Chapter 253: Recognized

The arrival of Young Master Dragon Sword Chiyu Ye caused those people that were outside of the east city gates to bustle with excitement.

In the East Unicorn Continent, everyone below the age of 35 was considered a part of the youth generation.

Currently, there was this batch of youths that were powerful and had astounding innate potential.

They were the Six Young Masters, Four Fairies, and three King Stars.

Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye was precisely one of the Six Young Masters.

Eternal Spring Valley’s Su Muyu held the title of Fairy Muyu.

The Celestial Sect’s young patriarch had the title of Young Master Celestial.

Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Chuan had the title of Young Master Doulin.

Heaven Fiend Sect’s Yan Qingwu had the title of Fairy Qingwu.

This batch of youths were either 6-star bone frames or heaven-defying 5-star bone frames.

Of course, there were actually some heaven-defying 5-star bone frames who didn’t manage to enter that list.

For example, Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Shi.

6-star bone frames were certain to enter this group, while heaven-defying 5-star bone frames had to be judged from their future performance. It meant that Xiahou Shi had chances to enter this group in the future, but not now.

As for the three King Stars, they were the three supreme existences of the East Unicorn Continent’s youth generation. Their status and ability were superior to the Six Young Masters and Four Fairies.

In the previous Stars Ranking Tournament, the three of them were obviously ranked top three and were incomparable in strength.

It didn’t mean that the others weren’t comparable to them. Those that were older than them, didn’t have the sufficient innate potential. Those that had similar innate potential were younger than them and weren’t strong enough.

Li Fuchen12Li FuchenMain Protagonist’s eyes landed on Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye.

In Li Fuchen’s eyes, Chiyu Ye who had this qi presence of sole supremacy had no flaws on his entire body. Instead, he looked sharp and seemed like he could instantly launch an attack from any angle. This was something that Lu Yun and Li Xiangru were far inferior in when compared to him.

‘Indeed worthy to be part of the Six Young Masters. Young Master Dragon Sword.’ Li Fuchen was giving his inner approval.

For the past two years, he was already ranked 28th on the Stars Ranking. His current ability was at least in the top 15 of the Stars Ranking.

‘Perhaps, he has already comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent!’

Li Fuchen’s intuition told him that there were quite a number of individuals who had comprehended a mystic class high-tier sword intent.

Li Fuchen didn’t know whether his perception was no.1, but there was a difference in time. Unless Li Fuchen had an insanely high perception; otherwise, there was no way he would be able to cover the gap of a few years.

Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye was 22 years of age this year. He was at the 9th level of the Earth Realm and was older than Li Fuchen by two years, which meant he was two whole years of cultivation ahead in comparison.

Two years of cultivation was a very long time for a 6-star bone frame. A single year for a 6-star bone frame was enough to result in a very big change.

Lu Yun and Li Xiangru could also feel Chiyu Ye’s existence.

Chiyu Ye’s sword qi was too dense. As swordsmen, even if they were to close their eyes, they would be able to feel it.

But right now, the two of them were like arrows on a drawback bow, they weren’t able to stop unless a victor was decided.

Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang, Clang…

Sparks felt violently as the fight between the two of them had reached a deranged phase.


Fresh blood sprayed out from Lu Yun’s body.

Li Xiangru was too consistent and even with the appearance of Chiyu Ye, it didn’t cause any surge of emotion. But Lu Yun was slightly affected, which gave Li Xiangru an opportunity.

“The result is determined.”

Seeing the current situation, Li Fuchen let out a breath of relief.

If it were anyone else, Li Fuchen wouldn’t think this was the conclusion.

But Sword Maniac Li Xiangru wasn’t normal. His spirit will was unimaginably tenacious and it was shown through his sword arts.

Once he took the upper hand, it was near impossible to gain back the edge on him.

400 moves, 500 moves…

The battle between the two of them was dragged out, but this was reasonable.

After all, both of their ability levels were at about the same, it was not possible for an outcome within a short period of time.

Only when one’s ability levels were drastically different, the match would be settled within one, two, or a few dozen moves.

