Chapter 303: His Existence is Present

Rejoice for his existence was present in her youthful days.

The warmth belonging to him radiated through his tactical uniform. The threads of warmth reached the skin on Ye Jian’s back, making her skin feel hot as if his scent permeated her every pore.

Ye Jian’s expression turned uncomfortable, making her close her eyes. After stabilizing her breathing, she calmly spoke, “Can you stay a little bit further away from me? Even if you’re blocking for me, there’s no need for this, right? Captain Xia, aren’t you afraid of being misunderstood by others?”

“Misunderstood? How?” A couple of oil lamps illuminated the tent. Xia Jinyuan could clearly see Ye Jian, her ears red to the point that they looked like they would start dripping blood.

The bandage acting the role of sweat absorber was pressed on her forehead. A husky yet magnetic voice was transmitted slowly into her ears like notes played on a string, “What’s there for others to misunderstand? I’m just helping you wipe off the sweat so that you can sleep more comfortably.”

“Stop overthinking things, Little Fox. You’re still so young, yet why do you love to overthink things? Be careful that it might make you mature earlier and die earlier.”

To make her remember him from time to time, he really needed to put some thought into it.

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Gnawing at her shyness day by day, it probably would make her … stop being shy entirely in front of other men and remain her prideful and calm self.

Not to mention, Major Xia definitely put all of his thoughts into it. He had decided to make sure Ye Jian would only think of him when she was alone.

For the time being, they couldn’t speak about love.

Love has to be equal, needs patience, and requires loyalty. Since he was still unable to ask her to wait for him, then all he needed was for her to remember him. If she ever wanted a boyfriend, the only person that should come to mind would be him, Xia Jinyuan.

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Once Ye Jian realized that she was being teased by him yet again, she stopped speaking and allowed him to continue wiping off her sweat.

Ye Jian’s was contemplating in her heart whether she should buy a few books about male psychology from the bookstore once she returned to the city, just in case she couldn’t come up with suitable ways of staving off the man in front of her.

Xia Jinyuan knew when’s the right time to stop. The moment when she became silent, he wiped his playful expression from his face, and spoke seriously, “You cannot leave the bed for the next three days, I will be here watching you, guarding you without leaving an inch. If there’s anything you need starting tonight, tell me immediately, that includes when you need to use the toilet!”

“Being injured in the highlands is the most dangerous thing possible, so I am required to protect your safety! Once 24 hours is over, you can ask Yang Jin for help, and after 72 hours, you can start to move on your own slowly. After seven days, I will issue a vehicle to escort you out of no man’s land.”

Three days from now, he would have to rush back to report to his higher-ups, and he’ll stay there for a day. When he drives back on the seventh day, he would be able to transport her out.

After he finished speaking, he was also done wiping off her sweat. He stood up, allowing Ye Jian to breathe in air that didn’t have his scent finally. If it were possible, she really wanted to run and enjoy the cold wind blowing outside.

“I’ve asked Uncle Chen to come. The other guys also said through the earpiece that they wanted to come as well. Lie down and don’t move. I won’t take responsibility if you accidentally expose yourself to them.” Ye Jian let out a breath of relief at his serious tone, but that only lasted for a brief moment before she started hearing his playful teasing.

She lifted her eyelids but gently closed them again. Ye Jian thought something and then started laughing coldly, “I wouldn’t make you take responsibility, I’m responsible for myself. Thank you for all the hard work before. I just wanted to help you guys, but I didn’t think that I would have caused you more trouble.”

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