Chapter 130: Mediation

Shi Fengju smiled, “If this is not okay and that is not okay; tell me, what do you want me to do?”

Sang Wan was at a loss of words. Because, she didn’t know what could be done too! Shi Yumei was just like a beancurd dropped among a pile of ash; she couldn’t be blown away or hit!

Shi Fengju sighed and put his hand on Sang Wan’s shoulder. Even if Sang Wan moved away, he was not angry and said calmly, “My sister isn’t actually a bad person, she’s just stubborn and direct. More often than not, she will sometimes speak without any consideration for the people around her and not give them any face. Sang Wan, she just has some prejudice against you. I think, if she knows you better, she won’t treat you this way! I will do my best to let her get to know you more and let her know that you’re my——”

“There’s no need for that!” Sang Wan became impatient, “I’m not that hopeful! If you wish to change her even when you know her temper, don’t you think it sounds ridiculous? Furthermore, there’s no need for it anyway!”

“Sang Wan, what do you mean by this?” Shi Fengju’s expression changed. There is no need for it, is she still insistent on leaving his side?

“Nothing!” Sang Wan shook her head before asking nonchalantly, “Has your third brother and my second brother returned? Did you ask them about it? What’s the outcome?”

“Sang Wan,” Shi Fengju smiled bitterly, “Didn’t Mother say to stop, why are you raising it up again?”

Sang Wan gave an incredulous look at him and said coldly, “What? Even the outcome cannot be told to me? Even so, I trust my second brother’s morals; I know even without asking you! But I still wanted to ask because if we were in the wrong this time, will your sister still let it go?”

“Sang Wan!” Shi Fengju looked at her sternly, “You are the eldest daughter-in-law of our Shi family, there are bound to be times when you’ll have to suffer a little. There are some things that ——”

“You don’t have to tell me anymore!” Sang Wan was exasperated. On the outside, she was a Ma’am who had everything, with maidservants to order around, but was she able to escape her misery because of that? When the hostility was just right behind a thin curtain, had she not chosen to let go? She just smiled and ignored the scoldings and sarcastic words that rained upon her all these times. When that woman came to Ning Garden1Ning GardenSang Wan & Shi Fengju's place of residence to ask for her things, she gave it. There was even a time when she eyed Zhide and almost took her away without permission. This time, it was something even more ridiculous: barging into her place, pointing at her nose while scolding her, and even hitting someone. Even if she were well-tempered, surely there was no way she could continue enduring all of it?  

Sang Wan got up and left silently. Shi Fengju called out to her twice but she did not respond. She was too naïve. She was too naïve to think that he would change for her in this lifetime. She tried, little by little, all because she was naive!

In fact, all of these could be resolved easily. As long as Gu Fangzi replaced her and became the Shi family’s Ma’am, everything could be resolved and everyone would be free from this misery.

Sang Wan was finally clear. She was too foolish, trying to be a magnanimous and nice woman. Why not do the opposite? The worst she would get was a divorce document! She still had her brothers and sister-in-law, surely they wouldn’t abandon her? After all, her two brothers and sister-in-law would not want her to swallow all her resentments and continue to be bullied anyways!

Shi Fengju sat in the chamber for a moment before letting out a few sighs with a hand on his forehead. This matter was even more complicated than his business; his head was hurting so badly just from the thought of it! His wife was angry and his sister was unhappy! But he would not have been in this difficult position if he did not love them dearly! But neither of them understood his difficulty and were now both angry at him!

Being a good person sure was difficult!

When Shi Fengju returned home to rest, the bed curtains were already pulled closed and Sang Wan had already gone to sleep. He gently pulled one corner of the curtain and realized that this woman did not leave him any space like she would in the past few days.

Shi Fengju hesitated for a moment, feeling lost on whether he should shamelessly squeeze beside her or obediently pull out a mattress and sleep on the floor.

Sang Wan could feel the presence of someone standing beside the bed and she opened her eyes in reflex.

“Sang Wan,” Shi Fengju smiled when he saw that she was awake, “Sang Wan, the weather is cold, please leave me some space! I promise I won’t disturb you.”

Sang Wan did not want to see him at this moment, let alone lie on the same bed as him. This bast*rd had been acting pitiful and sugarcoating all his words for the past few days, to the point where she almost became sympathetic, but it seemed that there was no need to be!

“This is your room, if you want to sleep on the bed, I can’t stop you either. I’ll just give you space!” Sang Wan got up and was about to get out off the bed.

“Where are you going?” Shi Fengju panicked and held her.

“Giving you space!” Sang Wan said coolly, “You can take the bed, I will sleep on the floor.”

“Forget it! Just go back to sleep!” Shi Fengju could not help but get angry. He let go of the curtain and pulled a long face as he forcefully opened the cabinet to take out the mattress.

Sang Wan merely ignored him and continued sleeping.

A cold war began between the two and the atmosphere in Ning Garden turned awkward. Even though the two were still polite to each other, everyone felt uncomfortable to be caught in the middle of the conflict.

After asking Shi Fenghua, Shi Yumei felt embarrassed after knowing that it was a misunderstanding and asked, “Then why didn’t you ask your brother-in-law to go along with you when you left today? What’s the meaning of leaving him out!”

