Chapter 71 – Zhuang Zheng

“She has likely slept with many other men already, but it will never be your turn.”

Yang Tian’s words were heart-rending to hear and when it reached the man’s ears, it was also a covert way of saying how useless the latter was.


“Consider yourself lucky today, I do not want to kill any of you.”

Yang Tian jumped out of the window with Zhuang Ru, as it was level twelve, the bound Zhuang Ru screamed loudly.

“Shut up.”

Yang Tian shot a small lump of black liquid to cover Zhuang Ru’s mouth, causing her to be unable to continue her screaming.

By traveling at top speed, Yang Tian finally reached the city center of F City.

The zombie horde which had attacked the city center was much more horrifying; the tall buildings in this area have all been flattened to the ground. The streets were covered in blood, Yang Tian was not even able to separate which bodies belonged to humans and which belonged to zombies.

“Liu, do you think there will be food here?”

“We must try to look no matter what or we will have to go hungry tonight again.”


Yang Tian heard two voices, he deactivate Venom-Form and returned to an ordinary person. Zhuang Ru also regained her freedom but the black liquid on her mouth was also kept by Yang Tian.

“You better keep your mouth closed.”

“Un… understand.”

After Zhuang Ru nervously replied, Yang Tian pulled her by the hand and walked towards the source of the voices.

“Bros, do you have any food? It has been a long time since my girlfriend, and I had eaten anything.”

Yang Tian looked like any other ordinary person in his normal form while Zhuang Ru did not look like she had any fighting ability at all as well. Yang Tian followed the voices and saw two youths, they seem to have just graduated from school and had started working not long ago, giving off a reckless impression.

“Woah, so it is you guys, I got startled.”

The youths heard some movement and thought they have attracted danger, but when they saw Yang Tian’s harmless look and the beauty of Zhuang Ru, their fearful hearts calmed down.

“We only just reached here also well, we do not know if there’s food here or not.”

“Why not we search for food together! We will split our finds equally.”

The youths warmly ‘invited’ Yang Tian, but most of their attention had actually landed on Zhuang Ru. Yang Tian naturally knew what these two were thinking.

“Nevermind. It is too dangerous to find food here, it is better if we look for the mayor of F City as soon as possible.”

Yang Tian looked like he planned to leave after their exchange, the main reason Yang Tian approached them was that he saw them wearing the staff pass of the F City Committee. Yang Tian guessed that they might know some information regarding the mayor or might even be with the mayor himself.

“Bro, wait a minute.”

“What is it?”

“Why are you looking for the mayor?”

“The mayor is my uncle, I heard that he has formed a team and I plan to seek asylum under him. This work pass was arranged by the mayor for me, you guys can check.”

The work pass that Yang Tian took out actually belonged to Zhuang Ru, just that Yang Tian had destroyed the photo on it.

After seeing the work pass that Yang Tian passed to them, the two guys also beginning to believe him. In their eyes, for a young guy like Yang Tian to obtain such a high position, Yang Tian must have been supported by the mayor.

“Bro,  for you to climb to such a high status at such a young age, you are undoubtedly the nephew of the mayor. Let us bring you to meet the mayor.” The tone of the youth could not help but contained a tinge of envy.

However, Yang Tian did not care what they were thinking about as long as they bring Yang Tian to the mayor.

As they followed the youths, the corpses on the roadside also slowly reduced. From the looks of it, the mayor and his group were really well hidden.

A large garbage dump.

So they were using the rotting smell of garbage to mask their human scent, no wonder there were no signs of fighting here when it was supposed to be the period that small scale zombie hordes were continually erupting.

“The mayor is in there.”

The youths brought Yang Tian and Zhuang Ru into the garbage dump, within the dump were also dozens of ordinary people searching through the trash in search of food.

“They are all refugees from nearby, the mayor and his group are in an underground warehouse.”

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The underground warehouse of the garbage dump was also meant to keep rubbish, but after it was cleared out, it has become a temporary shelter. The entrance of the underground warehouse was also guarded by two Rank 1 Metahumans.

“We will go down to inform the mayor, those two guys there are very powerful.”

The two youths pointed at the two guards at the entrance; the attire of the guards had also revealed their occupation during the Civilized Age, security guards.

“Why did the two of you return without food again?”

The security guards stopped the youths and spoke in an unsatisfied tone.

The youths whispered into the ears of the security guards, the latter looked at Yang Tian for a moment before allowing the youths to enter.

The youths have also brought along Zhuang Ru’s work pass, the mayor would likely come out immediately once he saw it.

As expected, a short while later, a large group of people came out of the entrance. The one leading the group was a middle-aged man over half a century in age.

“Dad, save me!”

When Zhuang Ru saw the man, she could not help but cry out to him.

“Daughter, don’t cry, dad is here to save you.”

However, Yang Tian placed a small knife now Zhuang Ru’s throat, stopping them from moving any closer.

“Are you the mayor, Zhuang Zheng?”

“I am. Little Bro, if you want food, I will give you lots of it immediately after you release my daughter.”

Zhuang Zheng cares about his daughter greatly and despite forcing himself to look calm, it was still unable to hide the worry he was feeling,

“Little Bro, didn’t you see that everyone here are all our men? Do you think you can really take anything out of here? Let go of the mayor’s daughter, and we will not make things difficult for you as well.”

“Hahaha, how laughable. Do you think I will be afraid?”

Yang Tian laughed savagely, the knife in his hand moved a few centimeters deeper, causing blood to flow out of Zhuang Ru’s neck.

“No no no, please tell me what you want Little Bro.”

“There’s no hurry! Where is Chen An? I want to meet him.”

“The Station Chief is still in the warehouse, I will call him immediately.”

A young man in police uniform was standing behind the mayor, he immediately went to execute the mayor’s reply.

Very soon, a tough and stocky male appeared. There were three rows of scars on his face, giving the man an extremely tough and powerful vibe.

“Station Chief Chen An.” Yang Tian greeted him with a slightly respectful tone.

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“Young man, I heard that you got the mayor’s daughter and even wanted to meet me, what is your purpose?”

Chen An’s voice was not as tough as his image, on the contrary, he sounded very calm and ordinary when he was speaking to Yang Tian.

“I want to ask Station Chief Chen, are you also leaving F City with these group of people when the army arrives?”

Yang Tian might have known about what was Chen An’s decision, but he wanted to notify Chen An as early as possible so that the latter would not be caught in a passive position.

“Leave F City? It is impossible Little Bro, the mayor had already promised me that the army will be coming to rescue F City.”

“When I am traveling towards F City, I happen to encounter ten armored vehicles and overheard their conversations. They will give up F City and only save the important officials.”

“Little Bro, you should not make irresponsible remarks.”

Zhuang Zheng was unable to remain calm when he heard Yang Tian’s words that he had received from the army; it was the information that they will only rescue the important officials.

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