Chapter 298: You’re the Special Exception

“But you’re the special exception, so there’s no way I can treat you the same.” Xia Jinyuan laughed heartily. Between his elegant brows was sincerity that was as bright as the moon. If he continued speaking, then it meant that she would have to reject him wholeheartedly. Hence, she had to end the current conversation. After ruminating about it, he changed the topic, “On the day that you truly put on a soldier’s uniform, I will treat you like the others.”

Ye Jian also let out a breath of relief silently; she was terrified that he would say something that would cause her to have the thought of running away.

One was an amazingly talented hunter while the other was a sly and mischievous fox. This was a battle of equal opponents, a contest of equal standing.

Sounds of weeping resounded from a tent. That was the sound of De Ma’s wife crying. She already knew that her husband had been killed.

Ye Jian stopped in her tracks. There was a look of melancholy in her eyes as she looked at the tent that was the origin of the wails. She remembered a similar sound. Her mom had cried like that before. It was after her dad had passed away in an accident. Her mom had cried like that while holding Ye Jian in her arms.

After a while, the gentle and beautiful mother in her memories no longer came home with a smile hanging on her lips. Instead, she returned to the village in a small container that was covered by a national flag.

Although she had already begun forming memories at that time, she did not know what the word ‘sacrifice’ meant.

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When she started living in Ye Zifan’s home, she snatched one of Ye Ying’s eggs. It was the first time she was pulled into the kitchen and beaten up by Sun Dongqing. Only then did she know that she had already become an orphan without any parents.

It was because she realized that fact too early in her last life, she became afraid too soon and adopted a weak behavior, unwilling to compete with Ye Ying.

“Don’t underestimate the Tibetans. They’re a brave tribe. Even with De Ma gone, his wife will take on the responsibilities of the family.” Her sorrow caused Xia Jinyuan to raise his arm and gently ruffled her hair, “Everything will be better. In this world, there is no ridge that cannot be crossed.”

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“If you can walk all the way over here with grit, break away from Ye Zifan’s family, and live out your brilliance, then De Ma’s wife will also be able to strengthen herself to carry out her duties as a mother towards her children.”

Ye Jian gently nodded her head. She did not speak and returned to Uncle Ci Za’s tent.

The little fox must’ve remembered her life experiences. That was why she was filled with sorrow. Xia Jinyuan, who originally wanted to help with the cleanup with the rest of the troop after escorting her back to the tent, changed his mind and decided to stay and accompany her.

She had her back turned and did not see the look in Xia Jinyuan’s drooping eyes and did not see the sighs and heartache he was experiencing because of her sorrow.

He glanced at the tents, which had silhouettes moving in them, and the shepherds, who were standing outside of their tents. Xia Jinyuan pressed on his mic and announced to his team that was in the midst of cleanup, “Ye Jian’s hurt so I will be accompanying her for a bit. Do a good job at the cleanup. After you’re all done, we’ll escort the shepherds to the rocky beach and bring De Ma’s body back to the village.”

“If there’s anything that we can help with, try our best to help De Ma’s family.”

G3 and the others were taking care of the seven mercenary corpses, from inventory to photographic ID, all of which needed careful and meticulous attention. Hearing that, he whispered in a low voice, “Let us take care of the remaining duties. You take care of Ye Jian.”

After all, it was a rare occasion where there was a girl who could fight alongside male soldiers. Besides, she was still a student.

Ye Jian entered the tent, but no adults were inside. Only Yang Jin was sitting alone in front of the butter lamp. On the table lay an unsheathed waist knife, there was also a trident beside it.

As soon as she realized it was Ye Jian, Yang Jin immediately ran towards her, asking anxiously, “Are you okay? I was really worried about you.” Very quickly, she saw the unfamiliar man that followed her into the tent and stopped dead in her tracks.

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