Chapter 306: The Man Who Fights for National Honor

Xia Jinyuan never engaged in battles he couldn’t win. He had already prepared himself to have conversations with Principal Chen and Uncle Gen, which was why every word he spoke perfectly addressed Principal Chen’s worries. Every word came from his heart.

Seeing Principal Chen’s gloomy expression gradually disappear, he immediately knew that he had spoken right on point and also knew that as long as he considered the best for Ye Jian, whether it was Principal Chen or Uncle Gen, they wouldn’t come out to stop him from closing the distance with Ye Jian.

Xia Jinyuan’s gaze was heavy; his voice was calm and steady, and he continued speaking at a leisurely pace, “Also, Ye Jian is too outstanding. In the future, she will definitely meet many different and excellent men that will fall for her. That’s why, I have to appear in front of her earlier so that, when she picks a boyfriend in the future, she will be more picky about who she chooses.”

And he nearly blurted out that if she were to be so picky, the most suitable boyfriend she would find would be him, Xia Jinyuan!

Principal Chen, whose expression had gradually become warmer, heard his words, and his expression turned gloomy again. Major Xia was indeed very thoughtful! Even if little lass Jian was very intelligent, she wasn’t necessarily equal to him! In front of him, she would be the only one who loses.

No wonder during the times in Fu Jun Town, as long as he was there, little lass Jian definitely would spar with him.

That was what he was planning. In the future, if little lass Jian wanted to find a boyfriend, then she could only pick him!

“Captain Xia, do you think you’re a suitable person for little lass Jian? She’s a smart but simple-minded girl. Do you believe she’ll think you’re a suitable person?” Principal Chen wasn’t an ordinary person, and he also knew what Ye Jian’s personality was like. That was why his words hit the nail on the head and pointed out the problem.

Xia Jinyuan did not reply immediately. Instead, the corners of his lips lifted upwards, the expression on his handsome face still remaining leisurely.

He sat there casually, his thoughtful eyes gazing at the embers of the fireplace. The look in his eyes entangled itself with the embers, bringing forth intense heat.

He raised his head and studied the gloomy Principal Chen with a smile on his face, then slowly spoke, “I do not know if she will like me, but Uncle Chen, the only thing I can tell you is that I am definitely a man that is her match. In addition, I am a soldier that has fought for the nation’s glory for all his life!”

“This me, this Xia Jinyuan, there’s only one in this world! That smart, patriotic, and loyal Ye Jian … The lifelong companion she needs is this Xia Jinyuan.”

Normally, Xia Jinyuan behaved very elegantly and skillfully in front of his elders. Very rarely did he reveal his strong side.

But this time, Xia Jinyuan instantly showed off his immense power which pressurized others. The light in his eyes carried a smile in them. However, they were still filled with pride. His expression looked indifferent, yet it was incomparably noble. Even his smile would cause others to feel that this man in front of them was really dangerous!

Principal’s Chen gaze strengthened, his heart becoming cold. The gaze that followed right after was filled with deep contemplation.

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It seemed like this was the first time that he truly understood the young major who normally acted gentle and refined in his presence.

This wasn’t gentle or refined. Clearly, he was a calculative and extremely patient wolf!

The wolf had put his plans into motion, but that also depended on whether the prey would take the bait.

Furthermore, little lass Jian wasn’t a girl that would enjoy becoming a prey. She was indeed a wild one.

However, it couldn’t be denied. There was only one Xia Jinyuan in this world, and his abilities were to be admired, too. He also seemed to be one who delicately cared for little lass Jian…

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As if realizing something, Principal Chen’s gaze turned around before revealing an unpredictable smile. “Captain Xia, you’ve really hidden your true character well. I’ve known you for slightly more than a year, yet only now do I know what the true Captain Xia is like.”

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