Chapter 254: Opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain

800 moves, 1000 moves.


Sword Maniac Li Xiangru’s sword pierced through Lu Yun’s shoulder and achieved victory.

“Lu Yun, you are truly useless. huh? Actually defeated by someone who is lower ranked than you.” Beside Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye, was an ugly youth who carried a large sword on his back.

Ugly Swordsman, Gongsun Yi, the no.3 direct disciple from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect. Ranked 48th on the Star Ranking, a person whose fame was far superior to Lu Yun’s.

Lu Yun let out a ‘hmph’ and didn’t say anything.

“Li Xiangru, your ability is not bad indeed. I wonder if you can block my sword.”

Ugly Swordsman, Gongsun Yi. Because of his ugly appearance, he was sensitive about how people regarded him and he loved to flaunt his ability. He wanted others to know that even though he was ugly, he was an elite in everything else.

Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye would never bring down his status to get involved in such a situation. But Ugly Swordsman, Gongsun Yi thought that he shouldn’t let go of such an opportunity.

Finishing his statement, Gongsun Yi didn’t even wait for Li Xiangru to reply before he instantly drew his large sword with his left hand.

Soon after, a sword rose up high in the sky and cleaved at Li Xiangru.

The dazzling sword qi was like a comet which crashed down at Li Xiangru.

“Ten Sword Kill!” Li Xiangru executed his kill move.


Li Xiangru was forced back, while his arm felt this numbing sensation.

He was actually able to dodge the opponent’s attack, but his opponent asked whether he could block against his sword, hence he had no reason to evade it.

In the circumstances of who Li Xiangru had to clash head on with, he was much inferior compared to Gongsun Yi. He was after all the no.3 direct disciple from the Sky Dragon Sword Sect.

The Sky Dragon Sword Sect was one of the top elite forces in the East Unicorn Continent with five direct disciples listed on the Stars Ranking.

Furthermore, all of them were highly ranked.

“Not bad, but not worthy enough for me to make a second blade.” Gongsun Yi laughed and sheathed his huge sword.

Li Xiangru’s expression remained calm.

With this quality of mindset, it caused Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist to nod in approval.

During the cultivation of the martial dao, innate potential was important, but one’s willpower and mindset was even more crucial.

Without good willpower and mindset, one wouldn’t be able to fully utilize his/her full innate potential. Even if one’s innate potential was slightly inferior, with an excellent willpower and mindset, one would be able to break the limits and achieve something even higher.

Li Xiangru’s mindset was one of the best he has seen.

If he had such a high innate potential, Li Fuchen guessed that Li Xiangru would definitely able to walk very far in the Star Road Hidden Domain.

“Your Azure Water Sect is quite fortunate to have you and Sword Maniac Li Xiangru.” Su Muyu also nodded in approval, while sending a message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen smiled, “Sword Maniac shixiong1shixiongsenior brother (disciple) is a legend in our Azure Water Sect. This is also the first time I am seeing him.”

“Legend, huh? You will surpass the legend.” Su Muyu commented.

Li Fuchen replied, “You are too humble.”

“In terms of mindset, you aren’t inferior to him. In terms of innate potential, you are obviously superior to him. Am I saying something wrong?”

Li Fuchen laughed and didn’t say anything.


As the victor was decided between the Cloud Creek Sword Sect and Azure Water Sect, everyone returned back to the city.

In the blink of the eye, there were only three days left before the opening of the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

In the courtyard…

Black Wind Three Clones!”

Li Fuchen’s body shuddered while two more Li Fuchen walked out from his body.

In the bat of thaneye, three Li Fuchen were standing next to one another.

“I have finally comprehended the Black Wind Three Clones intent.”

Li Fuchen revealed a smile on his face, while the two clones dissipated.

The Black Wind Three Clones was a mystic class mid-tier light body technique.

When at sub-perfection stage, it could produce one clone. At the perfection stage, two clones, making three bodies along with the original.

When at the trance stage along with the comprehension of the Black Wind Three Clones intent, the clones remained at two, but they become much more realistic.

Without any presence, Li Fuchen’s figure scuttled around.

Because of his extreme speed, the courtyard was filled with his figure and all three figures were like real bodies.

