Chapter 263: Personal Disciple

“An earth class body refinement technique isn’t so easy to cultivate, furthermore, I don’t even know what earth class body refinement technique this is.” Breathing out some turbid air, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist had no idea about the patterns on his body and could only make guesses.

Moreover, the patterns seemed to have been embedded into his blood vessels, but Li Fuchen didn’t go study it.

A stone door appeared while Li Fuchen walked into it.

Without being teleported onto the plaza, the place that Li Fuchen appeared on was still the mystic martial main path.

In front of him, was the eighth mystic martial door, the Door of Heaven.

“He passed?” The eight Mystic Martial Experts all took in a breath of cold air.

Even though they predicted that Li Fuchen had quite a good chance to pass the seventh mystic martial door, the Door of Earth. When Li Fuchen truly passed it, they were still very shocked.

Since the day they arrived at the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, no one has been able to pass the Door of Earth.

No, not right.

No one even entered the Door of Earth.

Li Fuchen was the first person to enter the Door of Earth and also the first person to pass the Door of Earth.

The eight of them didn’t know that once a person could enter the Door of Earth, they would be able to pass the Door of Earth.

“Eighth mystic martial door, Door of Heaven!”

Li Fuchen’s eyes were burning brightly as he stared at the Door of Heaven.

As his body flashed, Li Fuchen advanced and skimmed into the Door of Heaven.


In the next moment, Li Fuchen was blasted out.

His left hand was trembling and on the center of his palm, there was a deep imprint.

This imprint was as unfathomable than the heaven dao. Compared to the pattern obtained in the Door of Earth, it was a difference of heaven and earth, and there was no way to compare them.

But that imprint vanished swiftly and he could no longer feel its existence. It seemed as though it had never existed before.

“Imprint of heaven, the pattern of the earth. What exactly are they?” Taking in a deep breath, Li Fuchen tried hard to regain his composure.

The space within the Door of Heaven was a vast starry sky, but it was different from the serenity of the Star Road Hidden Domain. The starry sky within the Door of Heaven was filled with danger. As soon as Li Fuchen entered within, a light was shot at him and he only had enough time to lift his left hand, before he was blasted out of the Door of Heaven.

“He was blasted out?” The eight Mystic Martial Experts were in doubt.

After entering the mystic martial doors, one would be teleported out due to failure or would pass it. But Li Fuchen was blasted out?

“It seems like he didn’t pass the Door of Heaven.” The preeminent man spoke.

On the plaza, a figure appeared. It was, Li Fuchen.

“Li Fuchen is out!”

“Damn, he had been in the mystic martial main path for a very long time. I wonder how many doors did he pass?”

“At least the fifth mystic martial door. But, I am not sure if he passed the sixth mystic martial door?”

Everyone was in a heated discussion and looking curiously at Li Fuchen.

“How many mystic martial doors did you pass?” Su Muyu asked, by sending a message with her qi.

Li Fuchen stared blankly for a moment and replied, “Sixth mystic martial door.”

He wasn’t very familiar with Su Muyu, hence he didn’t have to tell her the truth.

Su Muyu looked closely at Li Fuchen and somehow felt that he was lying.

‘Passing the sixth mystic martial door later than me. It means his result is inferior to mine.’ Chiyu Ye was thinking in this way.

Although he did feel unhappy earlier on, but things were already at this stage. The thing that he was truly mindful of, was which Mystic Martial Expert would accept him as a personal disciple.

His target was naturally the first or second Mystic Martial Experts, while the third Mystic Martial Expert was his minimum target.

“He is worthy to be the prey I have targeted. I wonder how much luck will come to me after I kill him.” Among the crowd, Xiahou Shi was licking his lips, while a trace of killing intent flashed by.

Ahead of the plaza was eight stone platforms.

Swish, swish, swish, swish…

Eight figures descended from the sky and landed on the stone platforms.

The two in the middle were naturally the first and second Mystic Martial Experts, the preeminent man, and the white-haired elder.

Firstly, it was the accepting of the write-in disciples.

The others were still easier, as they accepted write-in cadets who passed the first and second mystic martial doors. But when it came to the white-haired elder, his target was actually three individuals that passed the third mystic martial door.

