Chapter 288: Imperious Aura

Tri-Absolute Fairy, Jiang Ruoliu had a gorgeous look and this noble aura, which made her look like a goddess.

For now, among the Four Fairies, Tri-Absolute Fairy was slightly superior.

But it was only for now.

In terms of pure looks, the three other fairies weren’t inferior to Jiang Ruoliu. They were only losing out in terms of cultivation and foundation.

Even if a woman had average looks, if she was able to cultivate to a high realm, she would naturally emit this extraordinary aura. It could be said that as one’s cultivation increased, their aura would also increase in quality; it was a drastic increase.

With the cultivation at the half-step Heaven Realm, Jiang Ruoliu’s aura was around the same as a Heaven Realm martial artist. Hence, it was surely superior to the three other fairies.

Of course, looks and aura wasn’t part of the Tri-Absolute Jiang Ruoliu.

The first absolute was Jiang Ruoliu’s light body technique, the second was her palm arts, and the third was her illusion arts.

During the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, not even the Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei was able to completely resist against Jiang Ruoliu’s illusion arts. Fortunately, it only slightly affected him.

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Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong placed third in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.

He who was one of the Three King Stars, had this stalwart figure and wore this crown as he gave off a thriving heroic spirit. He had an ineffable imperious aura and drive. All those who had been glanced at by him would feel as though they were marked by a falcon that had aggressive eyes.

If the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng was an enormous mountain, then the Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong was a blazing sun which was bursting with radiance.

“He is indeed worthy to be a King Star!”

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist could feel the strong imperious aura from Jin Xudong’s body.

Because of different personalities, everyone displayed their qi presence in a different manner.

Some had a reserved qi presence, some had bizarre qi presence, some had robust ones, while others had mild qi presences.

Jin Xudong’s qi presence was like the blazing sun, which constantly radiated its imperious aura.

Against such an existence, those with a weak spirit will wouldn’t be able to produce any battle intent.

The night and day couldn’t co-exist. The instant when the sun rose up, all the stars had to make way, for the sun was unstoppable.

At this moment, Li Fuchen finally understood why there were only Three King Stars, why Qi Heng and Jin Xudong were able to attain the title as King Stars.

It wasn’t because of innate potential.

In terms of innate potential, the others might not be inferior to the Three King Stars.

It was because of the imperious aura.

The Three King Stars had the imperious aura that none of the other youth generations had.

This imperious aura wasn’t tyranny, it was a kind of demeanor which deemed oneself as a king, which despised everything with extreme confidence.

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There were some individuals who were able to emit a split moment of imperious aura, which was created by a unique environment and emotion. But the Three King Stars were like real kings, and the imperious aura were like a part of them.

Apart from the Three King Stars, Young Master Dragon Sword also had an imperious aura. But Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye’s imperious aura contained tyranny, forming a unique monarch aura.

The monarch aura presented oneself as supreme and mighty, which was even more extreme.

In legends, during the era when absolute experts strived for the pinnacle, there were those who were of the Sword Emperor Dao. Such dao was extremely tyrannical, but a pity that it would easily meet a dead end.

The East Unicorn Continent once had a kingdom, but because the Emperor revered himself as supreme, hence he collapsed easily. Afterwards, when all the sects had risen in numbers, no kingdom appeared again.

From that point onwards, everyone knew that the monarch’s dao wasn’t easy and there might not even be a complete path.

After detecting Li Fuchen’s eyes, Jin Xudong turned his head to look over with harsh and intensive eyes.

‘Such a tyrannical spirit will.’ Li Fuchen was slightly surprised.

One’s spirit will was related to one’s personality. There were some personalities that caused the spirit will to be more condensed and tough. While there were some personalities that caused the spirit will to have this aggressiveness.

Jin Xudong’s spirit will was like the blazing sun, which was scorching and tyrannical.

Of course, Li Fuchen was only slightly surprised.

He was surprised that Jin Xudong’s spirit will was the strongest among all the youth generations that he had come across.

A pity that it wasn’t enough to shock him.

Li Fuchen was surprised, but Jin Xudong felt even more so.

He had heard of Li Fuchen and also saw Li Fuchen’s portrait as well, hence it only took him a single glance to recognize Li Fuchen.

He knew that Li Fuchen was the most astounding talent in the East Unicorn Continent during this year.

After all, even though they were the Three King Stars, none of them were accepted as a personal disciple of the first or the second Mystic Martial Experts. Li Fuchen was actually the first person to be accepted as a personal disciple under the first Mystic Martial Expert.

Hence, for his first glance, he did it deliberately and wanted to test Li Fuchen. The result made him very surprised.

If his spirit will was like the blazing sun, then Li Fuchen’s spirit will was like the starry sky, which was abstruse and vast.

No matter how blazing the sun was, it was unable to compare to the starry sky, as the sun was part of the sky.

“Interesting.” Jin Xudong revealed a smile.

Li Fuchen’s spirit will did surprise him, but in this world, there were many aspects to a martial artist’s strength. Spirit will was one aspect and as long as it wasn’t too weak, everything else could be adjusted.

“Top 30? Or top 20?”

Jin Xudong made a rather low evaluation due to Li Fuchen’s cultivation. He thought that Li Fuchen’s limits would be the top 20.

Li Fuchen didn’t know about Jin Xudong’s thoughts. Even if he knew, he wouldn’t mind either. Li Fuchen shifted his gaze from Jin Xudong and to the last elite prodigy… the no.1 King Star, Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei.

The title as the no.1 King Star was extremely glorious.

In a certain degree, the no.1 King Star also meant no.1 prodigy. It meant that he was the king of the prodigies.

Thunderous King Star, Situ Lei similarly had this stalwart figure and was even taller than Jin Xudong. He was merely slightly shorter than Immovable King Star, Qi Heng.

He who was well-built had an upper body of a small mountain, which was supported by his long legs. His entire figure gave off a feeling like he was thunder himself. When he wasn’t moving, he was firm like a mountain, but when he moved, he was vigorous like thunder.

When speaking of Situ Lei, one had to talk about the Thunder God Sect as well.

The Thunder God Sect was the no.1 sect in the East Unicorn Continent. They had the most Reincarnation Realm martial artists and also the most powerful ones.

The Thunder God Sect doesn’t have a variety of martial dao and is biased towards the thunder attribute.

Be it their cultivation techniques, secret techniques, or various martial arts, all of them were of the thunder attributes. The most famous ones among them were the no.1 cultivation technique of the Thunder God Sect, Thunder Lightning Divine Technique; 5-star secret technique, Heart of Thunder; and the no.1 martial arts, Heaven Thunder Death.

Thunder attribute martial arts were extremely tyrannical and violent. Against those at the same cultivation realm and conditions, the disciples of the Thunder God Sect would be able to completely oppress other sects’ disciple. In terms of speed and attack power, they belonged to the top class. Only their defensive abilities were slightly inferior.

But in the face of absolute attack power, there was no difference with slight inferiority in defenses.

There was a saying, ‘the best defense is a good offense’, and it was very reasonable to use it in this case.

As the generational prodigy of the Thunder God Sect, Situ Lei had a 6-star thunder bone frame and was favored by the heavens when he cultivated thunder attribute martial arts. As long as it was thunder attribute martial arts, he would be able to learn them quickly.

His ability could be described as absolute power in the youth generations and there was nearly no shortcomings.

He had an oppressive advantage in all factors.

In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, not even the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng and Golden Whip King Star, Jin Xudong, were able to give Situ Lei any great of a challenge.

The formidable ability of Situ Lei was already unfathomable, like the black clouds in the sky. No one knew how much thunder and lightning it could hold within.

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