“This Black Wind Three Clones is not only able to produce clones, but is also extremely fast. After comprehending this light body technique intent, it has minimally increased my mobility by two fold.”

What was the concept of double mobility?

Without overstating it, the current Li Fuchen could instantly kill the previous him without any difficulty.

Of course, the prerequisite was to break his defenses.

If it was just speed and no attack power, it wasn’t actually useful.

Once Li Fuchen circulated the Black Wind Three Clones, Li Fuchen wouldn’t be able to circulate the True Inferno Technique, which would definitely sacrifice a lot of his attack strength.

“No matter the case, after comprehending the Black Wind Three Clones intent, my overall combat ability has increased significantly. Especially my survivability which has been increased by two folds.”

An excellent light body technique only had benefits.

If Li Fuchen was in a situation where he could break his opponent’s defenses, it would be truly horrifying for the enemy.

Three days flashed by.

300 miles2miles1 Chinese mile = 500 meters away from the Green Cloud City was this tall mountain.

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On the peak of this mountain was half a palace hall.

Saying it was half wasn’t because it was in ruins, but because it was truly halved.

On the contrary, the palace hall looked extremely imposing and majestic, without a single scratch. But the other half seemed to be in another world.

Early in the morning, a huge amount of people flocked to the peak of this mountain.

Li Fuchen lifted his head and looked up towards the top of the palace hall’s doors. He saw this board which wrote—Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.

The handwriting was forceful with strength, like it was hacked out with a weapon which had this expansive and mysterious intent.

‘Worthy of the name of Mystic Martial Hidden Domain.’ Li Fuchen thought.

The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain was a semi-opened hidden domain. This palace hall wasn’t a product of this world and was actually a structure built from the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. Every three months, the doors of the palace hall would open. Once someone entered it, they would only be able to exit it after three months.

Many had arrived at the peak of the mountain.

Young Master Dragon Sword Chiyu Ye, Ugly Swordsman Gongsun Yi.

Fairy Muyu, Su Muyu.

Xiahou Shi.

Cloud Travel Swordsman Lu Yun.

Sword Maniac Li Xiangru, Sword Tiger Chen Yuanhu, Emotionless Sword Xue Feng, Li Fuchen.

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There was at least more than ten Stars Ranker here. After adding up all the people present, there was at least more than 500 martial artists here.

There were eight who were from the Azure Water Sect.

“There are still 15 minutes before the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain opens. I wonder how many will be able to pass the first mystic martial door.”

“It will be a considerable feat if one out of ten can pass.”

“Is it really that difficult?”

“You’ve never went in hence you don’t know. The eight mystic martial doors don’t increase in difficulty as you pass them. Each of the eight doors aren’t separated by levels. It is purely whether are you suitable or not, or if you potential is comprehensive enough. Let’s just say this… those who can pass the second mystic martial doors, might not have a better innate potential than those who only pass the first mystic martial door. Perhaps that individual is just slightly more suitable or have a more all-around potential.”

“That is correct. But if one is unable to pass even the first door of the mystic martial, one would never be able to enter the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain again. Sigh… it would have been good, if I had been a little more cautious and came to the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain a little later.”

“Exactly! I feel like the current me will definitely be able to pass the first door of the mystic martial. A pity that I do not have any more opportunities.”

Among the crowd here, not everyone was able to enter the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. There were those who had attempted and were unable to pass the first door of the mystic martial, hence they were just here for the show, as they had already lost their opportunity.


15 minutes later, the palace hall doors suddenly opened, while a rainbow light shot out from within and illuminated the mountain peak.

“The Mystic Martial Hidden Domain is open.”

Everyone held their breaths and didn’t even blink.

Right at this moment, an imposing figure gradually condensed and took from in mid air.

It was a figure that was half real and half void.

“Those who lost their qualifications must not barge into the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain. Otherwise, they will be obliterated.” The void shadow spoke apathetically.

Listening to the warning, no one had any huge reactions.

This void shadow wasn’t a Mystic Martial Expert and seemed to be lifeless.

But its ability was extremely strong. There was this Reincarnation Realm martial artist who tried to barge into the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain, but was obliterated in a single move. It meant that this void shadow had an ability that was far superior than those in the Reincarnation Realm.

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