Chapter 131: Sang Wan Striking Back

Sang Wan’s temper flared up. Yesterday, Shi Yumei falsely accused her and made a big fuss before proclaiming that she would apologize if she was in the wrong. However, she did not feel any guilt today and instead acted so arrogantly. Did she really think Sang Wan was a soft pickle for her to bully?

“Big Sister!” Sang Wan turned and loudly called out to Shi Yumei.

Shi Yumei froze and turned to give a glare at Sang Wan. She curled her lips and raised her brows as she said, “You called me? Is there something?”

“Yes. There is something I would like to speak with Big Sister about!” Sang Wan nodded and smiled. She gave a signal for the maidservants to give them some space and walked towards a secluded path at the side, “Can Big Sister come over for a moment?”

“Speak your mind, what’s with all these strange actions?” Shi Yumei said but she followed Sang Wan nonetheless.

Using a flower bush taller than a human height to conceal them, only a part of their clothes could be seen.

“What are you going to do about the truth from yesterday? Big Sister seems to owe me an apology?” Sang Wan looked squarely at Shi Yumei’s face as she said coldly.

Shi Yumei never thought that Sang Wan had this side to her. Shocked, her eyes widened and exclaimed,”What did you say!”

“What’s the point of raising your voice? Feeling guilty? I’m only asking when you will apologize to me!” Sang Wan laughed lightly.

“You, you!” Shi Yumei was so angry that her whole body trembled. As the expression on her face turned from green to white, she spat, “Not that you deserve it!”

Sang Wan looked at her scornfully and sneered, “I didn’t put those words in your mouth. If what happened to me yesterday happened to you instead, would you have let it go so easily? Anyway, I’m the Ma’am of Shi Household, in what way do i not deserve your apology? Ma’am Ren!”

Shi Yumei’s face turned ghastly pale and she looked at Sang Wan in disbelief. Nervous, her breathing was rapid and she was too infuriated to speak.

Sang Wan’s final words were the same as stabbing her in the heart with a sharp knife. Sang Wan was clearly telling her that she was the rightful owner of Shi household and that she was but an outsider!

“Forget it! I’m too lazy to bicker with you!” Sang Wan said mockingly, “After all, I can understand that it isn’t easy for you! But only this time. Next time, don’t blame me for not showing mercy!”

“You, you, who do you think you are!” Shi Yumei gasped and said loathingly, “You’re just a country bumpkin from a lousy family, what rights do you have to act all arrogant in our Shi family! How dare you lecture me and speak to me this way! You village shrew! I will make Fengju divorce you! Watch me!”

Sang Wan was infuriated too, responding with a mirthless laugh, “Yes, I’m a country bumpkin from a lousy family, so what? This country bumpkin from a lousy family is the Ma’am of this household who has gone through all the proper marriage ceremonials and was brought in by the sedan chair through the main gate! Ma’am Ren, I don’t think it’s up to the likes of you to say that to me. If you can speak to me in such a way, why can’t I do the same? You want Fengju to divorce me? Then tell him, what’s the use of telling me!”

Shi Yumei was mortified and the emotions inside her were overflowing; there were no words to describe how she was feeling now! An angry voice inside her screamed loudly: This shrew! This shrew!

“Don’t think you are so great just because your second brother has become a top escorted examinee! Our—— hmph, Shi family has no need to rely on a distant relative to boost our fame! Fengju and Cousin Fangzi have been childhood sweethearts since young; their feelings for each other are real. Hmph, Fengju would wish for no more than to divorce you and marry her!”

Sang Wan concealed her anger and retorted, “So what if I think that it’s an impressive feat for my second brother to become a top escorted examinne? I’m proud of him! Try getting that title too if your family’s capable too, what’s the point of just talking bad about my family! Hmph, that Gu Fangzi is just a concubine, even if Fengju divorces me, he will never marry her as his wife. If you don’t believe me, then you can go ask him about it. Furthermore, people change with time, Fengju will never look at a lowly and despicable person like Gu Fangzi. Only you; you are the only one who gets along well with her! Go ahead and ask Fengju if you can’t bring yourself to believe me!”

“Shut your mouth!” Shi Yumei pointed at her and her voice trembled, “How dare you claim I’m despicable, Sang Wan, you vixen!”

Shi Yumei raised her hand but Sang Wan held it firmly, “Big Sister, stop being unreasonable anymore! What can you do if I don’t let you to?”

“You!” Shi Yumei shook away Sang Wan’s hand forcefully and sneered, “I see, I see, I have judged you wrongly! An uncivilised country bumpkin is still a country bumpkin with bad upbringing! I don’t believe Fengju will still want you after seeing your true colors!”

“Please look into the mirror before criticizing others!” Sang Wan laughed under her breath and spoke again, “If you think he’ll believe you, then go ahead and tell him! From now on, it’s best we leave each other alone; don’t mess with me next time, else don’t blame me for what comes after!”

“As if I’d believe that! What can you do! My mother’s not dead yet and it is not yet your time to do as you wish in this household!” Shi Yumei jumped in anger.

“You can try,” Sang Wan spoke coldly before taking her leave.

“That shrew! That shrew!” Shi Yumei was so angry that her legs turned to jelly and she would have fallen onto the ground if not for her maidservant coming to hold her. She finally exhaled a long breath and left resentfully.

