbed Li Fuchen instantly burst out with his 16th rank True Inferno Technique and 3-star secret technique, Mystical Dragon Secret Technique. He then ‘killed’ his way out of the place.

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