During this attempt of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, there were nine who passed the third door, six who passed the fourth door, four who passed the fifth door, and two who passed the sixth door.

Among the three of them, two of them agreed to be the white-haired elder’s write-in disciple.

It was actually quite good to be a write-in disciple for the second Mystic Martial Expert, but most importantly, they didn’t have confidence in themselves. If they were to reject the white-haired elder, it would be a huge loss if they were not able to become a personal disciple for the other Mystic Martial Experts.

But how could the three of them know that the eight Mystic Martial Experts had already discussed beforehand, as long as someone wanted them as the personal disciple, the others would not accept them as a write-in disciple. Which meant to say that, the three individuals that the white-haired elder had picked, weren’t going to be accepted as a personal disciple.

After the white-haired elder finished his selection, it was the preeminent man’s turn.

The preeminent man picked the leftover person as a write-in disciple.

This individual hesitated for a moment and decided to accept it.

His result was at the third mystic martial door. He believed he did well, but he wasn’t confident that he could become a personal disciple under any of the Mystic Martial Experts.

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As such, there was no one else present, except Li Fuchen and the five others.

These six individuals all passed the fourth mystic martial door and if there weren’t any hiccups, they would all be taken in as personal disciples.

The difference was, which Mystic Martial Expert would take them in?

“Are you willing to become my personal disciple.” The first to speak was the eighth Mystic Martial Expert, who was a skinny man and he was speaking to Han Feng.

“I am willing.”

Han Feng was reluctant, but he had no choice but to accept it.

He spoke to himself in ruthless tone, ‘The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain doesn’t represent anything. There are some things that cannot be tested in the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. I don’t believe that my future achievements will be inferior to the others.’

“Are you willing to become my personal disciple.” The sixth Mystic Martial Expert who was a tall and sturdy man, spoked to Xiahou Shi.

Xiahou Shi stared blankly. He passed the fifth mystic martial door and was actually picked second? It was fine if Li Fuchen, Chiyu Ye and Su Muyu were better than him, but even Li Xiangru who only passed the fourth mystic martial door was judged better than him. For what reason?

He might be reluctant, but he had no choice but to accept as well.

“I am willing.” Xiahou Shi replied.

The tall and sturdy man nodded. Xiahou Shi’s burst strength was rather outstanding and was suitable for himself.

“Are you willing to become my personal disciple?” The fifth Mystic Martial Expert, who was a middle-aged beauty, spoke to Li Xiangru.

Li Xiangru’s result was actually very outstanding and she could see that Li Xiangru only had the sword in his heart. Such an individual would surely be able to reach a higher achievement.

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“I am.” Li Xiangru’s expression remained the same and didn’t have a hint of emotion.

“Interesting!” The middle-aged beauty let out a smile.

After it was Su Muyu. The one who asked her was the third Mystic Martial Expert, the man with phoenix eyes.

Su Muyu naturally accepted.

‘Will it be the first or the second?’ Chiyu Ye’s eyes flickered with an unusual glow.

Since the third Mystic Martial Expert didn’t pick him, then it would surely be the first or second Mystic Martial Expert who will pick him.

It was an impossible thing for him to not be chosen.

He passed the sixth mystic martial door and if he still wasn’t able to become a personal disciple under a Mystic Martial Expert, then this Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was just a place to obtain compliments and wasn’t worth it for him to stay.

“You barely qualify to be my personal disciple.” As expected, the white-haired elder smiled with narrow eyes as he spoke to Chiyu Ye.

“Chiyu Ye will not disappoint you.”

Chiyu Yu spoke with revere and also confidence.

The white-haired elder laughed and didn’t say anything, as he looked over to Li Fuchen.

It wasn’t only the white-haired elder but the rest of the Mystic Martial Experts’ eyes also fell on Li Fuchen as well.

Li Fuchen was this generation’s most terrifying and insane talent. He passed the seventh mystic martial door and entered the eighth mystic martial door, the Door of Heaven. Just this result alone was shocking enough, compared to him, even Chiyu Ye was overshadowed.

“You have more than enough capability to be my personal disciple. If you are willing.” The preeminent man spoke.

Once he spoke, everyone present was shocked into utter silence.

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