Chapter 129: Sang Wan’s Anger

“Good, good!” Wang Shi smiled happily, “Our Sang Wan’s beauty is indeed unrivalled!” With that, Wang Shi had someone help Sang Wan back to her seat.

Wang Shi turned to Shi Yumei and added, “If you’re filled with grievances, please let me or your brother know. You’re not allowed to act so unruly without any regard for the rules! A prestigious lady from the Shi family is not a common shrew on the street!”

“Yes…” Shi Yumei swallowed her words and lowered her head.

“This issue ends here!” Wang Shi waved her hand and said, “You should all head back now, I’m getting a headache from this! Fengju, accompany Sang Wan back.”

Shi Fengju nodded and left with Sang Wan.

After they left the courtyard, Sang Wan immediately kept a distance from Shi Fengju and silently went to hold Liu Ya’s hand as they returned.

Shi Fengju opened his mouth but swallowed his words with a bitter smile. He knew that she had suffered considerably from this, but he understood his sister’s temper even more. In front of his sister, even if he wanted to help his wife, he could not do so too directly. If he did that, his sister might become provoked to do something more extreme. After all, she was his blood-related sister and his mother really doted on her; what could he do about his sister’s unreasonable actions?

“Sir, Eldest Missy’s tantrum——” Nanny Li tugged at Shi Fengju and sighed softly, “You have to urge her! If this episode repeats itself, then Ma’am will really have no face left! This old servant must really step in this time; Eldest Missy is in the wrong, Ma’am being angry cannot be blamed! Luckily, the slap did not land on Ma’am’s face; otherwise, how would she be able to face others?”

“Nanny, why would I not know that it isn’t easy for Sang Wan? But Big Sister is still Big Sister and then there’s my mother too.” Shi Fengju said, “Nanny, can you help me coax Sang Wan? I’ll compensate her another time!”

“What use is there for you to compensate! It isn’t even your fault!” Nanny Li could not help but laugh, then she sighed, “This old servant was happy to see your progress with Ma’am these few days. Who knew that this would happen! But you are right, this old servant understands your difficulty too. Sir, have you ever thought about why Eldest Missy is so against Ma’am?”

Shi Fengju creased his eyebrows and sighed, “Big Sister was opposed to this marriage since a long time ago and she was always prejudiced against Sang Wan!” When Shi Fengju brought it up, he felt bad towards Sang Wan. Wasn’t he the same as his sister last time? Venting all the anger on Sang Wan even though she was completely innocent. This marriage was an arrangement made by the elders of the two households, neither of them could change their final decision. But he vented all his anger on her and she had no choice but to endure his torrent.

It definitely wasn’t fair for her!

“That could be a reason, but that was only when our eldest missy has never seen our Ma’am and isn’t familiar with her which could be why she has a prejudice against her. But our Ma’am is such a fine lady; who will dislike her after spending some time with her? Unless, someone is behind this!” Nanny Li said.

“Nanny, are you hinting at something? Nanny, please be more direct instead!” Shi Fengju felt like some truth might come out of this.

Nanny Li rolled her eyes and tutted disapprovingly, “Then this old servant will be straightforward with you! Sir, my words may not be pleasant to the ears, but who else in this household wants to see the downfall of Ma’am and her being ill-treated? That will be none other than the person staying in Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence! Eldest Missy has always been close with Miss Gu and they seem unusually closer these days! This old servant doesn’t believe that Miss Gu is not responsible for Eldest Missy to act in such a way today!”

“Cousin Fangzi?” Shi Fengju was stunned momentarily. He really hadn’t thought about it that way at all. But it was just——

“I think Fangzi is really obedient these days. Nanny, are you thinking too much? Anyway, she’s only a concubine and Sang Wan is my wife. Even if Sang Wan isn’t liked by my sister, what benefits could she reaped out of it?”

“Sir, just listen to yourself!” Nanny Li said disappointedly, “Think about it, if Ma’am becomes hated by everyone, won’t it be her turn to shine?”

“Nanny Li, your words don’t seem to make sense too.” Shi Fengju shook his head and said, “If Cousin Fangzi really want to assault Sang Wan, shouldn’t she start with me? What’s the use of influencing Big Sister? Sang Wan is my wife, as long as I am good to her, what can my sister do?”

Nanny Li was stunned momentarily. Sir’s words made sense. In a fight for affection, shouldn’t Gu Fangzi be going for Sir? Instead of doing that, she went and influenced Eldest Missy. This didn’t seem right. Like what Sir had said, as long as he continued to think highly of Ma’am, Eldest Missy was only a woman married to another household, she could not involve herself in her brother’s family. Sir was also a steadfast man, he wouldn’t change his mind because of his sister.

“No matter what, Ma’am has suffered today! Eldest Missy’s attitude towards Ma’am is also really strange. It shouldn’t be the case, this is strange! When Eldest Missy came back, Ma’am has always treated her with grace and kindness, and never uttered any complaints. This old servant has always been watching… This is so strange, really strange!” Nanny Li was perturbed.

Shi Fengju suddenly seemed to have understood why and his eyes narrowed.

“Alright nanny, don’t worry. Sang Wan is my wife, no matter how others might falsely accuse her, I will still believe in her and protect her. You should quickly go back and accompany her. I, I’ll not go back for now! I’m afraid she’ll become even angrier at the sight of me.”

