Chapter 187: Don’t Move, It’s The Police!

Every jewelry shop in Wei Hai city needed to be carefully guarded.

As such, each store has a silent alarm that directly contacts the police department.

When the alarm rang, Command Center 110 got the signal and quickly moved out.

The tall and skinny one yelled, “F*ck, hurry up! The police will be here soon!”

His eyes were bloodshot as he continuously waved his gun around.


They had smashed open another set of large display counters and revealed the jewelry within. The two robbers took out a knapsack and treated the expensive gold, white gold, diamond, and jade-like worthless goods as they carelessly stuffed it into the bag with a rustling sound.

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The extremely vicious robber paced up and down the room and exclaimed, “Nobody move! I’m not robbing today, only making some spending money. The jewels belong to the boss, but your lives are your own, so consider carefully!”

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character was kneeled down in the middle of the group. The two lovers from earlier had already been scared silly, not daring to move a single inch, their hands hugging their heads as their bodies continuously trembled. One of the girls was wearing low-waisted hotpants, so when she knelt, her two white tender buttcheeks were exposed, her butt crack appearing in front of Su Ke.

However, Su Ke didn’t have the time to appreciate the view.

Wei Lan, who was being protected by Su Ke, was facing forward blankly as if she was still trying to comprehend the situation.

Originally, he wanted to use his body to protect her, but at this moment, a woman to his right suddenly leaned against him with no warning, like her body had lost all strength.

When Su Ke realized what was happening, he quickly shifted sideways as he reached out a hand to help.

The man wielding the gun was overlooking the group, so when he noticed something strange going on, he shouted, “What are you doing!?”

Su Ke was stunned. Only when the gun was focused on him did he experience the matter of life and death, that piercing chilliness. The black muzzle of the gun was like the eyes of a death god glaring at him with a deadly gaze.

He was supporting the lady who was leaning against him even as he stilled. It felt like if he even twitched a muscle, that gun, which exuded a deadly aura, would reap his life.

His hands were like suction cups as they coincidentally pushed against the woman’s chest.

The volume of those impressive peaks was overflowing from his hands.

Even if Su Ke’s fingers were slender and able to play the piano with ease, he could only grab half the mountain.

He could feel the spongy and tender flesh through his palms, especially when he first grabbed her. The wave-like ripple feeling nearly caused him to let her go.

Just as Su Ke dazedly sat there, the gun-wielding robber, like a dog which had its tail stepped on, instantly flew into a rage as the gun in his hands continuously moved as he glowered at Su Ke and commanded, “You, come here!”

When he saw Su Ke not budge an inch, he instantly went crazy. “F*ck, I’m here working hard while you’re still in the mood to play rogue! Hurry up and get over here! Do you care about your life?”

Su Ke gulped audibly as he turned to the woman beside him.

Unexpectedly, it was the lady who had showed them the gold necklace.

No wonder her was chest was so voluminous.

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When their eyes met, his mind conjured up the image of the red mark on her chest.

Su Ke raised his hands in surrender as he slowly stood up from the crowd.

However, before he could straighten completely, he suddenly felt a large force pulling on his lapels.

Su Ke turned slightly to see Wei Lan’s pale face. She had a death grip on the back of his shirt and her eyes were filled with terror. Her whole body shook as she sat there, so Su Ke said, “It’s fine!”

“Don’t f*cking dawdle! Get over here!”

The robber didn’t know why, but when he saw Su Ke stand, his t-shirt and shorts and inexperienced looking face made him feel uneasy.

Su Ke stepped past the kneeling people and everyone prayed for his fate.

The tall and thin gun-wielding robber glared coldly at Su Ke as he pointed the gun at his head and asked, “Just now, did you touch until you were satisfied?”

Su Ke tilted his head slightly and dodged the gun, but that stoked the guy’s anger even more. Instantly, he leveled the shotgun in Su Ke’s direction.

The black muzzle was aimed between his eyebrows, a sense of chilliness filling his brain.

Even though the gun looked crudely made, when it was shot at the ceiling just now, it made a large hole. If he got shot in the head, it would guarantee death.

“Dodge it! I’m telling you to dodge it!”

The robber then tilted his head, the mask obscuring most of his face and his uncovered eyes narrowed slightly.

“Have you played CS (Counter-Strike) before? Do you know what a headshot is?”

Su Ke didn’t move. He didn’t know why, but at this moment, he actually relaxed.

Maybe this was his end! Maybe this was karma for killing someone last night!

However, in the eyes of the robber, Su Ke’s indifference seemed like he had been scared silly.

He turned around and urged his two partners before facing Su Ke again and ridiculing him, “You’re such an awesome brat! You can even take advantage of such a time to touch someone’s chest. Hurry up and tell me, was it satisfying? How did it feel?”

It didn’t seem like the interaction between a hostage-taker and his hostage, but rather like a pack of rogues chatting.

It was at this moment that they heard the police sirens getting closer and closer.

The man’s face underwent a large change when he heard the noise.

He couldn’t care less about teasing Su Ke as he turned to holler at his teammates, “Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!”

Su Ke suddenly thought of an idea. The instant the man turned away, his gun also shifted, his body was full of openings. If Su Ke took away his gun, the terror of the situation would take a 180-degree turn. Su Ke took a deep breath and his body unconsciously entered battle mode.

His muscles warmed up as he shifted his center of gravity forward slightly.

Just as Su Ke was about to take action, a figure suddenly appeared at the door of Gold Like Jewels, looking like they had been waiting outside the door for a long time.

The figure was holding a gun and kneeling on the ground as it shouted,“Don’t move, it’s the police!’

The robber looked at the police who suddenly burst in and reacted quickly as he shouted, “You’re the one who shouldn’t move! If you take another step, I’ll f*cking shoot him!”

He then turned his body slightly and aimed the gun at Su Ke’s temple.

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