Chapter 304: Is Major Xia Willing to Take Responsibility?

“No, I don’t think that you’ve caused much trouble for us. You were able to entrust the treatment of your injury to me, without an ounce of hesitation. For that, Little Fox, I have to thank you for the trust you put in me.”

Xia Jinyuan was already seated elegantly, hiding his gentle side when he faced the tent, and he revealed a cold expression, “I’ll let them come in, you should rest first. As for the responsibility … do you think I’m the type of person who wouldn’t take responsibility for it?”

Ye Jian could not put up with him any longer and turned her head. Her jet black pupils stared straight ahead toward the man who yet again became playful.

Her gaze swept by the unruly hair of his temple, and she half-laughingly answered, “In that case, is Major Xia willing to be responsible? If, you are willing … since you’ve already seen my back in its full glory, you’ll have to be responsible, right?”

The Little Fox was tussling with him again. Not bad, completing the stitching process without any anesthesia, and now she still has enough energy to argue with him calmly. That’s good, at least she’s still energetic.

Although it seemed unbecoming for a guy to have an argument with a girl, what could he do? The Little Fox was the only lass that he wanted to tease verbally and non-verbally.

Hearing that question from Ye Jian, his slender brows arched upwards, a slight smile hidden in his eyes, “You can take a guess. If I would take responsibility, everything goes according to your guess.”

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Do you desire to turn the tables? Tsk, tsk, tsk, Little Fox, you’re still quite green (inexperienced/unskilled) at this.

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He lifted the Tibetan blanket and covered it below Ye Jian’s waist. Then, he gently placed a woolen blanket on her shoulders, only revealing the side of her waist wrapped in bandages. Even so, before Xia Jinyuan allowed Han Zheng and the others to enter, he stood there straight as an arrow, and when they tilted their head sideways to check her condition, he swayed his body slightly and immediately blocked their view.

… and caused his four other companions to be dumbfounded. His actions are so “shameless”!

And they were chased out before they were even able to see the injured person, is this even a visit?

“A guy’s head, a lady’s waist. Even though Ye Jian is still a student, she’s still a girl! It’s enough for you guys to have a glance, having more than that wouldn’t help in her recovery.” His explanation was very high-sounding, unexpectedly making his companions incapable of any retorts.

(T/N: “A guy’s head, a lady’s waist” is an idiom that explains that those are the places people shouldn’t touch unless they have a relationship with each other.)

K7 snorted a short laugh and then gave Xia Jinyuan a meaningful look before left the tent first.

Outside, Principal Chen was conversing with Uncle Ci Za. Once K7 exited the tent, he naturally joined the conversation. His Standard Tibetan was fluent, so there weren’t any barriers during the conversation. Very soon, Uncle Ci Za was clapping on his shoulders, welcoming him to visit them anytime.”

“Barking dogs seldom bite. I’ll bet on washing the socks for a week, K7 definitely said something that wasn’t good. Adding the stakes, I’ll wash the training uniforms for a week. When Q King exits the tent, Uncle Chen will definitely have a talk with him.” J5 who was an instructor graduate was very familiar with these tactics.

The first step is to snitch, the second step is to debate with examples, the third step is to remove himself from the equation, and the fourth step is to sacrifice your comrades for your life … Based on the current situation, K7 was already proceeding onto the fourth step.

G3 took off his tactical gloves and put them back on, his gravelly voice slowly replied, “What’s the expertise of a coroner? Plotting against people*! That’s why there’s no need to be shocked.” He turned around to glance at the brightly lit tent, mirth flashing across his pupils. She indeed was a curious girl, no wonder Q King cherished her.

*(T/N: Double meaning lost in translation: 1. Dead people 2. Plotting against others)

If she wasn’t injured this night, Ye Jian had a feeling she wouldn’t feel sleepy at the time, but when he asked her to sleep, she really fell into a deep slumber.

Usually, she was so alert that she would be woken up by the rustle of leaves outside. Now, she was so deeply asleep that she didn’t realize when Han Zheng and the others entered and left.

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