Chapter 287: Top Ten Sects

Of course, there would always be pressure but to Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist, such pressure wasn’t worth mentioning.

Not even the Immovable King Star, Qi Heng would be able to make Li Fuchen feel any trace of fear.

With his cultivation at the 8th level of the Earth Realm, he believed that he could fight with anyone. Moreover, he wanted to fight to his heart’s content in battle.

Soon enough, another elite sect had arrived. This time it was the Wind Snow Sect.

Similar to the Eternal Spring Valley, the Snow Wind Sect had two elite prodigies.

They were Young Master Gale and Icy Snow Fairy.

Young Master Gale, Han Yiming was at the peak stage of the Earth Realm and he was ranked 12th in the previous tournament.

Icy Snow Fairy, Xu Lin was also at the peak stage of the Earth Realm. She was ranked 15th in the previous Stars Ranking Tournament.

Young Master Gale, Han Yiming had a presence just as his title suggested. He stood there like a breeze and not even your qi intention could catch hold of him. If a regular martial artist were to face him, they would probably lose their battle intention before they fought. After all, if your qi intention couldn’t even lock onto him, how were you going to fight?

Icy Snow Fairy, Xu Lin also had a presence that lived up to her title. She might not be emitting icy cold qi presence, but those with acute senses should be able to feel that her body contained some icy cold power.

Fan Qiansong introduced, “Young Master Gale has the no.1 light body technique among all the youth generations. In the previous tournament, he had already comprehended a mystic class mid-tier light body technique intent. This time, he must have reached a new level, he might even have comprehended a mystic class high-tier light body technique intent.”

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“As for Icy Snow Fairy, Xu Lin… In the previous tournament, she had cultivated the Wind Snow Sect’s mystic class peak-tier cultivation technique, True Ice Soul Technique to the 16th rank. In terms of cultivation technique rank, even the Three King Stars were inferior to her. It is said that apart from having the 6-star icy snow bone frame, her body constitution seems to be some incredible icy cold constitution. Hence, it only required her half the effort to cultivate cold techniques. She is truly blessed by the heavens.”

After hearing the information, Li Fuchen lifted his brows.

This Young Master Gale mustn’t be underestimated.

According to what he knew, the majority of the martial artists were only at the mystic class low-tier in their light body technique. There were only a rare few who were able to cultivate mystic class mid-tier light body techniques.

Everyone had a limit in their energy and you must not take that limited energy to go do too many things. Otherwise, you would be able to do nothing well enough.

‘I wonder how is his level of martial arts?’

Light body techniques were incredible, but without competent martial arts, it would be useless.

Martial arts was the most important factor for a martial artist.

After shifting his eyes from Han Yiming to Icy Snow Fairy, Xu Lin. Li Fuchen had this expression of admiration in his eyes.

She had cultivated the mystic class peak-tier technique, True Ice Soul Technique to the 16th rank three years ago. This cultivation talent was truly horrific. His current cultivation technique was only at the peak stage of 16th rank, but he was still lacking something to reach the 17th rank.

‘Perhaps she is already at the 17th rank!’

Li Fuchen found it hard to imagine the power of a 17th rank mystic class peak-tier technique. For mystic class peak-tier techniques, after the 15th rank, every rank was drastically different. The 16th and 17th rank might only be a difference of one rank, but in a real fight, the latter would be able to oppress the former. Of course, that was only when they were comparing purely in terms of cultivation technique while the other attributes were even.

Time passed quickly and the Heaven Fiend Sect arrived.

As one of the Four Fairies, Light Dance Fairy, Yan Qingwu. She had naturally become the center of attention for everyone.

In this year’s Stars Ranking Tournament, Yan Qingwu was definitely the youngest.

Even in the history of the Stars Ranking Tournament, Yan Qingwu was also the youngest.

Participating in the Stars Ranking Tournament as an 18-year-old was something that 6-star bone frames found it hard to do.

Someone predicted that in the next Stars Ranking Tournament, Yan Qingwu was going to become an invincible existence. Even in this year’s tournament, she was probably going to be ranked quite high.

