Chapter 614: Water Space Variant Beast

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A several meter-wide rift forcibly parted the underground sea into two halves, and then, the barrier with Long Yi and others inside slowly floated down to the sea floor.

At that time, in the midst of the cleared cross-section, one could clearly see a strange beast’s head. It had a distinct outline and very large eyes with floating hairs on its head. It looked just like a three-dimensional drawing in the seawater.

“What is this?” Karl exclaimed.

Long Yi shrugged his shoulders. How could he know what this strange beast was? But, looking at this strange beast, he could clearly see that it was very angry at them. Merely, they didn’t seem to have done anything that would provoke its anger.

Nevertheless, this strange beast didn’t attack them immediately as if it were hesitating.

Long Yi sent forth his spirit power, attempting to communicate with it. Clearly, this strange beast was very powerful. In this underground sea, it was a peak existence, and even more importantly, it actually had an extremely powerful ability to control space. The appearance of that black hole just now had not been accidental.

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Merely, when the spirit power of Long Yi arrived in front of that strange beast, his spirit power encountered an obstruction; moreover, this probing made that strange beast violent again. The seawater surged violently, and a huge force began to pressure the cleared space created by Long Yi using Water Splitting Magic.

Long Yi was also somewhat angry now. This strange beast truly couldn’t tell good from bad. It actually thought that he was mud that it could do anything with. It was just a strange beast with the water attribute. He, however, had the Water God Spirit Tablet and several god beasts. Although his fighting power diminished in water, he was also not so weak that he could do nothing. After thinking so, Long Yi used his World of Snow and Ice water magic. Under the bluff of the Water God Spirit Tablet, the seawater within a radius of several li was completely frozen. Merely, that strange beast had already disappeared without a trace.

The underground sea was very big, and Long Yi didn’t have the ability to completely freeze the entire underground sea. In addition, this strange beast seemed to be invisible as if it had already become a part of the seawater. In addition, its space magic was very powerful, so it was hard to accurately pinpoint its position.

Long Yi stopped attacking after casting World of Snow and Ice and pondered for a while. He then laughed and gave up the plan of taking the initiative to attack. It was very clear that that strange beast had the ability to control space, but even if it could use space magic to block their route of retreat, couldn’t he just split open the blockade? When he, Long Yi, wanted to leave, who could stop him in this world?

After thinking this, Long Yi closed his eyes and began to sense the space energy. He had studied space magic to a certain extent, and he knew that forcibly altering the space energy field with an external force would definitely cause an anomaly. He could split open this place using that anomaly to create a passage and escape.

Long Yi made all the god beasts and Long Two attack the place with the anomaly that he had sensed. As for himself, he alertly looked around to guard against a sneak attack from that strange beast. This strange beast was truly cunning; it actually could change the place of the energy anomaly, causing Long Yi to have to actively manage his helpers. But, despite that being the case, under the fierce attacks, the entire energy field began to sway.

Suddenly, a hint of surprise flashed through the confident eyes of Long Yi as he felt that something was wrong, so he made Little Three and the others stop their attacks. However, the entire space energy field still  continuously swayed. In fact, the swaying became more and more violent. Cracks began to appear in the surrounding frozen seawater, and energy madly scattered throughout this entire space. This scene was just like the eve of Doomsday.

“That strange beast is crazy! It wants to perish together with us.” At this moment, Long Yi finally understood the aim of that strange beast. It wanted to collapse this entire space, and the energy created due to the scattering of the space would wipe out everything within the space including that strange beast itself.

Long Yi’s complexion changed. He immediately put on his Lightning God Armor. Coupled with the six spirit tablets, he ought to be able to endure the energy storm caused by the scattering of the space, but it was impossible for Karl to survive. He had never expected that this strange beast actually had such a powerful ability to control space. It was truly beyond his imagination.

This variant beast with such powerful water and space attributes was very likely to be a descendant of two high-level water and space god beasts. In addition, it had evolved and become even stronger during the past 100,000 years.

In the beginning, Long Yi had looked down upon it. But, the top-ranking forces of this world were not as simple as Long Yi had imagined. It had already been more than ten years since Long Yi had arrived in this strange world. He had experienced life and death situations and also countless fortuitous encounters to reach the current level, but when all was said and done, he had only touched the tip of the iceberg when it came to the power of Demons and Gods. Although he had Lightning God Armor and six spirit tablets of the Main Gods, he had not yet truly inherited their powers; thus, in this space left behind from the War of Gods and Demons 100,000 years ago, he had been surprised many times within a short period.

At that time, when the destructive end of both sides suffering was right around the corner, in Long Yi’s isolation barrier, that egg that hadn’t been roasted no matter the heat suddenly pulsated. Next, it swayed and cracks appeared on the eggshell. It was unexpectedly hatching.

Meanwhile, the violent energy within the space slowly calmed down, and Long Yi could feel pleasant surprise and excitement from all around the space via his spirit power.

“Don’t tell me… this hatching egg is the descendant of this variant beast?” Long Yi was stunned. No wonder, they hadn’t been able to find the male beast at that time. He had never thought that this water and space dual-attributed powerful variant beast was the father of the eggs from that earth-attributed mother strange beast. Since his group had eaten their four children, it was not surprising that this variant beast had desperately fought them.

And now that the last one was hatching, Long Yi knew that the matter was taking a turn for the better, but he still didn’t dare to relax at all. After all, he had already eaten several of the other eggs.

The cracks on the eggshell became larger and larger, and then a bald fiery red head tore out from the eggshell. It then spared no effort, wanting to struggle out of the eggshell while whimpering in a low voice. It looked very cute.

At this moment, the energy storm within this space had completely simmered down, and a low call came from all around the space. Then, the little fellow inside the eggshell struggled even more as if it had been encouraged.

Finally, the little fellow broke out of its shell. Its entire body was bright red without any hair. But, it unexpectedly had only one leg and its eyes were still closed. This little fellow didn’t seem to have any attack power, but it jumped while whimpering. Then turning into a wisp of red smoke, it flew around the isolation barrier in disorder, trying to reach that variant beast. Merely, without the permission of Long Yi, how could it leave the barrier?

Those low roars became even louder, and Long Yi noticed a hint of spirit power coming into contact with his spirit power. Upon sensing this, he couldn’t help relaxing, and a faint smile appeared on his stretched taut face.

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