Chapter 300: Don’t Make Sudden Movements

The Little Fox in front of him was wild and vigorous. Xia Jinyuan wanted just to sit there and watch her silently. Then, he would tease her, enjoying by spectating how her face would be filled with the energy someone her age should have because of his words.

Embarrassment, laughter, boasting; all of them were vibrant emotions.

Hurried footsteps resounded from outside. Someone headed towards their tent. Only then did Xia Jinyuan stand on his feet and start getting up from the wool rug, “I can hear his footsteps. It must be the person I asked Yang Jin to bring. I’ll stand guard outside. If there’s anything you need, just call out my name.”

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Ye Jian supported her forehead. In her past life, since she was chased around, she had gained the habit of observing others’ habits from the shadows and would very carefully avoid the so-called “landmines,” but Xia Jinyuan … She had never been able to see through him.

Xia Jinyuan walked out and immediately saw Principal Chen walking towards him in hurried steps. As soon as he was spotted, he bellowed, “Little lass Jian was injured? Where is she hurt? How bad is it? You…” He asked in quick succession; it could easily be seen how worried he was.

“The wound is on her back. She told me it was when she was dueling the mercenary and fell onto the rocks. The wound is slightly on the serious side; however, as to where the precise location is … it’s unknown. She was acting like a hedgehog, afraid that I would remain with her.” Xia Jinyuan replied, and he started becoming helpless, “So, I troubled this Tibetan lady to get a shepherd’s wife to take a look so that she wouldn’t refuse it.”

Principal Chen heard this and stopped outside. He instructed a few sentences to Yang Jin, who had already asked for the person, and then he stayed out with Xia Jinyuan. He shook his head while smiling, “That little lass, she’s quite the wary one. When she gets onto the front lines in the future, there won’t be a difference between a man and a woman. But still, having that much awareness is still good.”

The shepherd’s wife shocked gasps resounded from inside. It surprised Xia Jinyuan, who was about to speak, to turn around and rush in after pulling the curtain aside.

As soon as he entered, he saw the wound on the back of her waist. It was such a bloody wound that flesh was visible.

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The wound surprised him so much that his pupils constricted rapidly. He took swift and large steps to Ye Jian, who was lying on the bed face down in shock of his intrusion. He pressed one hand on her smooth and clean shoulders and shouted in a low voice, “Don’t fuss about.” Immediately, he contacted his teammates, “Bring me the antihemorrhagic, antibiotics, and saline water from the medkit! ASAP!”

“She’s wounded badly? We’re coming!” The first one to respond was J5. He spoke in his solemn tone and took out his medkit, then took out G3’s medkit, “We’ll be there soon!”

K7 also took out his medkit, but then heard Han Zheng bellow, “You’re wounded, so you need to keep some for yourself! If there’s not enough, we’ll ask for more from you! J5, report!”

“Alright, coming!” Han Zheng’s neat and straightforward voice sounded from the ear mic. In no time, J5 appeared with the medkits he had received from Han Zheng and sprinted to deliver the medicine.

“Q King, you should leave the tent for a bit.” J5, who was standing outside but was held out by Principal Chen, spoke into the ear mic. Then, he stood at attention and saluted at Principle Chen, “We’ve made you worry.”

Xia Jinyuan had mentioned that Uncle Chen, who was in front of them, had six years of experience in the Tibetan area.

As a soldier himself, he could immediately notice that the retired veteran in front of him had eyes that were much sharper and more decisive than theirs. His hands … Those were hands that had carried guns.

He held J5 outside naturally because he didn’t want J5 to enter. Having her back injured, she must’ve had her clothes off, and the little lass was even resisting against Captain Xia, whom she was quite familiar with. There was no need to say more about the other male soldiers.

Uncle Chen received the medkits, and his tough voice contained steel-like solemness, “It was you guys who have toiled hard. We are here, so don’t worry. First, take care of the shepherds’ circumstances; don’t leave any remnants of the battle behind.”

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