Chapter 262: Door of Earth

Without any hesitations, Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s body flashed and skimmed into the seventh mystic martial door.

The seventh mystic martial door was called the Door of Earth.

All of the eight mystic martial doors had a name.

The first door was called the Door of Swamp, the second door was called the Door of Mountain. Then it was the Door of Fire, Door of Water, Door of Lightning, Door of Wind, Door of Earth, and Door of Heaven.

The Door of Earth and Door of Heaven were also known as the Two Doors of Heaven and Earth. Since ancient times, no one has been able to pass them.

The space within the Door of Earth was a huge spacious land of the mother earth.

When standing on this piece of land, Li Fuchen could feel boundless energy hovering over him, causing his body to gradually turn stiff, while his thoughts weren’t as clear anymore.

In the blink of the eye, Li Fuchen was covered by stone energy and turned into a stone structure which seemed to have been weathered by the wind and snow for a long time.

In the eight abodes, the eight Mystic Martial Experts were not able to see any images of within the Door of Earth.

The eight doors might be known as the eight mystic martial doors, but in fact, they could only see into six of time. The Door of Earth and Heaven were something that they could set their foot in, nor was it a place that other prodigies could get into.

The previous three prodigies that passed the sixth mystic martial door, all relied on enduring for a sufficient amount of time before passing the sixth mystic martial door, hence they were not qualified to enter the seventh mystic martial door. Perhaps for these countless years, only Li Fuchen was qualified to enter the Door of Earth.

“I wonder what he will experience in the Door of Earth?” The white-haired elder asked with curiosity.

The preeminent man replied, “The eight mystic martial doors are the mimic of the eight Doors of Dao, which contains the secrets of heaven and earth. Especially the Two Doors of Heaven and Earth, which contains the initial phases of the heaven and earth dao. The eight mystic martial doors might just be a mimic and might not even have a ten-thousandth of the quintessence, but they must not be underestimated. There must be something strange happening in the Door of Earth and this fate isn’t something that we can spy on.”

The Doors of Dao existed only in the myths.

Legends said that if anyone could see the Doors of Dao, then they weren’t too far away from becoming a myth.

Of course, a legend was just a legend and no one knew whether did the Doors of Dao existed.

The moment Li Fuchen was turned into a stone statue, he felt that his thoughts were solidified and he had instantaneously lost his ability to think and his ability to feel. It didn’t matter if he had a strong spirit or willpower, because the Door of Earth was involved with the secrets of heaven and earth. It wasn’t anything like the first six stone doors.

What Li Fuchen didn’t know was that the moment he became a stone statue, dao patterns began to extend all over his body.

These dao patterns were similar to tool patterns and also similar to the technique’s cultivation routes.

The extending of the patterns were very slow and it took one hour before it was all over his body.

In this instance, a profound and majestic qi presence was emitted, making it feel as though Li Fuchen’s stone statue had become heavier than a large mountain. It was more grandeur and forceful than a lake. This entire land was taking him as a center of it all.

Li Fuchen didn’t know what was happening to his body, but the golden amulet obviously knew. It was gradually revolving, allowing the patterns to engrave themselves inside of Li Fuchen’s body.

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As traces of time flowed along, blotches of azure color began to form on the stone statue.


In the space of wind blades.

Once the time was up, Chiyu Ye’s body began to condense.

When Chiyu Ye opened his eyes, and his body was diffusing an indescribably imperious and arrogant presence.

He had passed the sixth mystic martial door.

This meant that he wasn’t inferior to the Three King Stars and in terms of innate potential, he was at the pinnacle of the East Unicorn Continent.

“I should be the fourth person to pass the sixth mystic martial door. After venturing in the outside world for a year, it was enough for me to reach the pinnacle and be on par with the Three King Stars.” Chiyu Ye grinned and let out a smile that viewed himself with supremacy.

A door of whirlwind appeared while Chiyu Ye stepped into it.

When Chiyu Ye reappeared, he was teleported out into the main path and was in a gigantic plaza.

