Chapter 87 – Start Of Escape

“It is mine, do you have a problem with that?”

“I will catch you back, let’s see if you can continue to be so smug.”

The shorty stretched his hand to grab Yang Tian, not attaching any shred of importance towards the latter.


“Ah… my hand… is hacked off!”

Yang Tian used his Soft Bone Blade to cut off the hand of the shorty without showing any traces of pity. The shorty rolled on the ground holding his stump, scaring the other metahumans behind him as well.

“Yang Tian, why did you act like that?”

Yang Tian’s actions had frightened Yang Yi Ran, it was only a matter regarding some instant noodles, Yang Yi Ran could have explained to the school. She only did not want to be bothered with the shorty earlier on, but Yang Tian’s actions have exceeded her expectations.

“It is more effective like this.”

Yang Yi Ran noticed that the metahumans that came with the shorty have all backed away, they were no longer as smug as before, especially the shorty on the floor, he was now looking at Yang Tian with eyes full of terror. This was also the most vulgar human nature within the Post-Apocalyptic Era; acting modest would cause others to be arrogant and only by displaying your own power will they know to be afraid.

“But… it will be hard to explain this to the school.”

“Didn’t I tell you earlier on that the zombies are coming and your school will not be able to last long?”

“Didn’t we killed them?”

“Those are just zombies from the air-raid shelter, I am talking about a zombie wave.”

Based on the zombie wave’s movement speed, it should be reaching Orchid University soon.

The strongest person within Orchid University was only Hong Ke with Rank 2 battle power, he will have difficulty protecting himself against the zombie wave, let alone thinking about taking care of others.

“No, we need to inform the school.”

“It will be useless even if you inform them, the overall power of your school is limited, it is impossible for the school to survive the zombie wave.”

“Don’t we have you?”

“Me? Being able to protect you is already the best I could do.”

It is impossible for Yang Tian to want anything to do with Orchid University. All the more so when in the upcoming situation.

“Did you see those dense black dots far away? Those were all zombies. That includes those in the sky as well.”

Yang Yi Ran looked at where Yang Tian pointed and saw an endless amount of black dots, even the sky was densely covered. Despite being far from it still, Yang Yi Ran was able to sense a tremendous pressure coming from the black dots.

Helplessness permeated.

Yang Yi Ran did not know what to do next, only at that moment did she discover how insignificant she is.

“Let’s go.”

Yang Tian pulled Yang Yi Ran and jumped over the shorty, witnessing the former’s methods, no one dared to stop Yang Tian. Yang Yi Ran was like a soulless body that allowed Yang Tian to drag her along to wherever he wanted.

There were currently many places within F City that had been destroyed by the zombie wave, be it, humans or other creatures, none were able to survive from the zombies.

As the zombie horde approaches, the trembling on the ground felt more and more distinct, the higher echelons of Orchid University soon noticed that something was wrong. When they looked further, the zombies were already relatively near to them.

Not only Orchid University fell into a panic; many other places fell into a panic as well.

A big escape started.

Their goal was the city center of F City. The zombies have surrounded the entire F City and were closing in, the city center will be the last place to be invaded.

In this great escape, nearly all normal humans will be wiped out, only the city residents staying within the city center was able to survive.

Yang Tian headed towards the city center with Yang Yi Ran, they were running through the main street but not a single mutated beast or otherworld creature came out to block them, it was because they were also running away.

One after another, tall buildings were brought down to the ground by the invading zombies, flattening the terrain.

Where ever the zombies passed by, not even a single blade of grass remained unaffected.

Yang Tian had already entered Venom-form while running and he carried Yang Yi Ran on his back.

The closer they got to the city center, the more runaways Yang Tian saw as well. Most of them were Rank 2 metahumans, Rank 1 metahumans were few, with no normal humans at all.

“Little Bro Yang Tian.”

Yang Tian heard someone calling him, he turned to the source.

“It’s Station Chief Chen.”

It was Chen An and his group; they were also escaping, Yang Tian also noticed they were all carrying various medicines inside their backpacks.

“Little Bro Yang Tian, shall we move together?”

“My exact thoughts.”

Yang Tian still lacked a group to be with, it will be hard for him to find a good spot in the city center by himself and that was why Yang Tian did not mind forming a team with Chen An. When Chen An and his team saw that Yang Tian had agreed, they were also pleased about it. After all, they have seen what Yang Tian was capable of, and having a powerful person with them will increase their chances of survival.

“Little Bro Yang Tian, who is this on your back?”

“Someone from my hometown.”

Yang Yi Ran was still in a dazed state, only when they were about to reach the city center did Yang Tian used his mental power to pull Yang Yi Ran out of her condition.

A gentle mental power tugged at Yang Yi Ran’s mind, her consciousness became aware of her current situation.

“What happened? Why are we running?”

“The zombie wave is here, we need to run.”

“But my roommates…”

“At least they had a good meal before they died, it is something much better than most.”


Yang Tian’s words had caused Yang Yi Ran to become very angry, but Yang Yi Ran could not find a reason to rebuke him.

“However, can we really survive?”

Yang Yi Ran has never seen so many zombies in a zombie wave, she was feeling afraid.

“Definitely possible.”

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Yang Tian’s words greatly encouraged Yang Yi Ran and it was also the first time she believed Yang Tian so much.

Yang Tian was currently back to his human form.

“We need to find the most center position later.”


They have arrived at the city center, but there was only so much space within the city center. The most center of the area was undoubtedly the safest as well. Many people also held the same idea as Yang Tian’s group, but to hold a place in the center, one needs to possess enough ability.

“We are too late.”

Chen An saw the spots in the center have been occupied by several groups and was displaying a regretful expression. Chen An’s final goal was to save F City but his own life was equally important, how could he save F City if he could not even survive? Chen An also wanted to occupy a good spot.

“It is still not too late.”

Many people looked at Yang Tian, including the metahumans of other groups.

“This spot belongs to us.”

Yang Tian located the weakest group within those who have a spot and said to them.

“Based on what? We are here first, yet you want to steal it from us? I am afraid the people around us will not agree.”

They have already guessed that they are the weakest, they wanted to use public outrage to support themselves. Some groups that did not have a good spot were also worried about the same reason, which was why they did not take action till now.

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“If they are to stand out, we will just beat them up till they agree.”

The other groups with a good location knew that they need to help, or else their own spot might be occupied by others as well. All of them were ants tied together with the same rope.

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