Chapter 70 – Zhuang Ru

However, these people should know that their main enemy this time were the zombies, those firearms would not be able to deal much damage against zombies. In fact, guns might not even be better than an arrow shot by an Archer.

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Firearms were also one of the things that have been weakened during the Post-Apocalyptic World, but this situation had also caused many interesting talents to appear within the army. These people knew how to use the materials found in the Post-Apocalyptic World to make guns and bullets that possessed powerful destructive power.

These people were not considered as Martialists or as Metahumans, but they were an unconventional group referred to as Gunmasters. These people are not weak in a one versus one fight but when placed in a battlefield, they are a genuinely terrifying existence.

Talent is required for a Gunmaster to be born, which was also why there were not many Gunmasters in the Post-Apocalyptic World, and the few that exist were mostly found within the army.

“Team Leader, we only have ten armored vehicles, will it be enough to save F City?”

“Our goal this time is to rescue the local city officials, we do not need to bother ourselves with the rest of the people.”

“But why a large number of soldiers were sent to rescue cities like S City and D City?”

“You still don’t get it? F City is only a second-tier city, the higher-ups will not want to waste too many resources on this type of cities.”

A small discussion was happening within the leading vehicle of the convoy, what they did not know was that a black monster was currently eavesdropping on them to obtain information.

“No wonder the Sky Hegemon Blade Sage was unwilling to follow the arrangements of the army, indignation has developed due to this incident.”

Yang Tian only felt contempt towards the army’s arrangement, the military solely focused on sending forces to the hometowns of their higher-ups because they wanted to make the latter happy!

This also resulted in various independent organizations’ appearance during the Post-Apocalyptic Era.

If the army wanted to give an order, then they should only give it to the organizations that listened to them. If the army were to come to my territory to order me about, I would make sure they will not see tomorrow’s sun.

The military of the Celestial Empire was basically an empty husk during the later part of the Post-Apocalyptic Era. On the surface, the military had looked decent but did they truly have strength comparable to any one of the Nine Great Palaces of the Celestial Empire? The army had wanted to take down one of the Twenty-Three Palaces but they lacked the strength, so they could only settle with Auxiliary Palaces.

Yang Tian initially thought that they were planning to help F City, yet in the end, they were just here to rescue some of the high-level officials. No wonder in his previous life, Chen An was the only Celestial Empire Official that remained in F City to save its people. Without the aid of the army, the lone Chen An still managed to establish a group to rescue the people of F City; this fact caused Yang Tian to hold admiration for that man. It’s a pity that Chen An eventually died in one of the later invasions.


The ten armored vehicles were being blocked by a group of mutated beasts that were unable to break their defenses.

Rank 1 Mutated Beast, Mutated Armadillo.

A Mutated Armadillo was about half the size of a sedan car, and the group that blocked the convoy had over thirty individuals, blocking up the entire highway. Moreover, the armored vehicles have been surrounded as well.

Everyone within the ten armored vehicles was undoubtedly Metahumans, Yang Tian would not waste time for them as well. After transforming his arms into a drill, Yang Tian burrowed away to leave the place.

“Team Leader, there seems to be movement underneath the vehicle.”

“It should be those armadillos, let’s deal with them first.”

Ten minutes later, Yang Tian drilled out to the surface.

“This is the toll station of F City? I have finally arrived.”

However, the toll station was severely damaged now but it had been intact and undamaged when Yang Tian used this as a resting stop in the past.

“Ah… you beast!”

A short while after Yang Tian walked away from the toll station, the angry voice of a woman was heard.

“There are survivors in there?”

Yang Tian initially did not want to go over as this sort of incident were just too many in the Post-Apocalyptic Era. However, the next sentence caught Yang Tian’s interest:

“So what if your father is the mayor of F City, do you think it is useful now?”

The daughter of the mayor? Then she must be one of the rescue targets of the army?

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Yang Tian quickly heads towards the source of the voices, a group of five men in suits was smiling lewdly at three women. The suits made their wearers looked upright, but when placed in this situation, there was a perfect term for them: A Dressed-Up Animal.

“The only reason I want you is because you are the daughter of the mayor, aren’t you pure and incorruptible? I will make you think otherwise later, hahaha.”

The guy spoke while removing his suit jacket, the other four men were focusing their attention on the other two women.

“Once my dad knows about this, he will not let you off!”

“Hahaha, isn’t he finding it hard to protect himself already? Haha.”

The man laughed out loud, his daily life had been filled with stress yet everything seemed so pointless now.

The man started to pull off the clothes on the mayor’s daughter.

“Jerk, you bastard!”

What replied the mayor’s daughter was even more crazed laughter from the man.


The doors were quicked opened, Yang Tian in Venom-Form appeared in front of them.

“Brother Lu, Brother Lu, there’s… a monster.”

“Quick run!”

However, the only path of escape was being blocked by Yang Tian and jumping out from the window could only mean death. When the four men saw that there was no way to escape, they move to a secluded corner.

“Are you the mayor’s daughter?”

Yang Tian’s fang-filled mouth asked the mayor’s daughter. They did not expect the monster in front of them could speak human.

Maybe that’s a Metahuman?

“Yes, I am the mayor’s daughter, Zhuang Ru.”

From Zhuang Ru’s perspective, she saw Yang Tian as a Metahuman sent by his father to protect her.

“Get the f*** out of here, I don’t believe you are powerful.”

That man was undoubtedly a Metahuman, he had also treated Yang Tian as someone the mayor had sent. The man knew that he had done an unforgivable act, so he needs to defeat the black monster in front of him.

Rank 1 Storm Warrior

A pity, he could not even block a single attack from Yang Tian.

Yang Tian’s right arm turned into a needle-like sword which instantly pierced through the man’s chest.

“I am the… only Metahuman, they… only survived because… I went out to search for food. Yet Zhuang Ru kept giving me the cold shoulder, w… why…”

After his chest was pierced, the man mumbled some words, his gaze was filled with unwillingness. He was unable to obtain Zhuang Ru during the Civilized Age, why was it the same in the Post-Apocalyptic Era as well?

“Some people are just so sad.”

Yang Tian’s words seemed to be replying to the man’s question.

“Are you here to save me?” Zhuang Ru happily looked at Yang Tian.

“No, I am here to use you to exchange something with your father.”

“What is it?”

Zhuan Ru’s hopeful face immediately shattered, this person was not sent by her father but is an enemy of her father instead.

Yang Tian’s left arm turned into a stretchable rubber and wrapped around Zhuang Ru, pulling the latter in front of Yang Tian.

“Pure and incorruptible?”

Yang Tian’s slender tongue licked Zhuang Ru’s face, the taste of cosmetic filled his mouth.

“I think your judgment is wrong.” Yang Tian looked at the man on the ground and said.

Yang Tian unexpectedly discovered that Venom’s tongue was able to identify whether a creature is still a virgin or not.

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