Chapter 88 – Start Of Battle

“Your action seems to be inappropriate?”

They had come out to help the weakest team, it would be best if they managed to scare away Yang Tian’s group as they did not want to waste too much stamina just before the arrival of the zombies.

“They are so weak, they do not deserve to remain here, understand?”

Yang Tian’s word instantly caused the atmosphere to rise up.

“Do you dare to take action? Hahaha.”

Yang Tian released a series of savage laughs.

“You can’t even take care of yourselves, yet you tried to help others, didn’t you notice the other teams behind you are also starting to feel restless?” As more and more people started to gather, the situation for the people in the center got worse.

In less a second, the metahuman who spoke out obediently went back.

“You guys can attack together.”

Yang Tian’s Soft Bone Blade had touched the brows of the strongest person in this team, it pierced his skin, causing blood to flow down.

“Let’s go.”

Under Yang Tian’s oppression, they could only leave. The remaining spots may not be as good, but it was at least not the worst.

“Little Brother Yang, I, Lu Xiao, respects you.”

A Rank 2 Metahuman behind Chen An expressed his admiration towards Yang Tian, the hearts of these men might still be bound by the morals of the society before the Apocalypse, but Yang Tian did not have such restrictions.

“The other spots were also facing similar situations like us.”

With Yang Tian leading, the other spots started to change owners one after the other.

As the number of groups increased, the differences in strength were also uneven, the ones who were stronger would naturally want to obtain a good spot.

“Your spot is ours now.”

A newly arrived group approached Yang Tian and said without any politeness.

Yang Tian observed the new group, they were a group of fifteen youngsters, five Rank 2s and ten Rank 1s. They could not be considered to be powerful but the main reason they came was that they did not detect the uniqueness of a metahuman on Yang Tian, this led them to assume that Yang Tian’s group was the weakest.

“Who do you think you guys are?”

Before Yang Tian could speak, someone already did. Lu Xiao and eight other Rank 2s all stood up.

Yang Tian’s group did not have any Rank 1 metahumans except for Yang Yi Ran, this fact ranked his group at the forefront of everyone present.

After displaying the energy of Rank 2 metahumans, they immediately scared the other group away. Earlier on, Yang Tian and his group did not reveal their strength as they were only facing the weakest group and now that they have displayed it, many people were starting to reevaluate their thoughts.

Yang Tian would always counterattack anyone who provokes him. Soft Bone Blade pierces into the stomach of the metahuman who spoke. When it was pulled out, fresh blood squirts out.


They only dare to be angry and not dare to speak, the gap between their abilities were too wide and they would only suffer a loss.

“Brother Yang Tian, from their attire they are likely sports student, let’s not make things difficult for them.” Chen An softly spoke to Yang Tian.

“No matter, I am just teaching them a small lesson.”

Yang Tian did not continue after his stab and allowed them to find a new location, but while they were facing Yang Tian, the good spots were reducing.

Yang Tian looked at Yang Yi Ran who was looking everywhere, he knew what she was looking for.

“It is still too early for Orchid University, even if they arrive, there won’t be many of them left.”

Orchid University did not have many powerful metahumans, the ones who really have speed were only a handful.

“Oh? Fortune Boat University is here.” Yang Tian mumbled.

Fortune Boat University arrived in two separate groups, one was led by Guan Ren Zuo while the other was led by Hu Jun. Guan Ren Zuo’s group was also the only one that has many ordinary people, some groups also have some ordinary people but were relatively much lesser. To see so many ordinary humans in Guan Ren Zuo’s group, Guan Ren Zuo’s runes have likely played an essential role in protecting them.

On Hu Jun’s side, there were only several Rank 2 metahumans.

After some time, Orchid University also arrived, but only a handful Rank 2 metahumans led by Hong Ke.

“Really only that much?”

When Yang Yi Ran saw Hong Ke’s arrival, she could not believe that only these people managed to survive, there were only less than ten of them.

“This number is considered not bad already.”

Yang Tian patted Yang Yi Ran’s shoulders, telling her to properly remain by his side.

“This should be the last group.”

The zombies have reached the city center, the people who have yet to arrive had likely been swallowed within the zombie horde.

“It is best to start preparing for battle.”

The zombies had already surrounded them.

Countless Rank 1 zombies released waves of growls and roars.

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Ghost Face Zombies, Storm Zombies, Specter Zombies… what’s even more terrifying was that the number of Rank 2 zombies were not low at all. The zombies looked at the humans with eyes filled with cruelty, as though they could not wait to charge at that very moment to tear them into pieces.

Flying Zombies covered the entire sky, leaving only darkness for the humans. It was as though they were telling the humans that darkness would be all they would see from today onwards.

However, what Yang Tian was most worried about was the Zombie King hiding within the horde. There was undoubtedly more than one Captain-Class Commander Zombie, and the most terrifying of them all would be the General-Class Commander Zombie.

In his previous life, the zombie horde attacking F City was led by this General-Class Commander Zombie and one defense line after another was broken under its leadership.

Witnessing the arrival of the zombie horde, the benefits of a good spot was reflected, those at the outermost region would be the first to be attacked by the zombies.

Yet these people were also the weakest.

“Bang Bang”

Rank 1 zombies charged towards the humans, but what surprised Yang Tian was that only Rank 1 zombies were moving, none of the Rank 2 zombies were moving.

“What are we going to do with so many zombies?”

“No, no, I must go to the center.”

“Why did it become like this? I do not want to die!”

The metahumans at the outermost region could no longer endure the stress, their minds were about to breakdown. Some of these metahumans wanted to run to the center, but they were kicked back by the others.

“If any of you dare to come in, we will kill you before the zombies do.”

The metahumans in the inner region would not allow the metahumans outside to enter, facing so many Rank 1 zombies was also very difficult for them.

The metahumans on the outer ring had no other choice but to fight the zombies.

Yang Tian looked at the Guan Ren Zuo’s direction and notice that Runemasters are indeed powerful.

Rank 1 Iron Armor Rune

Guan Ren Zuo gave each ordinary person a Rank 1 Iron Armor Rune, making their bodies extremely tough so that they will not lose their lives when they receive an attack from a zombie. However, Guan Ren Zuo only had enough for his group, the other metahumans also noticed the uniqueness of Guan Ren Zuo’s group and thought to get some from Guan Ren Zuo. Unfortunately, Guan Ren Zuo did not have extra to give.

“Let me.”

To prevent unnecessary losses, Chen An charged into the zombie horde.

“Why are you so reckless.”

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Chen An was a Multi-Elemental Metahuman, but he would not able to endure so many zombies, even Yang Tian did not dare to charge in recklessly even with his Early-Stage Rank 3 battle power.

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