From afar, Yan Qingwu glared at Li Fuchen.

Everyone envied her 6-star bone frame, but to her, Li Fuchen was an anomaly.

A mere 1-star bone frame could actually make it all the way here.

Initially, she assumed that there wouldn’t be many chances for her to encounter Li Fuchen again. Some things were meant to be forgotten once it was over.

But she never expected to see Li Fuchen’s cultivation speed to speed up instead of slowing down after a realm breakthrough and he was even faster than a 6-star bone frame.

Generally, when someone with a poor bone frame broke through a new cultivation realm by fluke, their cultivation would normally halt in progress.

For example, a 2-star bone frame had a 20% chance in progressing to the Earth Realm, but even after doing so, they would normally need many years before increasing another cultivation level. Some of the 2-star bone frames would die of old age and still be at the 4th or 5th level of Earth Realm. It was truly a rare occurrence for them to even be able to reach the 7th or 8th level of the Earth Realm.

In other words, with Li Fuchen’s bone frame, after progressing to the Earth Realm, he shouldn’t have been able to breakthrough for at least ten years. But how long has it been since Li Fuchen reached the Earth Realm, he was now already at the 8th level of the Earth Realm.

Although there might be some contribution from the Star Road Hidden Domain and elixirs, Li Fuchen would still have to increase quite a few levels by himself.

‘His perception is far beyond normal humans. Is that the crucial point?’ Yan Qingwu pondered.

If Li Fuchen knew what Yan Qingwu was thinking, he would fundamentally agree with it. But it was only on fundamental terms.

The reason why his cultivation speed was so fast, wasn’t just because of perception, as there were many other important factors.

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Like his spirit will an awareness.

A powerful spirit will, would allow him to progress rationally and clearly, without any unstable mindset or any signs of losing control of his own power.

A powerful awareness allowed him to understand his own body, making it easier for him to circulate his qi and breakthrough.

If he was to just rely on perception, Li Fuchen’s current cultivation speed would still be incomparable to 6-star bone frames.

Of course, it was mainly because he was still young.

Su Muyu who was also 20 years of age, had a higher cultivation level than Li Fuchen.

But after progressing to the Heaven Realm, Li Fuchen would slowly catch up and when his True Inferno Technique broke through to the 17th or 18th rank, his cultivation speed would be at a whole different level.


Including Yan Qingwu, three of the Four Fairies were here. All of the Six Young Masters were here. One of the Three King Stars were here.

After counting them, there was still three elite prodigies that had yet to arrive.

These three elite prodigies were the head of the Four Fairies, Tri-Absolute Fairy. The head of the Three King Stars, Thunderous King Star and the weakest of the Three King Stars, Golden Whip King Star.

The Tri-Absolute Fairy was ranked 7th in the previous tournament.

The Thunderous King Star was ranked 1st in the previous tournament.

The Golden Whip King Star was ranked 3rd in the previous tournament.

There were all heavyweight-class figures.

“The Tri-Absolute Temple is here.”

“The Thunder God Sect is here too.”

“And the Golden Extinct Hall.”

It seemed like they had discussed this earlier. In just 15 minutes, the members of the three elite sects had all arrived.

As of now, the top ten elite sects were all here.

They were the… Celestial Star Sect, Doulin Clan, Mystic Tools Sect, Eternal Spring Valley, Sky Dragon Sword Sect, High Heaven Sword Sect, Wind Snow Sect, Tri-Absolute Temple, Thunder God Sect, and Golden Extinct Hall.

Among them, the Thunder God Sect was the strongest in strength and was also known as the no.1 sect in the continent.

When people said that the Mystic Tools Sect was the most terrifying, that was mainly because of their extremely long history, which was even longer than the Thunder God Sect. No one was able to truly see how deep and solid their foundation was. But on the surface, the Thunder God Sect was the uncontroversial no.1. The sect that had the most number of Reincarnation Realm martial artists and also the strongest Reincarnation Realm martial artist.

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