Chapter 185: Gold Like Jewels

Sunday morning at 10:40 AM.

Su Ke2Su KeMain Character woke in a daze to the sound of his phone ringing. He blearily opened his eyes as he watched the sunlight filter into the room. Su Ke didn’t know how he fell asleep last night, but he knew that it was another new day. His mind continuously replayed the fight between him and Wu Ao Ran. Maybe if his hits weren’t so strong or maybe if he stopped himself, Wu Ao Ran wouldn’t have died.

Or maybe he would have been the one to die!

His phone rang unceasingly. Like he had contracted a disease, his entire body felt weak.

He reached out his hand for quite a while before he finally managed to find his phone.

Su Ke’s voice was also quite weak as he stared dumbly at the ceiling and said, “Wei!”

Wei Lan’s tender sweet voice traveled through the phone, “Su Ke! It’s me, Wei Lan!”

“Wei Lan? What’s up? Do you need something?”

Su Ke’s response was very mechanical, maintaining the same posture without the slightest movement.

The voice on the other remained silent for a few moments. Only when Su Ke was about to hang up did he hear Wei Lan’s voice again, “Su Ke, didn’t you say that you wanted to buy a present for Auntie?”

Only then did Su Ke remember what he said to her the other day about accompanying him to buy a present. His eyes lit up and the corner of his mouth curled into a smile, “That’s right! I nearly forgot!”

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“Then when are we going?”

Wei Lan had gotten up very early today and was waiting for Su Ke’s call.

She was already changed and even put on some special makeup. However, when it turned noon, there was still no word from him. She finally couldn’t control herself, so she decided to call.

Su Ke originally wanted to stay at home, even feeling a bit scared to leave the house, but before he could reject her, Ma Meng’s words from before appeared in his mind.

He had already entrusted Su Ke with what to do- maintain normality.

“Hehe, let’s go! Are you ready?”

“En! Wait for me downstairs, okay!?”

“Su Ke, what’s wrong with you today? Are you sick?”

In a snack bar, Wei Lan and Su Ke sat right across from each other.

Su Ke’s delicate cheeks were quite pale, worrying Wei Lan.

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Su Ke gave a slight smile as he responded, “I’m fine, maybe it’s because I didn’t sleep well last night!” His expression was a bit dull as he watched Wei Lan. She was wearing a light green gauze gown that had poofy sleeves and a heart-shaped neckline that showed off her cleavage.

On her snow-white neck was a jade necklace that made her look pure and elegant.

When she spoke, her dimples were faintly discernible.

As she gazed at him, he could see an obvious look of concern in her eyes that made him feel very warm. Su Ke had absolutely no appetite as he sat in his seat. He ate a few bites before setting his chopsticks down, making Wei Lan feel that something was up.

“If you’re not comfortable, we can go home!”

Even though she really treasured the opportunity to go out with Su Ke, especially when she just found out that Su Ke and Li Fei Fei aren’t just friends, her feelings became more intense. However, once she saw Su Ke’s current state, she was rather considerate.

Su Ke cheered himself up and acted like there was nothing wrong, stretching his arms comfortably as he said, “I’m fine, are you full? We can go outside for a stroll! My mother’s birthday present needs to be carefully selected!”

“Okay! I’m done eating, let’s go!”

Just as Su Ke walked out of the store, he suddenly realized that Wei Lan had grabbed his hand, shocking him greatly. Even though he had always flippantly joked with Wei Lan and they were a lot closer than typical students, this was still the first time that they ever held hands.

Su Ke was not the only one who felt anxious, even Wei Lan’s heartbeat had gotten out of control. Her tender hand covered in smooth white skin felt like he was caressing a piece of first-rate jade.

He could feel her hand trembling and could hear her breathing suddenly speed up.

Out of the corner of his eye, he could see that she was looking the other way, which he couldn’t help but find amusing.

Since yesterday’s incident, this was the first time Su Ke had smiled from the bottom of his heart. He then took a breath and relaxed his entire body.

It was like breathing out all of his worries and pent-up frustrations.

He secretly told himself that he was not going to think about it and that everything was settled.

Su Ke lightly pulled on Wei Lan’s hand and exclaimed, “Let’s go! The store up ahead looks good, so let’s go take a look!”

Wei Lan could hear the sound of her heartbeat pounding non-stop. Her body was unconsciously stretched taut, completely unable to look at Su Ke. She could only unconsciously follow his footsteps. Fortunately, they didn’t need to cross the road to get to the jewelry store, so Wei Lan was relatively fine. Accurately speaking, this street isn’t where gold and jewelry stores gathered.

Su Ke picked the shop just because it was close by. After all, when bringing a girl around, one needed to take a stroll. The street where all the gold and jewelry is gathered was Su Ke’s last stop.

Gold Like Jewels was the name of the shop. On the outside, it looked very ordinary, but when they stepped inside, they realized that the furnishings were very luxurious. The area wasn’t very big, only around 100 square meters. The display counters were attached to all four walls, making the center of the store an island.

The wallpaper was gold and contrasted the light, making it seem like a palace.

When they entered, the sales assistant behind the counter immediately smiled and said, “Welcome to Gold Like Jewels! What are the two customers looking for? We have gold, white gold, diamond, and jade! We have a very wide selection of materials and designs!”

“We’ll take a look first!” Su Ke returned her smile and pulled Wei Lan’s hand before heading directly to the display counter filled with gold. Since it was lunchtime, there weren’t a lot of people in the store. There was a pair of young lovers at the white gold display counter and five pretty and elegant female staff members.

When they entered the store, Wei Lan had embarrassedly let go of his hand with a bright red face. However, she hadn’t forgotten her main mission as she pointed out a delicate gold necklace and said, “Su Ke, what about this necklace?”

“Your taste is really good! This gold necklace is a new product that just arrived yesterday. It’s 24 karats!” Right after her advertisement, the saleswoman leaned back to open the drawer.

Su Ke’s gaze carelessly dropped from her collar to down below. Her collar was very wide and her two balls of flesh were pressed tightly together, showing off a triangular depression.


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