Chapter 615: Death impasse

After the spirit power of Long Yi contacted with the monster’s, he heard a low voice in his sea of consciousness, “Outsider, as long as you let go of my child, I can let go of everything.”

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Long Yi said with apologetic tone, “Everything was a misunderstanding. Had we known that they were your children, we would have never touched even a single of their hairs.”

The divine sense of that variant beast moved, and a change occurred in the energy field. Everything around them distorted and fluctuated, before reverting back to its original state.

“Eh, we’re back!” Karl looked around and exclaimed. He discovered that the seawater had already retreated, and they stood on the shore as if everything that had happened just a moment ago had been a mere illusion.

Long Yi could sense the sincerity of this variant beast, so he dispersed the isolation barrier. Then, that little fellow flying all around changed into a red shadow and entered the underground sea. After cheerfully paddling around for a little while, it dived deep into the sea and didn’t come out again.

After a good while, the divine sense of that variant beast appeared once again and said, “Outsider, I can see that you possess the Water God Spirit Tablet and also the Water God’s Mark on your body. You are clearly the inheritor of Water God. I don’t know why, but you clearly haven’t truly inherited the power of the Water God Spirit Tablet. However, my parents had a close relationship with Water God beast and Water God in the Divine World, so since you have come to this space, feel free to ask if you need my help in here.”

Long Yi was glad in his heart. This truly was a blessing in disguise. Just a moment ago, he had been worried about the consequences of both sides suffering, but now, the situation had made a big turn of 180 degrees.

“I wonder if you know of the existence of the Blue Sea Divine Soul? We are looking for this thing,” Long Yi expressed with his divine sense.

That variant beast remained silent for a long time before replying, “Blue Sea Divine Soul is the divine soul that condensed after the First Tier Water God of the Divine Realm died in battle. He was also the master my father followed.”

“Eh…” Long Yi was startled. Now, this matter had become somewhat difficult. Long Yi thought that since this variant beast had that kind of relation with that First Tier Water God, how could it tolerate him having thoughts toward the Blue Sea Divine Soul?

“I cannot help you obtain the Blue Sea Divine Soul, but I can teleport you all to Death Impasse. That place, however, was the most terrible battlefield of the War of Gods and Demons. The remains of countless high-class Demons and Gods are buried there. I don’t know how many demonic specters and divine zombies there are, but no one has returned alive after stepping into that place,” The variant beast said after a long time.

“Death Impasse?” The heart of Long Yi sunk after hearing the words of this variant beast. The demonic specters and divine zombies formed from the corpses of high-class Demons and Gods were absolutely different from general undead creatures; therefore, Long Yi didn’t have any hope of his undead magic affecting them to any significant extent. Calling that kind of place Death Impasse would not be excessive at all. Wanting to obtain the Blue Sea Divine Soul and escape unscathed from such a dangerous place would truly be an enormous ordeal.

Long Yi frowned while examining Karl. In such a dangerous place, he wouldn’t have the ability to take care of Karl’s safety.

“Long Yi, what’s going on?” Karl asked upon seeing Long Yi was looking at him.

Long Yi explained everything detailed by the variant beast and added, “Karl, Death Impasse is too dangerous. How about you wait for me here?”

Karl quietly caressed the Miluo Divine Bow in his hand and sighed, “I know that I would only be a burden with my strength. I will stay here. In any case, you must be careful, you have said that you will take me to experience the Human World of Blue Waves Continent. I hope you will live up to your words.”

Long Yi patted Karl’s shoulder and said with a smile, “You can rest assured: there is no place in this world where I cannot go. Just wait for my good news.”

“Are you ready?” That variant beast asked.

“Yes, but I want to ask you a help. If I don’t return from the Death Impasse, can you send this person out of this space?” Long Yi requested.

“Okay.” The variant beast agreed. This matter was nothing difficult for it. It knew the Sea Race sent people in Smelting Death Cave once every one hundred years to seize treasures. In the future, he could just teleport this person to the place where the Sea Race had created the entrance, and when the Sea Race opened the path again from the outside, this person could just walk out.

At this moment, this water space variant beast used all its energy, enveloping Long Yi and his pets. In the next moment, they disappeared without a trace, leaving behind only the listlessly sitting Karl. He believed that he could never reach the level of Long Yi.


The expansion works of Soaring Dragon City were progressing in full swing. The new districts had already begun to take shape. Numerous refined, elegant and imposing buildings had risen. In addition, big trees transplanted from the Hengduan Mountains were planted on both sides of the street along with various kinds of fresh flowers, decorating the district. Nevertheless, the most striking of these buildings was the Continent Conference Hall. It was built for the purpose of holding the Blue Wave Continent Conference. It covered an area of more than one hundred hectares, and the main building had ten floors. It looked magnificent and imposing. The first task of this conference hall was to hold the upcoming Dragon Race Conference. Since its completion, countless tourists had come to visit it every day.