There was no way Shi Fenghua could say he purposely left Ren Zhixian out, so he lamented, “My friends in school said that they wanted to meet Top Escorted Examinee Sang and only wished to see Second Brother Sang, I didn’t have any choice too!”

Shi Yumei saw that her brother sounded convincing and had no choice but to let it go.

Shi Fengju then said, “Big Sister, I think that the age gap between Brother-in-law Zhixian and Fenghua is a little big and the experiences they have are different, will Brother-in-law Zhixian even have a common topic with them? There’s no need to force Brother-in-law Zhixian, he just has to study hard in Jiao Garden; no need to make him feel obliged to spend time with them all the time.

That was just what Shi Fenghua needed! Shi Fenghua immediately chimed in and said, “Yes, yes Big Sister, Brother-in-law Zhixian’s words are too deep for us, we don’t understand them at all! Anyway, we also feel bad for taking up his study time too! Next time, he doesn’t have to come!”

“Really? His words are too deep?” Shi Yumei was elated and asked too, “Did Top Escorted Examinee Sang say the same as well?”

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“Of course…” Shi Fenghua smiled and said.

“I told you so, your brother-in-law is the real deal!” Shi Yumei was proud momentarily and generously patted Shi Fenghua’s shoulder. She said, “You are my brother, we are a family, it is only right that your brother-in-law shares with you his knowledge. How is this considered disturbing him? Hehe, but, hmph, we cannot give free lunches to that person from the Sang family! It will be too much of a bonus for him to hear from your brother-in-law! Let your brother-in-law guide you after he leaves, hehe! Maybe next time, our family will have a proper top escorted examinee too and not have to rely on the fame of others!

Shi Fenghua gave a perfunctory smile and thought: After Second Brother Sang leaves, I better get back to the academy too! He could not help but pity his sister. Why did she land herself into such a marriage!

“If our Fenghua could become a top escorted examinee, that will be good!” Wang Shi heard what she liked, but she also chided Shi Yumei, “Yumei, don’t keep pointing fingers at Sang family, we are now in-laws. Just think of how Sang Wan would feel if she heard what you said. I am already wizened, how long more can I continue to protect you? Soon, you’ll still have to rely on her for assistance!”

“Who needs her!” Shi Yumei said under her breath, “Fengju, Fenghua, are they not my brothers? Anyways, there is still Cousin Fangzi! So please, I don’t need her!”

“Yumei!” Wang Shi’s face turned stern, “Don’t speak such rubbish anymore! No matter what, Sang Wan is this household’s Ma’am. If you act this way all the time, where is her authority, how will she manage this household?”

“So what if she can’t command the respect of others, what has it got to do with me? If she is capable, then what can I do to affect it? Mother, you can’t just blame me for everything!” Shi Yumei was indignant.

“You!” Wang Shi was so angry that she was at a loss for words.

“Mother, don’t say such negative words anymore. You are still in good health and have many more years of prosperity to enjoy, at least until our third brother becomes an official? Why say such words now!” Shi Fengju smiled and said.

“Aiyo, if there is such a day, I can surely die in peace!” Wang Shi could not help but be happy at that prospect.

“Mother, Big Brother already told you not to speak that way, but you are doing it again! I will definitely not let you down, Mother!” Shi Fenghua said eagerly.

“That’s right, Mother. Third brother is so clever, that day will surely happen!” Shi Yumei laughed and said.

Shi Fengju said to Shi Yumei, “Big Sister, we are siblings from the same mother, the main gate to this house will always be open for you. No one in this family will bully you!”

“I just knew I didn’t dote on my brother for nothing!” Shi Yumei felt touched at his words and her eyes became a little moist. Wang Shi was also moved from his words. Compared to Sang Wan, she cared more about her son’s attitude. If her son said this, then she had no worries anymore.

“Big Sister, if you feel miserable next time, please tell me first! I will surely uphold justice for you!” What he meant was for her not to act rashly and take matters into her own hands!

In the end, you are still protecting Sang Wan! Shi Yumei’s expression darkened.

On the other hand, Wang Shi agreed with his words and nodded, “Fengju is absolutely right! That should be the way!”

“Since Mother has spoken, what else can I say?” Shi Yumei rolled her eyes at Shi Fengju, “Alright, next time I won’t find trouble for her!”

“Big Sister!” Shi Fengju was out of words and could only smile bitterly. He really did not know if her trait of being straightforward was a boon or bane.

Shi Yumei was initially apprehensive and worried that her brother would remember that she still had to apologise to Sang Wan. Who knew that Shi Fengju would divert to some other topic and did not mention about the apology at all?

Shi Yumei felt more relieved. She was the Eldest Missy of the Shi Household, why would she need to bow down to that nobody from the Sang family? In her dreams! Of course, if Sang Wan was in the wrong, she had to apologise to her instead.

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Shi Yumei felt justified. So when she saw Sang Wan in the garden, she immediately looked away conceitedly and turned her head to a side. She wanted to add a few mean remarks, but she held them back after recalling her brother’s words.

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