Chapter 302: In Her Liveliest Days

“Three more minutes.” Under intense pain, Xia Jinyuan’s voice was akin to the bell of dawn, bringing forth the power of encouragement through the dense layers of fog. Ye Jian, who had become absent-minded, blinked her eyes lightly. A very soft “Yes” leaked out from her mouth as she awaited the passing of three more minutes.

Bandaging, stitching, and injury treatment in the wilderness were requirements for every member of the Elite Platoon. Ye Jian wanted to remind him to use the “simple interrupted suture” method to stitch her wound together, but when he started weaving the needle through her skin, she could feel that he was using that exact method.

The method was simple — tie a knot at every stitch. It was best suited for her current injury.

After three minutes, Xia Jinyuan dampened a cotton swab with saline water and cleaned the wound once again, and then covered it up with disinfected sterile gauze. Then, he used bandages to anchor the gauze in place. The whole process took about thirty minutes to complete.

“It’s about six centimeters wide, two centimeters deep, deep enough to see muscle. Little Fox, Little Fox, you’re really good at enduring pain.” He took off the latex gloves stained with blood, packed all the surgical equipment, and then exclaimed at Ye Jian, who had yet to recover her senses. “Even the male soldiers in the troops aren’t as tough as you. Now, tell me the truth, when you were rejecting help just now, is it simply because you don’t like people helping you? Or is it that you don’t like me helping you?”

Ye Jian closed her eyes, answering his question with silence.

How could she answer that?

A bit of both … If she really said that, then based on her understanding of his character, he would definitely get mad.

Enraging a dangerous man … Her instinct told her that it was not a good idea for her. That was why maintaining silence was her best option.

Since she rarely acted this way, coupled with the fact that she had an injury on her body and had endured pain for so long, Xia Jinyuan gently pursed his lips, his eyes gloomy, and did not pursue his question further. He had enough time in the world for her to answer him.

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There was no way she could put on her clothes. After taking care of everything, Xia Jinyuan took in the view of the tent, his thin brows furrowed together without leaving a trace.

She couldn’t move, nor could she put on the clothes, even if a blanket was covering her, it shouldn’t cover up her wounds … If everyone slept in this tent, all their gazes would, more or less, land on her bare back.

“You can’t put on clothes, so wait for Uncle Chen and the others to come in. I’ll sit in front of you, blocking their view.” Because the circumstances did not allow it, Xia Jinyuan could only choose to hide Ye Jian’s smooth, jade-like back that currently had a flaw, “As a girl, it’s better to take note of such things.”

At this time, he thought to remind her that it was better to take care of such things, but previously, when he was holding her down and taking his time to get up, what was his attitude like?

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He held the bandages in his hand. Xia Jinyuan, who was about to help her wipe off her sweat, realized she was still silent and teased, “What’s the meaning behind not saying anything? Are you giving me full authorization to take care of this? Or do you mean I don’t have to sit here and block you from their view?”

His body was already leaning forwards, his slender body managing to entirely block her jade-like back from view, “Then, do you want me to leave?”

“Xia Jinyuan, I am still injured!” Ye Jian, who had her whole body covered by his shadow, was embarrassed to the point that an unnatural red tint surfaced on her pale face. If it was like how it was previously, she could just push him aside, but now, she didn’t dare to do it!

Even more so, her back was still out in the nude.

After living for two lifetimes, this was the first time a man saw Ye Jian’s back. The shyness that she was expressing amused Xia Jinyuan greatly, making this humorous man feel that seeing her shy expression was his greatest fortune.

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