Chapter 214- Imminent Doom

Weise sat on the computer chair in his room and stared at a hologram screen. It was relatively old technology from the last century, so it required several crude light ports that illuminated his face. “Professor, you are currently in my core housing. You gained access to this place via the old private elevator that the last president of the Green Corporation used. I have sealed this place using quick acting cement to protect your well-being. The only way in or out is three checkpoints used for maintenance purposes. As you know, the first checkpoint is a standard security door, while the second is an old military door. It’s designed to withstand nuclear warfare, but a high powered laser will get through it in a day. The final checkpoint is made of a compound of steel and titanium that houses my core. By my current calculations, we have only a month before their high powered laser breaches the final blockade. Now, there is easily enough food and water for you to last that long, but this room has its own air filtration system. When they cut me out of the system, that also includes everything inside the main building, which includes the air filtration system.” (LAAW)

Weise’s face instantly turned grim as he wondered how much air he had left and what he can do about it.

“What can I do to help?” (Weise)

“Professor, as of this moment, you are the most senior member of staff on location. As such, because of your seniority, your mere presence prevents outside forces from hacking me and taking control of my systems through a hard link. However, that will not hold indefinitely. As soon as you pass…” (LAAW)

“I know!” (Weise)

“Yes… Right now, our options are limited. However, with the military here, our plight is known. In addition, I still have access to some of the buildings original systems like the old elevator. There is also the hidden landline in the president’s office that I repurposed so Astrid7Astridcharacter could travel  here. However, other than simple communications, it can’t do anything else.” (LAAW)

The hologram suddenly glowed before showing the image of an old telephone.

“The problem lies here. The lines have degraded over time, so it will be hard to fix. The lines were cut before I could signal for help, and since you’re the only one I can communicate with, you will have to fix, Professor.”

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Astrid wrapped her arms around Kevin’s waist as they watched the news. This was an unprecedented level of terrorism in the modern age. Countless locations with supercomputers were raided, but they were most worried about the Green Corporation.

“Astrid, is Weise all right?” (Kevin)

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Astrid blinked with a sad expression before responding, “They say it was a complete massacre on the ground level. However, because of his position as section head, he will have been taken prisoner and not killed. LAAW has also been sending me messages in short bursts. My main body is acting like a relay to give us updated information. The messages are only about four letters long, but I can understand them.” (Astrid)

Kevin left out a sigh of relief as he relaxed his shoulders and said, “Weise is a good man.” (Kevin)

Astrid smiled, instantly realizing where he was going.

“My love, I know you want to help. What are you going to do though? Storm the front entrance guns blazing?” (Astrid)

Kevin stared at the monitor for a moment as he considered how he would attack, completely oblivious that it was meant to be a joke.

Astrid gripped his hand, worrying that he was going to do something stupid.

“Astrid, could you run some simulations? Divert from our goal to look in on this matter.” (Kevin)

Astrid smiled before heaving sigh and kissing him on the cheek.

He might be quick to action, but she loved this big human idiot.

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