Chapter 188: The Sound of a Gun

What surprised Su Ke2Su KeMain Character the most was that the female officer was not just anyone, but the person who arrested him after he chased after the hit-and-run driver.

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Her name was Yang Pei Er, and he had a task to absolve her anger.

“Number 2, Number 3, come over!”

The gun-wielding robber slowly retreated, standing behind Su Ke as he aimed the gun straight at his temple. The other two robbers had quite the hefty harvest; bags filled to the brim with gold and jewels. Once they were commanded to, they slowly retreated to the back with hatchets in hand. They were fairly confident as they walked. After all, there were a lot of hostages.

The atmosphere was deathly still and silent.

Yang Pei Er was kneeling on the ground and holding her gun with two hands, waiting for an opportunity.

At this moment, one of the robbers’ phone rang. He picked it up and said a few words back and forth before walking over to the tall and skinny man and relaying the information.

He laughed lightly as he shouted at Yang Pei Er, “Ha! Just one weak girl like you, and you still dared to run in! Hurry up and put the gun on the ground and kick it here!”

Considering Su Ke’s position, the voice on the other end of the phone was quite clear.

The man was telling them that there was only one police car outside and that only a single policewoman had run in. It looks like they still had eyes outside.

Yang Pei Er was regretting her actions now; she didn’t expect the people inside to have guns. According to what she learned in the police academy, he had an imitation 5.7 shotgun.

There was also a lot of hostages around, so she found it hard to get off of the tiger she was riding (1). While she looked calm on the outside, her heart was beating furiously on the inside.

“Drop the gun and kick it over to me or I’ll shoot him!”

Su Ke felt the gun press into his temple. Unconsciously, he shifted his body and shot a glance to the side. Even though he was waiting for a chance, he realized that it was getting more distant.

Only then did Yang Pei Er feel that Su Ke looked familiar, but she didn’t have time to think about it. Her breathing slowed as she set down her gun, complying with the robber’s demand.   

Yang Pei Er’s mind was also working very quickly. She lightly kicked her gun towards Su Ke’s feet. However, it only traveled halfway before it stopped.

“F*ck! I’ve always used an imitation, now I’m going to try a police-issued gun! Number 2, grab that for me!” The tall and thin person looked like he played CS a lot as he looked very interested in the gun on the ground.

Number 2 retrieved Yang Pei Er’s gun and presented it to the tall and thin man.

His imitation gun was passed over to another one of his comrades as he looked over his new prize. This turn of events was far from good. The robbers had two guns and hostages.

Even though Yang Pei Er was a cop, she was too impulsive. Not only did she not resolve the problem of the gun, but she also sent herself to their door.

“Let’s go!”

Even though the gun changed, it was still pointed at his temple. Su Ke had become a human shield as he was slowly pushed forward. With every step, his heart sank. There was definitely a getaway car outside that he would have to board and probably only narrowly escape with his life.

Su Ke was right in front and the tall man was in the back with the police gun in his hands, full of confidence. The two trailing behind were each carrying a bag filled with precious jewelry.

Even though the imitation gun had switched hands, the robbers were confident and much more relaxed with Su Ke as a human shield. Even though he was holding the gun with his right hand, the muzzle was facing the ceiling.

Yang Pei Er was standing to the right of the door, her face full of helplessness. Her hands were raised in surrender as she watched the three of them coerce Su Ke towards the door.

Su Ke felt like his legs were filled with lead. The closer they got to the door, the more uneasy he felt. He knew that he must break free before they reached it, so he glanced at Yang Pei Er, but she was just standing obediently by the door like a hostess.

Yang Pei Er gritted her teeth as she glared at the approaching group of men.

What made people astonished was that her eyes never left the gun-wielding man.

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Su Ke adjusted his breathing as he quickly tensed his muscles.

Just as the group of people brushed past her, Yang Pei Er suddenly sprang into action.

However, the one she aimed for wasn’t the leader, but rather the robber who held the imitation shotgun. She grabbed his arms with both hands and pulled back. The change was too sudden as the robber suddenly fell backwards. When Su Ke felt signs of movement behind him, the ringleader turned around, the gun that was aimed at his temple once again deviating.

The muscles that had been accumulating with power instantly erupted as he shot forward and grabbed his gun arm. It was Su Ke’s first reaction to seize the most dangerous thing first.

In the blink of an eye, Yang Pei Er and Su Ke carried out a double attack.

However, in a 2v1, even if Su Ke grabbed his arm and wanted to take away the gun, his companions suddenly woke up and reacted. The hatchet in their hands were aimed at Su Ke as the tall man commanded, “Kill him!”

He then raised his knee and smashed it against Su Ke’s waist.

On the other side, a hatchet whistled right by him as it hurtled towards his shoulder.

Su Ke instantly reacted and barely dodged two meters to the right, avoiding the hatchet.

Only then did he see Yang Pei Er sparing no effort to seize the counterfeit gun.

Yang Pei Er had one hand on the man’s wrist, the other quickly trying to snatch it from him. However, things wouldn’t go as planned. The robber that Yang Pei Er surprised took half a step backwards, wanting to use his right hand to grab the gun.

The time it took for Yang Pei Er to take action and for Su Ke to distance himself away by two meters was only a few seconds. For Su Ke, it was completely unexpected that Yang Pei Er would do something like this. Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, he saw the tall and thin man reposition the muzzle, passing over Su Ke and aiming at Yang Pei Er, the greatest threat.

Su Ke, in a moment of desperation, sprung into action as he shouted, “Careful!”

Like there were springs installed inside his legs, he immediately arrived next to Yang Pei Er and grabbed her shoulder. The two of them immediately tilted, whilst Yang Pei Er, who had been doing her utmost to snatch the gun, let it go at this moment.

The imitation also flew up into the air, and like a natural instinct, Su Ke’s right hand firmly caught it. Coincidentally, the muzzle was aimed at the tall and thin man.

With a Bang! Bang!, the two of them pulled the trigger at the same time.


  1.  Impossible to stop halfway
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