“Understood, then I will head over first! Remember to come back early in the afternoon and cajole Ma’am. She knows you’re in a difficult position and won’t blame you!” Nanny Li nodded and left.

The thought of Ren Zhixian and Sang Yufei immediately came to mind. Sang Yufei became the top escorted examinee on his first try. On the other hand, Ren Zhixian failed even after three tries. With this stark contrast in addition to his egoistic and pedantic personality, it will be weird if he don’t feel any animosity towards Sang Yufei! My own sister is also competitive and extremely protective of those around her. Adding to her own prejudice against Sang Wan, isn’t that adding fuel to the fire?

Shi Fengju had a headache thinking about it. Sang Wan was innocent, but his sister was quite pitiful as well. However, the one facing the most difficulty was him, being stuck in between those two!

When Nanny Li returned to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence, she saw Hong Ye carrying a wooden box out. Seeing that it was the box which contained Shi Fengju’s finance books, Nanny Li asked where she was bringing it to.

Hong Ye lowered her head and mumbled, “Ma’am has instructed me to bring this to Sir’s study room…”

Nanny Li’s eyes dimmed: Ma’am is really upset this time! These few days, Sir would often bring a few finance books for her to help, and the two of them would spend time together in the small study room. Everything was going very well, but Ma’am really is angry this time to even refuse to touch these anymore.

“Go! Sir should be in the study room now.” Nanny Li nodded.

“Ma’am!” Nanny Li came in from outside and smiled, only to see Sang Wan consoling Liu Ya.

“Nanny, you’re back!” Sang Wan smiled, “You must be tired, you should go back and rest if there is nothing else!”

“The day today is short, and it will turn dark in awhile. Nanny is fine to do without the rest! Maybe Ma’am would like to rest? I can call you when dinner is ready?” Nanny Li smiled and said.

Sang Wan smiled gently, “A day passed so quickly with me sitting around like this!”

Nanny Li chatted with Sang Wan for a while longer. She wanted to say some comforting words to Sang Wan, but from the way Sang Wan was acting normally and did not show any negativity, she was not able to do so.

Nanny Li praised to herself that Sang Wan had great magnanimity. But she was quick to realize the difference. Sang Wan did not treat the maidservants differently, but her attitude towards Shi Fenju was lukewarm. Normally when Shi Fengju returned, they would say a few words to each other and the atmosphere was always light. But today, even though there was still a light atmosphere and Sang Wan still helped him to undress, pass him hot towel and serve tea, everyone could sense the difference.

When Shi Fengju spoke to her, she lowered her eyes and answered indifferently. She did not ignore him or start a commotion, but there was an awkward atmosphere lingering in the air.

Shi Fengju did not want to say it in front of the servants and merely sighed in his heart. He thought his lovely wife had no temper, but looked like he was wrong.

After dinner, Shi Fengju pulled her forcefully into their chamber and everyone left the room tactfully.

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“Sang Wan, are you really angry with me? You even sent the books back! I was hoping to give the numbers to my subordinates tomorrow. If you don’t help me, I don’t know how late I would have to stay up tonight!” Shi Fengju smiled and stepped forward.

However, Sang Wan did not give him face and stepped aside before saying indifferently, “I should not intervene in the family’s business. Sir, please don’t make things difficult for me anymore. If someone were to know about this and wants to hit me for abusing my power to intervene in the Shi family’s business, I don’t know if there will still be a loyal servant to take the slap for me anymore!”

Shi Fengju did not expect her words to be so sour and he choked. But knowing his sister, she could really say that if she knew about it!

Shi Fengju sighed unwittingly, “Sang Wan, why can’t you trust me again? This really was a mischance, but didn’t Mother help you today? Big Sister won’t dare to touch you again!”

“Then what if she does?” Sang Wan raised her head and looked at Shi Fengju squarely. These few days, Shi Yumei had caused so much trouble for her that she was frustrated and tired. Shi Yumei was not like Gu Fangzi. At the very least, Gu Fangzi knew her place and did not dare to do anything on the front. As long as she remained vigilant, it wouldn’t be easy for Gu Fangzi to plot anything against her. On the other hand, Shi Yumei had no fear at all. It was not the first time Shi Yumei was blatantly rude towards her, but she couldn’t do anything about it at all because Shi Yumei was the legitimate daughter of Shi family who was doted on by her mother, Wang Shi!

She had never heard of a mother-in-law helping a daughter-in-law instead of her daughter. Furthermore, since that daughter was in some terrible predicament, shouldn’t the daughter-in-law be more sympathetic, magnanimous, and tolerating?  

“If she touches me again, will you hit her back for me? Or if I retaliate, will I be scolded by you or your mother?” Sang Wan sneered, “Tell me! You can’t, right?”

Shi Fengju said with a straight face, “I won’t let such a thing happen again. I will tell Nanny Li and Zhide to look out for you. No matter what, I will not let her touch you at all. If this happens again, I’ll send them back to Mengxian, okay?”

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Sang Wan said coldly, “If she touches my people, what difference is it with hitting me in the face? You want to send them away? Please don’t! If not, your idea will become mine and your mother will surely blame me for it!”

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