Shi Yumei had planned to go to Peony Park2Peony ParkGu Fangzi's place of residence to tell Gu Fangzi and discuss a countermeasure while ranting to her, but all of a sudden, she changed her mind. She was utterly humiliated by Sang Wan; she couldn’t possible share that with someone else! That could never happen! No one, other than herself, could know about it! Otherwise, who knows what those servants, who serve Sang Wan, would say about her if they knew! As the proper eldest missy from the Shi family, how could she let others speak behind her back!

“We’re going back!” Shi Yumei exhaled.

“Missy, are we not taking a walk around the park anymore?” Xiao Shuang asked with a smile.

“What walk!” Shi Yumei’s anger returned and she sneered, “What’s so good about some other family’s garden!”

Shi Yumei quickly regretted losing the control of her words after seeing Xiao Shuang’s startled gaze. With a flick on Xiao Shuang’s forehead, Shi Yumei uttered, “Nosy! We’re going back!”

Having vented all that unhappiness from within, Sang Wan was feeling a sense of elation. But that quickly changed to uneasiness and she regretted her actions after a quick reflection. Now, Shi Yumei would have something to use against her; who knows what she would say in front of her mother and brother! In any case, Sang Wan had said what she wanted to, even if it was not appropriate. There was no way to control what Shi Yumei does and in the worst case scenario, she would just be handed a divorce document!

Sang Wan calmly awaited for the imminent storm. Who knew that a day would pass without anything happening. Her mother-in-law did not send anyone to call her over and Shi Fengju did not mention anything when he returned at night. When she lay on her bed, she felt that it was surreal!

On the next day after breakfast, when Sang Wan arrived to greet her mother-in-law, Shi Yumei’s expression immediately changed and she turned away quickly. However, she did not speak in a mean tone like on normal days.

Sang Wan suddenly understood: it seemed like she never told anyone about what happened yesterday!

It is a given that Shi Yumei hated me, but it seemed like now, she’s also afraid of me. At least, she won’t dare to openly humiliate me anymore.  

Really, some people are just spiteful! Sang Wan thought to herself coldly.

“Daughter-in-law Sang Wan is here to send her greetings!” Sang Wan obediently went forward and bowed respectfully.

“Good, good! Take a seat and chat with us!” Wang Shi raised her hand and smiled as per usual. Similar to previous days, she spoke with Sang Wan about the trifle things.

Only Shi Yumei was behaving differently. She was exceptionally quiet today and did not utter a word beside Wang Shi.

“Yumei, what’s wrong with you? Did something happen to you!” Wang Shi finally realized her daughter’s unusual silence and asked in concern.

Shi Yumei threw a glance at Sang Wan and saw an annoying mask of serenity on her face. Feeling disgruntled, she blurted out, “Nothing! Only that I saw a fly yesterday and felt disgusted!”

“What nonsense are you talking again!” Wang Shi laughed, “Why would there be flies in this season! Even if there were, why would that disgust last so long? It’s just a fly, there’s no need for you to feel so bothered by it! Sang Wan, don’t you agree with me?”

Sang Wan laughed and said, “Mother, you are right! But there is no absolute in the world, not just Big Sister, even I seemed to have seen a fly too! It frustrates me how it cannot be chased away or hit and it bothers everyone around it! Annoying, don’t you think? No wonder Big Sister is feeling down today!”

Shi Yumei stared at Sang Wan with her eyes wide in disbelief. She was tongue-tied by Sang Wan’s retort and did not know what to say in retaliation.

However, Wang Shi thought literally and was greatly surprised, “Really? What a coincidence!”

“Isn’t it so!” Sang Wan smiled and said, “But Sang Wan didn’t keep that in mind; who knew it’d affect Big Sister greatly! If Big Sister still feels uncomfortable, then please have a good rest! Mother, I won’t disturb you anymore and will take my leave first!”

“Haha, go, go!” Wang Shi smiled and waved her farewell.

Sang Wan smiled as she took her leave, but she suddenly turned her head back to Shi Yumei and smiled, “Oh right, Big Sister! If there are anymore flies that upset Big Sister, then there must be an issue with our household’s hygiene. Don’t forget to inform me and I’ll instruct the servants to clean and disinfect every corner!”

Shi Yumei expression became worse and she grunted without giving a response.

“Yumei! What’s the matter with you!” Wang Shi nudged Shi Yumei once, and creased her eyebrow, “Sang Wan is just being kind in her offer, how could you be like this! Hehe, Sang Wan, don’t worry, don’t worry, go ahead with the rest of your day. Ah! Your big sister’s temper is just like this!”

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“Mother, maybe Big Sister is just affected by the fly and is not feeling well today! Why would I bicker with Big Sister on this! Then I’ll take my leave now!” Sang Wan smiled and left.

“Hypocrite!” Shi Yumei could no longer hold in her breath and snapped coldly right after Sang Wan left.

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“Yumei!” Wang Shi scolded her sternly, “Why are you so eccentric these days? Sang Wan is just being kind, how could you say that? What would she think if she heard you!”

“Mother, don’t worry!” Shi Yumei sneered, ”She isn’t that simple to be taken down! You should use your head to think more often!”

“Imprudent! You are getting more and more rude these days!” Wang Shi slammed the tea table and raised her voice as she scolded sternly, “Yumei! Let me warn you never to speak in such an odd manner in the future! What did Sang Wan do to offend you to cause you to have something against her all the time? Just like what happened two days ago, she didn’t mention anything about it after that day and didn’t force you to apologize to her; are her compromises not enough? As an older sister, you have none of her magnanimity and still discriminate against her all the time! Ask yourself honestly, if the roles were reversed two days ago, would you have easily let it go? Tell me!”

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