Chapter 189: A Big Scare

The recoil of the counterfeit gun shook his entire body. It was his first time touching a gun, let alone firing one. Everything was an instinctive reaction. Being able to pull the trigger was not easy, and he wasn’t prepared for the strong recoil.

After just one shot, Su Ke2Su KeMain Character foolishly fell backwards, staring straight at the tall and skinny robber, who was missing half of his head. Blood and flesh scattered everywhere as his body dropped to the ground.

Yang Pei Er quickly picked herself up and seized the gun from Su Ke’s shaking hand before shouting, “Nobody move!”

Su Ke’s body was rigid and his mind was completely blank.

When he pulled the trigger just now, the robber also shot, so why did no bullet come out?

If there was one, would he also be a corpse? He’s killed two people in just two days!

The tall and thin man died with an intact corpse, and the remaining two didn’t dare to move.

The gun in Yang Pei Er’s hands didn’t waver as she ordered, “Put down your weapons and walk backwards!”

Right after she spoke, sirens could be heard. Su Ke became conscious again once he heard the noise of 4-5 police officers running in. Wei Lan was kneeling next to him, her face without a hint of color as she tightly grabbed his arm.

“Task: Absolve Yang Pei Er’s anger (Complete). Reward: Computer Hacking Skill (Primary).

Once the system bell rang, Su Ke relaxed his stiff body and exclaimed,“Please accept!”


At this moment, the officers started surveying the scene and taking away the criminals.

Once that was done, Yang Pei Er walked over to Su Ke and helped him before exclaiming,

“Thank you for risking your life to save mine!”

“It’s nothing!” Su Ke pulled up the corners of his mouth into a stiff smile.

“Luckily your gun had an issue and was jammed at such a crucial time!”

Indeed, from what Su Ke said, if the gun wasn’t jammed, the situation would have become very ugly.

“He he, there wasn’t a problem with my gun, there were no bullets inside!”

Yang Pei Er saw Su Ke’s astonished face and shrugged, “The ones at the top have a rule; guns and bullets must be separated. Being able to bring out a gun wasn’t easy!”

“Wha!?” Su Ke’s eyes widened with surprise.

If Yang Pei Er’s gun didn’t have any bullets, then she wasn’t in any danger.

No wonder she dared to hand the gun over and aimed for the counterfeit.

Su Ke suddenly realized that this brought up a problem. He had shot the robber dead.

If he wasn’t technically a danger to his well-being, doesn’t this count as excessive self-defence or manslaughter?

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Thinking until here, Su Ke’s face became even worse.

He eyed Yang Pei Er with a hesitant face and said, “Then… I, Then will I become a murderer!?”

“Relax! No matter what, you did it to save me. Faced with such a situation, you were still able to shield me. I, Yang Pei Er, owe you my life. That gun has my fingerprints on it, so I’ll monopolize the situation!”

When Yang Pei Er finished speaking, Su Ke heaved a sigh of relief.

“However, you guys still need to go to the station to give your statements. As long as you say that it was me that shot the gun, it’ll be fine!”

When Yang Pei Er finished speaking, a senior officer walked over.

His police uniform was very dignified and his expression was severe as he walked over to her, “Yang Pei Er, this time, you really lacked responsibility and discipline. You took a gun without permission! You, what good can I still say about you!?”

The man seemed angry, but his eyes were filled with concern.

“Officer Li! The situation has been resolved. Don’t scold me anymore. At most, I’ll write a report, okay?” Yang Pei Er’s normal attitude actually felt a bit like a spoiled child.

However, her method worked. Officer Li, who was just seething in anger, shook his head and heaved a sigh, “You’re so hot-headed! If something happened, what would I tell your family!?”

Right after giving their statement, Su Ke and Wei Lan walked out of the police station (1) hand in hand. Up until now, Wei Lan’s hand had been shaking, like her entire being was suffering from a serious illness. After all, this young lady had just witnessed a robbery where she became a hostage and witnessed the brutal death of a robber who had half his head blown off.

Her heart would definitely be unable to calm down so easily.

However, Su Ke was completely normally. His mood had calmed down a lot.

The heavyweight on his heart from yesterday finally disappeared after he shot that gun.

Humans would all have a louse in their hearts that wouldn’t bite after the first few times (2).

In these two short days, Su Ke had undergone a complete 180. He had killed two people, but they were ferociously evil. If he didn’t fight back, he would be the dead one!

There was a sense of fear when experiencing a life and death situation.

Everyone’s mentality would be entirely different after such a situation. Some would be scared witless, feeling anxious every day. Some would change completely, broadening their minds.

Su Ke belonged to the second category. From yesterday night until now, his mind had been running wild. Now, he had finally broken free from his nightmare and was reborn.

The streets were bustling with activity as they walked. Some stores were playing the latest crazed, a song called Oppa Gangnam Style sung by a fatty named Psy. Cars continuously passed, the booming and whistling sounds unceasingly intertwining, giving off a busy scene.

Su Ke pulled on Wei Lan’s hand and they aimlessly wandered the streets.

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Wei Lan was silent, her eyes dull.

It seemed like even the lively atmosphere couldn’t break her away.

Su Ke couldn’t take it anymore as he suddenly stopped and grabbed her arms.

“Wei Lan!”

Wei Lan raised her head, but her face was motionless, like a puppet.

Ever since they left the jewelry store, she’s been like this.

His hands stroked her shoulder as he took in a deep breath, “Today was really terrifying! Don’t think about it too much! If you want to cry, then cry! Shoving your feelings down inside your heart will cause you to break!”

Su Ke’s voice was gentle and his eyes were filled with sincere concern as he continued, “If I didn’t bring you out today, you wouldn’t have encountered such a thing. It’s all my fault!”

When he finished, he saw the rim of Wei Lan’s eyes slowly redden, like mist was slowly rising.

Suddenly, Wei Lan hugged Su Ke tightly and burst into tears, “Waaaaaaaaaaa!”


  1. The raws don’t actually state police station, but rather a public security bureau, which is essentially a police station in everything but name so I switched it.
  2. You stop worrying about it after a few times
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