Chapter 299: Why Are You Scared of Me?

Ye Jian walked right in front of Yang Jin and extended her arms to hug her. Since she had no way to communicate using Standard Tibetan, the only option left was to express it with body language.

Yang Jin, who had only studied up to primary school, wasn’t that good at Mandarin, so she also gently hugged Ye Jian. However, her gaze landed on the stranger that she didn’t know and looked curiously at him until he smiled at her. That was when she flusteredly pulled back her gaze.

“Her back is injured, you have to be more gentle than that.” Xia Jinyuan, who stood a distance from them, flashed her a light smile, then communicated with Yang Jin in Standard Tibetan. “Afterwards, I need to settle her injury…”

The only words that Ye Jian could understand from him were, “Thank you, and we’ve disturbed you…” When the thought of asking Yang Jin to help her came up, the enthusiastic Tibetan girl repeated lines upon lines from scriptures. She then left the tent while holding her prayer wheel, like a butterfly fluttering around in June, leaving with light steps.

As soon as Yang Jin left, Ye Jian furrowed her brows, “The injured part was my back. Captain Xia, it’s inappropriate for you to stay.”

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She was cautious. It was as though he would do something to her.

“Injured Little Fox, what are you afraid of me doing?” He picked up the sniper rifle that was leaning on his side. Without mentioning Ye Jian’s injury, he countered, “Where do I put this after disassembling? Give me the bag.”

Although he did not mention it, Ye Jian didn’t feel relaxed. Instead, she started feeling more uncomfortable, “I can do it myself. So can you go out first? I want to treat my wounds myself and take a look at it.”

“Oh, weren’t you a strong one when we were still on the mountain? So why are you so hasty in wanting to treat your wounds now?” He sat cross-legged on the woolen carpet and started disassembling the sniper rifle in his hands part by part. He raised his eyes and saw Ye Jian still standing there, unmoving. The corners of his mouth lifted slightly, and he teased, “What now? I made you angry?”

A clueless expression appeared on his handsome face. It was as if he didn’t understand what Ye Jian wanted to do.

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What did she want to do? Even Ye Jian couldn’t explain that clearly. But the way Xia Jinyuan was acting, sitting down and not leaving … that wasn’t good! How could she take off her clothes if he were still here?!

Even though she clearly answered that she wanted to treat her injuries herself, she couldn’t believe that he didn’t understand it.

But based on his expression, if she said something more, then it meant that she was overthinking things. Ye Jian then spoke dejectedly, “Captain Xia, don’t act dumb when you really understand, my intention was obvious. I am asking you to leave because…”

She was embarrassed to say it, but she uttered each word clearly, “Because I am going to take off my clothes. Are you asking me, a fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl to take off my clothes in front of an adult male like you?”

What she got in exchange was his hearty laughter. Smiles surfaced on his world-encompassing pupils, “First of all, the person I asked Yang Jing to invite over isn’t here yet. Next, the injury is on your back, so treating it by yourself isn’t easy. As for the third…”

His gaze swept Ye Jian from head to toe, then he leveled his gaze with hers in a very gentlemanly manner, “I still know what it means not to look at something when it’s improper.”

The sorrow in her eyes had disappeared entirely. Now, she had reverted into the tough yet vigorous little lass. Besides, in the past, the little lass would unconsciously reveal her hostility towards the opposite sex occasionally, and there was a haze in her mind that couldn’t be easily detected by others.

But now, her eyes were only filled with purity like that of clear water. The bad things that seemed like aged haze seemed to have disappeared completely.

It wasn’t that she had concealed them deeper; it was that the bad things were

really gone for good.

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