At this time, in the central square of Continent Conference Hall, a magic fountain was gushing out from the rockery. Below that fountain was a clear pond where fishes happily swam. There were also several white cranes washing their spotless feathers in the pond. It was noisy outside but very quiet inside. Visitors could only view and admire from the outside; they couldn’t enter inside this place.

A group of women wearing beautiful clothing walked over from behind the rockery as their happy laughter and cheerful voices spread throughout the central square.

In the middle of this group of women was a uniquely beautiful woman. She seemed to be in her early twenties. Her beautiful black hair was coiled up into a butterfly-like bun with some glaze hairpins. She looked very elegant.

The beautiful woman smiled while slapping away the little hands of the other women around her that stroked her belly.

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“Big sister Xiangyun, let me touch! Look, isn’t the baby moving?” Long Ling’er said while broadly smiling.

“Nonsense, the baby has not even reached one month of age. How can he move?” Nangong Xiangyun rolled her eyes at Long Ling’er and said.

“This baby, however, is the blood of our husband. Naturally, it’ll be different. The baby of other people might move only after six or seven months, but his baby might move in less than a month,” Leng Youyou who was wearing a skintight black attire said.

The rest of the women also chimed in in succession. From the first moment, the twittering never stopped.

All the women of this group were outstanding beauties, they were lovely enough to cause the fall of a state. With all of them gathered together, even a celestial being might not be able to look away.

“Madams, Empress requests madams to return to the palace a bit earlier. Empress wants madams to taste the soup she personally stewed.” At that time, a young girl wearing the palace maid attire urgently walked over and notified them.

“Hehe, we will be having tasty food again. This is all thanks to big sister Xiangyun,” Murong Shuyu said with a smile.

“Since younger sister Shuyu envies this so much, wait until husband returns. Then, you can work hard and let us sisters enjoy your light, okay?” Leng Youyou teased.

These women teased each other as they walked out of the Continent Conference Hall. Since Dongfang Wan had given them instructions, they didn’t dare to disobey as daughters-in-law.

Outside the Continent Conference Hall, these women boarded into a super luxurious carriage and left under the protection of a group of imperial guards. The sudden appearance of these beauties intoxicated many foreign visitors. Only after the carriage couldn’t be seen any longer did they came back to their senses and begin to inquire about those devastatingly beautiful women.

At that time, the wily old foxes of Soaring Dragon City looked down upon them and said: “They are the wives of His Highness the Crown Prince. Only fools dare to have thoughts on them. Do you know Hell Angel, Hell Saintess, Light Saintess, Miss of the Phoenix Clan…? What? You know yet dare indulge in such flights of fancy? Hereafter, polish your eyes. Ai, you all are fortunate. Nevertheless, there are some people like us, the people of Soaring Dragon City, who get to see them every day.”

So, with numerous not-local people surrounding them, those boasting wily old foxes proudly talked about the great love story of Crown Prince Ximen Yu over and over again with their saliva flying all around. Of course, they included the amazing love storm of Mea Holy Magic Academy.

Among the crowd, two hooded fellows in black robes looked at each other. One of them interrupted the speech of an especially excited wily old fox and said, “This brother truly knows the matter of His Highness Crown Prince like the back of your hand and often sees the madams, but I wonder if you know where His Highness Crown Prince is now?”

“You asked the right person. Now that the entire continent is unified, and you should know that the Dragon Race Convention is about to be held in our Soaring Dragon City, His Highness the Crown Prince is visiting the legendary Dragon Island, enjoying the beauties of the Dragon Race. If you want to see His Highness the Crown Prince, wait until the Dragon Race Convention. You will definitely be able to see him,” That wily old fox confidently said.

The two black robed people thanked the wily old fox and moved back into the crowd.

“Big sister, it seems Long Yi truly isn’t in Soaring Dragon City. If he is truly at Dragon Island, what should we do?” Among them, one black robed person worried in a low voice. Her voice was unexpectedly feminine.

Another black robed person sighed softly and whispered, “Jingjing, it seems we have to go to the imperial palace. It concerns the survival of our Cyan Wind Empire. No matter how they treat me, I will accept it.”

At that time, when Ximen Nu had been enthroned, Mu Hanyan had tried to assassinate the new emperor, causing Long Yi to kill her. One could guess that everybody had a deep impression of her, but it absolutely wasn’t a good impression. However, only the closest people of Long Yi knew where he was. Now, since the magic transfer arrays were being widely used, it might not take too much time to find Long Yi.

The Mu sisters, who had left the Blue Moon Continent using the transfer array within the Holy Temple, at this moment, chased the luxurious carriage heading towards the imperial palace.

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