Chapter 186: Don’t Move, This is a Robbery!

The saleslady at Gold Like Jewels was wearing a white blouse with ¾ sleeves, revealing her white arms. She was also wearing a black corset with a black flower pinned on it.

Her hair was in an updo and she was wearing light makeup.

She looked exactly like she had undergone professional training.

After all, when you go to Gold Like Jewels, any customer could be wealthy and they will receive a commission for every piece of jewelry sold. Naturally, that means they won’t slack off.

The saleslady in front of him didn’t relax just because they looked like students.

Instead, she enthusiastically introduced the products.

Additionally, before Su Ke2Su KeMain Character could speak, she already bent her waist to open the drawer, wanting to take out the gold necklace Wei Lan pointed at just now.

Just as the saleslady bent down, Su Ke’s unconsciously glanced down past her collar.

Two impressive mounds were pressed tightly against each other, arched and smooth, covered in the deep luster of flesh.

The half-revealed top actually showed a red mark in the shape of a mouth on her left breast.

“F*ck!” Su Ke’s heart couldn’t help but shiver. This woman probably went crazy last night and her partner was a ruthless character that used all of his strength.

If not, the fruits of his labor wouldn’t look like this.

Before Su Ke could continue his appraisal, the saleswoman had already grabbed the item.

When she lifted her head and opened her mouth to talk about the item, she noticed Su Ke’s peculiar gaze. She dazedly looked at her chest and was immediately embarrassed, her cheeks flushing a bright red.

The saleslady glared angrily at Su Ke, but her gaze wasn’t filled with disgust.

Maybe it was because Su Ke looked delicate and pretty, she actually felt some pride being leered at by him. Su Ke gave an awkward smile with an embarrassed look on his face as he unconsciously rubbed his nose, quickly shifting his gaze onto the gold necklace on the counter.

Fortunately, Wei Lan was completely oblivious to Su Ke’s actions as she carefully observed the necklace before saying, “Su Ke, what do you think about this piece? Does it suit Auntie?”

It was a simple and elegant necklace with a wavy design and interlocking hooks.

Su Ke then looked at the price and laughed to himself. It was just two thousand, something he could definitely afford it.

“This gold necklace has delicate craftsmanship with a unique design and a ring clasp at the back that will suit a woman of any age. We also have a gold “lucky bag” pendant that would match this piece beautifully!”

Lucky Bag^       What I think the gold necklace would look like.

Su Ke stared at the necklace and contemplated his options. His mother would definitely look good wearing it, but he wanted to look around at other stores first.

After all, when buying gifts, comparing stores is a must.

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At this moment, the door suddenly flew open and quite a few people entered.

Su Ke unconsciously looked up and noticed that the saleslady had a sluggish smile with a pale white face.

Right as the pieces fell into place, Su Ke heard a ferocious man yell,  “Don’t move, this is a robbery!”

Once his words registered, all the saleswomen in the store screamed.

“Don’t move! If you so much as squirm, I’ll beat you to death!”

When Su Ke looked up and saw her face when they walked in, his heart felt uneasy.

Once the robber declared their intentions, his heart sank in his chest as he turned around to analyze the situation.

There were three males wearing all black clothes that included a hoodie, a cap, and a ski mask. Like devils, they quickly walked, their actions clear-cut. Their first objective was to control everyone in the store. However, what surprised Su Ke the most is that the thinnest and tallest robber was carrying a gun. The black metal in his hands gleamed and the muzzle of his gun swayed, making it seem like it was going to go off at any moment.

Even though the legal programs on television would report on burglaries, Su Ke had always assumed that these situations only happened in TV shows or books.

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However, this actually happened today of all days.

It instantly blew yesterday’s murder to the back of his mind.

The man with the gun suddenly shouted, “Get out!”

He then waved his gun at the saleslady, but rather than order them to take out the jewelry, he urged them to move away from the counters.

The other two thieves then pulled out some hatchets and started smashing the counters.

Even though the glass in jewelry stores is specially made and treated with all kinds of chemicals, it exploded in just a couple of hits. As soon as it shattered, there was a sound of messy footsteps as the saleswomen obediently left with pale faces.

Su Ke finally reacted by pulling Wei Lan, who had been scared silly, close to him as he walked over to where the robbers indicated.

At this moment, an ear-piercing alarm suddenly resounded, Ring! Ring! Ring!

He didn’t know who pressed it, but he knew this wasn’t going to end well.


The robber holding the gun was so startled by the alarm, he shot the ceiling, causing dust to fall from the hole. The gun looked like a factory manufactured rifle; from the muzzle, blue smoke rose.

His eyes were bloodshot as he suddenly pointed at a saleswoman and yelled, “It’s you!”

“Ah!” The saleswoman immediately screamed when she was pointed at as she quickly waved her hands and exclaimed, “It’s not me! It’s not me!”

The muzzle suddenly switched targets, pointing at another salesperson as he questioned, “It’s you?” This lady was even worse. She kept shouting that it wasn’t her until her body felt weak and she suddenly fainted.

The man holding the gun stomped his leg in anger, but he still retained his reasoning as he ordered, “F*ck! I don’t want to kill anyone today, so don’t f*cking force me! Everyone, kneel!”   He turned his head to shout at the other two to hurry up while at the same time making sure everyone had moved further inside and kneeled on.

Wei Lan was frightened out of her wits. Ever since she was young, she’s always been obedient. Never in her wildest dreams did she think that she would end up in this situation.

She unconsciously followed Su Ke and retreated, her eyes filled with fright and her body shaking like a leaf as she moved.

Su Ke was whispering into Wei Lan’s ear, comforting her as they walked, “Wei Lan, don’t be afraid! Everything’s fine! Everything’s fine!” One hand was gently caressed her smooth and tender back, which was stretched taut and trembling non-stop. The pair of lovers were right at the front while Su Ke and Wei Lan were in the middle, surrounded by the pretty saleswomen.

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