Chapter 305: Declaring Sovereignty

Yang Jin blew out the butter lamps one by one, allowing darkness to engulf the tent. She slept on a freshly prepared Tibetan blanket, not daring to sleep together with the injured Ye Jian.

Outside the tent, Xia Jinyuan spoke with a serious expression, “Uncle Chen, Ye Jian isn’t mobile with her injuries. I will watch over her tonight, and after 24 hours, I’ll ask Yang Jin to take care of her. Her injury is quite severe, but her physique isn’t bad. As long as her wound isn’t infected, she’ll be back in shape in no time.”

“Alright, I can rest assured if you’re taking care of her, just that…” Principal Chen glanced at Han Zheng and the others, who hadn’t left, and directly spoke to them without hiding anything, “I’m going to discuss some private matters with him, so you guys can go rest up.”

Private matters weren’t suited to be heard by others. Furthermore, they could vaguely guess what was going to be discussed.

Han Zheng smiled and clapped Xia Jinyuan’s shoulders. Before he left, he spoke in a low voice to Xia Jinyuan, “Life hits you hard when you’re happy, young master Xia.”

He was hugging a young lady while saying ‘my little fox’ every other sentence. It was like he was declaring sovereignty as if he was scared of them getting more than one glance.

Just a few moments ago, his gaze accidentally landed on Ye Jian’s exposed shoulder, and holy sh!t! The glare that he gave while sitting by her bedside was like he was about to kill someone!

The facial expression that implied “Girls before bros!” Let’s leave Uncle Chen to put him in his place.

What Principal Chen was about to speak did have something to do with Ye Jian. As for the details, Han Zheng and the others didn’t know, and even Ye Jian had no clue about it.

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It was already 1 in the morning; the temperature outside was quite low, but it was still quite warm inside the tents.

Now, they weren’t in Uncle Ci Za’s home. Instead, they were in another shepherd’s home.

The heads of the household went to De Ma’s home, leaving behind three kids that needed to be watched over, so Principal Chen agreed to take on the task until they returned home.

There was a fire burning in the fireplace, blazing vigorously. Sitting beside the fireplace was so comfortable that the duo felt lazy.

Xia Jinyuan did not speak. Instead, he was waiting for Principal Chen who brought him here to start.

“You have some ulterior motives towards little lass Jian, am I right?” He did not beat around the bush. After sitting down, Principal Chen immediately went into his topic, “I can see that our Major Xia has some intentions towards our little lass Jian. If it’s just an intention based on a whim, then Major Xia, I advise you to not mess with an orphan.”

His words were quite severe.

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However, it was indeed because he genuinely cared about the little fox, so he was protecting her in such a straightforward way.

A smile emerged on his handsome face, and he leisurely spoke, “Uncle Chen, the thought of messing with Ye Jian has never crossed my mind, and this is also not a whim. In the past year, although I was away, whenever I am in a calm state of mind, the thoughts that appeared most often were those between Ye Jian and me.”

“But no matter how much those thoughts appear, it doesn’t mean that the matter between her and me must start building up from now. I believe you’re also aware that Ye Jian is currently still too young and is also still a high schooler. Even if I have any thoughts about her, my priority is to take care of her. I can assure you that I have no improper thoughts.”

“Adding onto that, she’s always very vigilant, especially when it involves communication with the opposite sex and occasionally reveals a prickly expression. It’s quite similar to social phobia. Although it was worse a year ago,  and now it looks like she has gotten better, but she’s still not adept at handling relationships with the opposite sex. That is her weakness.”

“You and Uncle Gen wanted to send her to the military. Based on her abilities, she’ll definitely not be placed somewhere where there are many female soldiers. She’ll be sent to the front lines after all the selections. But if she appears to have a problem communicating with the opposite sex, then that will have a large impact on her military career.”

It couldn’t be denied that Xia Jinyuan had a way with his words. He was also very good at analyzing things, allowing him to put himself in the perspective of others.

All the words that he had just said indeed addressed the issues on Principal Chen’s mind.

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