After 500 moves, there were more wounds on Lu Yun and his qi presence was slightly weaker than before.

As the fight dragged on, Li Xiangru’s advantage grew larger.

Maybe because someone went to spread the information, but the number of observers at the east city gate increased by a few folds.

There weren’t many people who were interested in Lin Teng and Chen Yuanhu’s fight.

But it wasn’t the same for a fight between Lu Yun and Li Xiangru.

What’s more, one of the Six Young Masters, the 28th ranked Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye was here too.

There weren’t any chances for them to see Chiyu Ye on regular occasions.

“This person is Young Master Dragon Sword, Chiyu Ye?”

Surrounded by people, Xiahou Shi walked over.

This was the first time he had saw Chiyu Ye. His eyes were filled with an intense battle intent, but this intent was well reserved and wouldn’t be detected by normal people.

With his eyes set on Chiyu Ye, Xiahou Shi didn’t notice Li Fuchen.

“Six Young Masters… Interesting.”

Xiahou Shi was rather displeased by the fact that he was unable to be listed in that group of elites.

But he didn’t mind as he knew that one day, he would be able to reclaim the glory that belonged to him. If there was an opportunity, he wouldn’t mind taking out Chiyu Ye personally.

In his eyes, all those prodigies that had great potential were his prey.

Chiyu Ye wasn’t an exception either.

Chiyu Ye wasn’t a regular person and his senses were frightfully keen.

He immediately noticed it and looked over at Xiahou Shi.

Both their eyes inevitably made contact.

“Doulin Clan’s Xiahou Shi has killing intent towards me?” The corner of Chiyu Ye’s mouth grinned.

He wasn’t a kind-hearted person and it was always him who looked down on people and didn’t expect for others to actually target him.

There was this reckless cutting edge intent in Chiyu Ye’s eyes that rushed towards Xiahou Shi.

But Xiahou Shi withdrew his glare.

It was unwise to clash with Chiyu Ye now and he didn’t want to give his target the opportunity either.

More people came and so did Su Muyu.

As one of the two 6 star bone frames of Eternal Spring Valley, Su Muyu had the title of Fairy Muyu. Without mentioning her innate potential, just her outward appearance had enough charm to suppress all the other ladies.

She swept her eyes across Chiyu Ye and Xiahou Shi, while having on this indifferent expression.

Not knowing why, Li Fuchen’s figure appeared in her mind.

“I wonder if he is present?”

A woman’s intuition was extremely frightening.

She initially didn’t have any regards to Li Fuchen and didn’t think he was worth much. But after all the incidents in the tomb, Li Fuchen left a deep impression on her.

An incredibly deep one.

If the Six Young Masters, Four Fairies, and Three King Stars were rising talents, then Li Fuchen was a giant star hidden in the dark. Low profile and reserved, but couldn’t be neglected.

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Scanning the entire area, Su Muyu suddenly noticed Li Fuchen’s figure.

There wasn’t even a need to hesitate. Su Muyu took one glance to identify Li Fuchen.

“Hidden in the dark?” Su Muyu was very curious.

“Li Fuchen. It seems you have been well.” Su Muyu used her qi to send a message to Li Fuchen.

Li Fuchen replied, “Seems like I cannot hide from you.”

He knew that he couldn’t hide from people that were familiar with him. His appearance could be changed, but his qi presence would remain the same.

“Are you being targeted?” Su Muyu inquired.

Li Fuchen replied, “It is always good to be cautious. But once the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain opens, I will naturally reveal my identity.”

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He didn’t intend to maintain his disguise. Once the Mystic Martial Hidden Domain opened up, he would naturally revert back to his original appearance.

As long as he could become a personal disciple of one of the Mystic Martial Experts, he believed that the Heaven Fiend Sect wouldn’t dare to deal with him. After all, the Heaven Fiend Sect didn’t have any evidence that he was the culprit who killed Li Wuxue.

Li Fuchen didn’t even consider whether he was able to become one of the personal disciples of the Mystic Martial Experts.

If he wasn’t accepted as a personal disciple with his innate potential, then he had no choice but to accept his fate.

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