Chapter 73 – Orchid University

Within a small tattered supermart, an argument was taking place.

“Mo Kai, the Fortune Boat University’s territory is not here, this area belongs to the Orchid University. This supermart doesn’t belong to you people.”

“How laughable, you say it is yours, and it is yours? What if I say Orchid University belongs to me?”

There were two groups of people in front of this supermart. As the supermart still possessed lots of fresh foods, neither party was willing to give it up.

“You only have one team, but our reinforcements from Orchid University will be here soon. I want to see what can you do then.”

“Brothers, start grabbing. Whatever amount counts.”

Mo Kai and his team behind him entered the supermart, Mo Kai also noticed the problem. This area was indeed part of Orchid University’s territory, and he knew that he had not much of an advantage in this situation.

“Stop them, we just need to endure till reinforcements arrive and the food will be ours.”

The other group started to block the advancement of Mo Kai and his group, the food within this supermart could allow either party to last an extended period.

They were all Metahumans. Thus their fights will also cause a huge commotion, thus deterring many people who had notions but not the ability to retreat. There were also a group of people who were waiting in the dark, hoping for an opportunity to arrive and allow them to get some food in exchange for risking their lives.

Yang Tian was moving at high speeds when the commotion and energy of a Violent Corpse Worm attracted his attention. One of the Hu Jun trio was fighting there.

“So it is Mo Kai.”

Yang Tian saw Mo Kai, they were fighting on the edge of a small scale supermart, it looks like they were fighting for the food within the supermart.

Yang Tian used his Mental Power to mask his presence before sneaking inside the supermart. While the two groups were fighting, Yang Tian started to clean out the food within the supermart, storing everything inside the Archaic Bronze Ring.

The Archaic Bronze Ring’s space was still, any food that was stored inside would look the same when it was taken out. However, it could not store any living thing inside, only non-living objects.

“The food is gone!”

The fighting immediately stopped, all the food within the supermart had just disappeared, leaving only a pile of empty metal shelves.

“Damn you Han Shui, you dare to trick this daddy?”

Mo Kai could not help but curse out loud, his guys were all here, the only ones who could take the food would be Han Shui and his group.

Han Shui was also suspecting if the reinforcements had arrived and took away the food first.

“Han Shui, we are here, where is the food?”

The cavalry from Orchid University has arrived, but their words surprised Han Shui and his group. However, Han Shui managed to control his emotions and whispered to the leader of the newly arrived group:

“Did you guys secretly take away the food?”

“No! We only just arrived.”

Han Shui cursed in his heart, what else could this be?

“Mo Kai, you f****** thief that called others thief. You better take out the food you took right now!”

“Han Shui, we are all here fighting you, you had the guts to steal the food, yet not the guts to admit?”

“I want to see how long you are going to fake it, beat them up brothers beat them till they give us the food.”

Now that Han Shui’s side had reinforcements, their numbers have completely suppressed Mo Kai. Very soon, Mo Kai and his guys were caught.

“Speak, where is the food.”

Han Shui kicked Mo Kai’s stomach while demanding him to take out the food.

“F*** you.”

Mo Kai cursed, this was the first time Mo Kai had seen such a despicable side of Orchid University. He had already been caught by them and they had also taken the food, yet they were still insisting that the food was taken by him and want him to cough out more food.

Han Shui and his group were unable to endure it and started to beat up Mo Kai and his group till they were half dead.

“He will be beaten to death if you do not go out.”

Violent Corpse Worm Queen could not help but remind Yang Tian, the former was feeling heartache for the Violent Corpse Worm inside Mo Kai, it was caught before it could even display its potential.

“Relax, they won’t die.”

Han Shui would at most beat Mo Kai till the latter was half dead, as the former would not have the courage to kill Mo Kai. However, another round of exchanging curses had caused Mo Kai to be beaten up again.

Only at that moment, did Yang Tian slowly walk out of the supermart.

As Yang Tian was in his normal form, Mo Kai immediately recognized him, joy immediately filled Mo Kai’s eyes.

“You guys are goners, my boss is here.”

“It looks like the food was stolen by your boss.”

Han Shui pushed Mo Kai to one side before standing up and addressing Yang Tian.

“Where is the food?”

“Make a guess?”

Yang Tian’s tone was extremely irritating to Han Shui when he heard the reply.

Han Shui had over thirty Metahumans with him, and eight of them were Rank 2 Metahumans. On Mo Kai’s side, there were only twelve Metahumans, including Mo Kai three of them were Rank 2 Metahumans.

“Go. Catch him.”

Over thirty Metahumans charged towards Yang Tian.

Venom covered Yang Tian’s body, and a black monster appeared in front of them.

Yang Tian’s arms turned into two war hammers, striking at the nearest Metahuman.

Boom Boom

Two swings of the war hammers caused the deaths of eight Metahumans.

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This instantly frightened Han Shui and his group into a retreat, they did not dare to commit murder, but that does not mean that Yang Tian was the same. Anyone who dares to be hostile to Yang Tian would only have one outcome, death.


The two terrifying hammers swung out again, instantly halving the number of that group of over thirty Metahumans.

Of the eight Rank 2 Metahumans, one died horribly under Yang Tian’s hammer while another was heavily injured.

Yang Tian’s terrifying fighting ability had forced Han Shui and his group into a retreat, none of them dared to take a single step forward. When Mo Kai Saw Yang Tian’s mighty display, he dragged his injured body and stood beside Yang Tian. With Mo Kai setting the example, the rest of his group also followed him, hoping to be under Yang Tian’s protection as well.

“Bo… Brother Tian, thank you.”

Mo Kai unconsciously tried to call Yang Tian boss, but when he remembered what happened between them, he immediately changed his way of calling.

“Why did you not make any progress at all?”

“I… I…”

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Mo Kai was speechless, he had actually fought two Rank 2 Metahumans alone earlier on. However, when compared to Yang Tian, he indeed did not look like much.

“The universities had agreed that there will be no killing. Fortune Boat University has broken the rules.”

The universities within F City had agreed that conflicts can happen between the universities, but no deaths were allowed, or the other universities would gang up on the one that broke the rule. This was also why Han Shui did not kill Mo Kai despite capturing him.

Unfortunately, Yang Tian was not from Fortune Boat University, he would not follow such a rule as well.

“Don’t you know? I am not from Fortune Boat University.”

“Fine, you guys have guts.”

Han Shui left with the remaining Metahumans, Yang Tian had wanted to kill all of them, but he was stopped by Mo Kai.

“Brother Tian, please give me some face and don’t kill them. It will be hard on Fortune Boat University if that happens.”

In Yang Tian’s memories, the only prominent figure from the universities of F City was Fortune Boat’s Sky Hegemon Blade Sage. The rest of the universities only have insignificant characters that were of no importance.

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