Chapter 301: Awkward Contact

“If there’s any loss of valuables, you guys can take note of that, but remember, do not mention that you will reimburse them with money. They do not need to deal with money.” Principal Chen gave advice based on his experience; it could be seen that even though he had retired, but his heart forever remained with the military.

The person who came out to pick up the medicine was the shepherd’s wife. After picking up the three medkits, she retreated hurriedly back into the tent. She had a severe expression on her face, clearly showing how serious Ye Jian’s injury was.

J5 gently nodded his head, saluted, and then left in big strides.

Inside the tent, Ye Jian was lying on the bed. Her back was illuminated by the light from the butter lamp. Her skin, which had never been injured, was gleaming with paleness that seemed very delicate.

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The arch of her back was slender and beautiful; the curves and grooves on her body were like the beautiful mountain ranges. However, her perfect back was flawed by the bloody wound that was five centimeters long on the right side of her waist. It was as if a scenic and beautiful watercolor painting had been brutally torn in half.

Ye Jian closed her eyes, not daring to look at Xia Jinyuan who was currently bending his waist to examine her wounds. Her pearlescent teeth gently bit on her lower lips; awkwardness caused her whole body to stiffen up.

Xia Jinyuan took off his helmet, gloves, and even his tactical vest. His expression was one of dead seriousness, and he spoke in a cold tone, “Relax yourself, the way you’re stiffening up will cause your wound to contract. Not only would it hurt you more, but it’ll also cause more bleeding.”

“…” Hearing his cold voice not possessing a hint of any other emotion, Ye Jian gently let out her breath. Ironically, it seemed to be just her overthinking. “I’m sorry. In the end, I still caused you trouble.”

He washed his hands with alcohol, and then he put on latex gloves from a medkit. He muttered to Ye Jian without raising his eyes, “There’s no need to apologize, and there’s no need to say that you’re trouble. After all, you’re injured only because of us. Try to endure this; I’m going to clean your wound and stop the bleeding with saline water.”

If she were to say how much pain she was in, Ye Jian felt that the pain already numbed her, so now she surprisingly wasn’t feeling that much pain.

She nodded, her face flushed like a red apple because she didn’t even want to speak anymore.

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Just now, when he rushed in, thank goodness her reaction was quick, and she leaped onto the bed. If she reacted a second slower, then her torso would have been seen in its entire glory by him! But since his voice right now was serious, it managed to save her from her embarrassment, so she was trying her best to regulate her thoughts.

Ye Jian’s mentality was like that of a little girl, but from the moment Xia Jinyuan rushed in, his gaze always remained on her wound; that deep wound was the focal point of all his attention. There was no reason for him to avert his gaze somewhere else.

He poured the saline water onto the wound. Ye Jian’s body stiffened. The area around the wound started to convulse. It was so painful that she couldn’t help but bite on her lower lip, and that was why she didn’t make a sound.

“I’m afraid that the bandages aren’t enough. If it’s too painful, then bite on your sleeves, I wouldn’t like to have to take care of the injury on your lower lip after just finishing the treatment of your back,” Xia Jinyuan replied politely while cleaning her wound with his head down. His handsome face was so calm that there were no wrinkles on it, calmly facing the injury that seemed hideous after being cleaned by saline water.

Wound cleaning was a necessary process to reduce the risk of infection and inflammation. It was essential to clean the wound several times with saline water. Only after cleaning it could they start stitching the wound together.

The thread used was suitable for stitching human tissue together. In this situation where there was no anesthetic, when the first stitch penetrated Ye Jian’s skin, beads of sweat rolled down her forehead.

She bit her sleeves with all her might, enduring the massive amounts of pain, feeling the intense pain of a sharp needle running through her skin. In no time, Ye Jian’s face became as pale as paper.

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