Chapter 91 – Long Snake Formation

Putting a Seductress within a group of ordinary people? It is likely that many people will be in trouble. Metahumans could resist the viruses carried by a Seductress, but can an average human do the same?

“Hmm? The zombies are changing formations.”

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Yang Tian used Examine and noticed a change happening to the zombie formations, it was no longer as messy as it previously was. Most importantly, Yang Tian even saw zombie horses.

What is happening?

When the light appeared on the second day, Yang Tian finally noticed what the zombies were doing.

Long Snake Formation

The zombies have gotten into a formation.

The mobility of the Long Snake Formation lies on its two side wings, once a wing was restrained, the entire formation would not be able to display its effect and be broken. The formation looks simple, but it was actually challenging to sustain.

However, the side wings were formed with zombies riding zombie horses, their mobility would undoubtedly not be weak.

When Guan Ren Zuo saw the Long Snake Formation, he also discovered the method to break it.

Rumble Rumble

The zombies in formation started to attack, the long snake circled them and surrounded the humans in multiple layers.

“Against the long snake formation, we need to break the formation into parts, the formation can be broken by disrupting the head and tail. We need to do this in force, or we will suffer heavy casualties.”

“Elder Guan, we understand, please give us the orders!”

The silver lining was that the Long Snake Formation was formed using Rank 1 zombies, the side wings were cavalry, but their battle power was still weaker than Rank 2 metahumans.

“Station Chief Chen, your fighting power is the strongest, you will attack the seven-inch location of the Long Snake Formation. That is the weak spot of this formation, you must succeed.”

(Cuppa: There is a Chinese saying: attacking the seven-inch area of a snake, as it is generally where the heart of the snake is located.)


“Team Leader Luo, you will attack the head of the snake.”


“Team Leader Kan, you will break the tail of the snake.”


Under Guan Ren Zuo’s command, a total of seven teams were sent out. The situation looked to be to the humans’ advantage, but their opponents were only Rank 1 zombies while Rank 2 metahumans had been periodically falling under the attacks of the zombies.

“The General-Class Commander Zombie is trying to grind down the human’s strength, using Rank 1 zombies to exchange for the lives of Rank 2 metahumans.”

Seeing the state of the current situation, the plan of the General-Class Commander Zombie was very successful. Even after they destroy the formation, the number of casualties amongst Rank 2 metahumans would certainly not be low. After grinding them down for some time, the General-Class Commander Zombie would call out the Rank 2 zombies. At that time, how many Rank 2 metahumans are left to fight against those Rank 2 zombies.

“We won, we won!”

Cheers of victory were heard, but when heard by Yang Tian, it was undoubtedly grating.


Yang Tian cursed, Guan Qing Xue happened to hear him.

“Why did you say that?”

“I don’t mind telling you. Rank 1 zombies are the lowest tier fighting power, while Rank 2 metahumans are our core fighting power. It looked like we have obtained victory, but their core fighting power is still undamaged. When the time comes, do you think our Rank 1 metahumans can fight against their Rank 2 zombies?”

Yang Tian’s words chilled Guan Qing Xue’s heart, she no longer felt joyous about the victory. They have already fallen into the enemy’s trap, where is the victory?

“This General-Rank Commander Zombie is quite intelligent, it even knew how to apply formations. I am afraid it might be a general from ancient times!” Yang Tian managed to deduce a guess.

When Guan Qing Xue heard Yang Tian’s words, she immediately ran to Guan Ren Zuo and whispered to the latter. Guan Ren Zuo’s face changed, but he did not say anything and allowed the rest to continue cheering.

After being pressured for so long, they require a victory to wash it away.

The battle this time had destroyed nearly half of the Rank 1 zombies, it could be considered as a small victory.

However, not long after they cheered, the zombies formed a new Long Snake Formation. The calvary this time were Ghost Face Zombies, they took up the two side wings. The middle was still Rank 1 zombies acting as foot soldiers.

“Crap, they are coming again.”

“No matter, if we can win once, we will be able to win a second time.”

The humans were confident about Guan Ren Zuo and the other teams, but the difficulty this time was obviously much higher than previously.

“Follow my previous arrangement and continue to break the formation.”

After learning the goal of the zombies, Guan Ren Zuo knew they that could not continue acting like this, but the zombies were pressing down on them too tightly, leaving Guan Ren Zuo with no time to prepare another plan.

With the inclusion of Ghost Face Zombies this time, the difficulty had undoubtedly increased by a lot. Especially the ‘seven-inch’ spot where Chen An was attacking, the mounts used were also not ordinary zombie horses, but Rank 2 Armored Zombie Tigers.

Chen An’s team was experiencing the most difficulties. If the ‘seven-inch’ were not destroyed, the head and tail of the formation would be connected, the interlocking formation would cause the other teams to be attacked by zombies from every side. Making it very difficult for them.

“It looks like I have to act.”

With all possible means of escape sealed by the zombies now, Yang Tian’s life was now tied to the rest as well. If they get into trouble, Yang Tian’s situation would become very dire as well.

Now, the only way out of this was to fight together with them.

Turning in Venom, Yang Tian first went to help Chen An, the ‘seven-inch’ must be destroyed before the formation could be broken.

“Brother Yang, you are finally here.”


Yang Tian’s arms turned into a war hammer and he was slamming it heavily onto the ground.

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Boom Boom Boom

The ground violently tremored, causing the attacks of the cavalries to become unstable.

“Grab this opportunity well.”


Chen An understood Yang Tian’s intentions. Every time Yang Tian hammered down, the zombie calvary would display an unstable state, these unstable zombies would be the targets of Chen An and his team.

“Make a clean strike, leave nothing standing.”

Chen An pushed the fire and earth element within him to the fullest, ensuring that each attack would guarantee one kill.


When only a few calvaries formed from Ghost Face Zombies and Armor Zombie Tigers remained at the ‘seven-inch’, Yang Tian transformed his hammer into blades and wipe them out.

With the ‘seven-inch’ destroyed, the pressure on the other teams significantly reduced, plus Yang Tian and the rest have arrived to give them support.

The Long Snake Formation was once again broken.

The casualties this time was much more than the first round, only a few dozen people survived. In total, only over a few hundred Rank 2 metahumans remained after combining everyone present.

A few hundred Rank 2 metahumans while there were at least over a thousand Rank 2 zombies seen. There were also several Captain-Class Commander Zombies and that one General-Class Commander Zombie hiding within the horde.

“Won, we have won again!”

The ordinary humans and Rank 1 metahumans knew only of winning the battle once again, they did not notice that what comes next will be even more terrifying. And this time, the Rank 2 metahumans that returned have also felt how terrifying the Long Snake Formation was. If not for Yang Tian, this Early Rank 3 fighting power joining them, they would have likely died under the zombies.

“Fortunately, you are here or else we will not know what to do!”

“It will be hard to handle what’s coming next.”

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