This plaza was the waiting area, where all the people that had passed the first mystic martial door.

“Chiyu Ye is out.”

“No wonder he is the Young Master Dragon Sword. From the looks of it, he might have passed the sixth mystic martial door.”

“Incredible, Xiahou Chuan had passed the fifth mystic martial door and was accepted as the personal disciple for the fourth Mystic Martial Expert. Chiyu Ye will probably be taken in under the third Mystic Martial Expert, he might even have the chance to be taken in by the second Mystic Martial Expert.”

“This time, Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi had passed the fifth mystic martial door, I wonder which Mystic Martial Experts will take them in.”

Looking at Chiyu Ye, everyone was looking with admiration.

Compared to Chiyu Ye, Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi, they were only trying their luck.

If they had great luck, they might possibly be taken in as a personal disciple, if they had average luck, they might be able to become a write-in disciple. But if they had bad luck, they could say goodbye to becoming a write-in disciple.

It was rather unpredictable, for the Mystic Martial Experts to accept those write-in disciples who didn’t pass the fourth mystic martial door. There were some that were refused even if they passed the third mystic martial door, but there were some who were taken in even though they only passed the first mystic martial door. It seemed to be according to the performance in one of the mystic martial doors.

“Did he pass the sixth mystic martial door?”

Su Muyu and Xiahou Shi looked towards Chiyu Ye.

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After experiencing the space of wind blades, the two of them knew deeply about the difficulty of the sixth mystic martial door.

It was still within everyone’s expectation for Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye to pass the sixth mystic martial door.

There was a faint smile on Chiyu Ye’s face while he stood upright, while his eyes were bursting with vigor.

“Where is he?”

Chiyu Ye looked around and didn’t see Li Fuchen.

When venturing into the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, as long as one could pass the first mystic martial door, one would be allowed to stay temporarily. Obviously, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be expelled from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

“Is he still not out yet?” Chiyu Ye frowned.

He already knew that in order to pass the sixth mystic martial door, one just had to persevere for a certain amount of time. According to the time passed, Li Fuchen must still be within the sixth mystic martial door’s space of wind blades.

After one hour later, Chiyu Ye’s expression looked unpleasant.

The longer time Li Fuchen took, it meant that the higher the probability of him passing the sixth mystic martial door.

It was sufficient for himself to pass the sixth mystic martial door and there wasn’t a need for a second individual.

Especially since Li Fuchen was also a swordsman.

After two hours, Chiyu Ye’s expression was extremely gloomy.

He was an arrogant individual and he didn’t even put those top rankers in the Stars Ranking in his eyes. Only the Three King Stars could incite his battle intent.


In the spacious land of the Door of Earth…


A crack appeared on Li Fuchen’ stone statue.

Immediately after, there were the second and third cracks following…

In just a moment, the stone statue was filled with cracks, as stone fragments fell from it and vanished.

When the last piece of stone fragment fell off, Li Fuchen opened his eyes.

“What happened?”

Li Fuchen was very curious.

He still had some consciousness when he was within the sixth mystic martial door’s space of wind blades, but he didn’t have a hint of consciousness in this space of mother earth. It was as though his entire body had sunk into the deepest level of slumber.

When Li Fuchen lowered his head, he quickly realized that there were faint patterns on the surface of his palms.

He pried open the clothes on his chest and saw patterns on his chest too.

“These patterns?” Li Fuchen got a shock.

He could sense traces of tool patterns similarities from these patterns, which also had the similarities to technique circulation routes.

“Could this be an earth class body refinement technique?”

Earth class body refinement techniques were very mystical and from the records that Li Fuchen read in the past, some of the body refinement technique allowed the flesh to be forged like a weapon, which was indestructible. It had extraordinary strength and at the same time, gave rise to one’s body refinement technique intent.

There was once when an absolute martial expert who refined an earth class body refinement technique to the highest rank. When he battled other martial artists of the same realm, he was nearly invincible and no one was able to breakthrough his bodily defenses.

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